Intamins new woodie

There looks to be a couple really good headchopper spots along the course as well.


El Toro first drop to brakes is about 0:55.

T-Express first drop to brakes is about 1:30.

T-Express looks outstanding.

the ride definitely seems by far less brutal - and also a little less tall than in the animation.
The MCBR make the first two hills and the figure-8 seem like an add-on to a coaster that really begins with a crawl from the MCBR.
It's still a spectacular ride -
The things they can build these days are really crazy - sometimes it seems there are no direct cross-connections between the two rails, and then there are these moments when a curve seems to be built entirely of naked wood bars sticking out on one side of the track - etc.
Really want to ride it now - it's hard to tell how it actually feels from the POV.

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airtime for everyone
I wouldn´t say he particularly enjoyed himself:

It´s like coaster porn for the perverse.

No translation needed there.

He looks about like a Brit friend of mine when I took him on Mean Streak! I belive his exact words were "Boody Hell! You trying to kill me?"

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

Everyone else in the video appears to be having a good time. Watch his tie, you can really see all of the airtime moments.

^^^ whew...
the most effective "anti-coaster-ad" I've seen so far!
I wonder how the camera was being fixed in the vehicle... taking cameras on the ride must be super dangerous especially if there is so much poppy airtime.

That's what happens if you don't "ride" the coaster but try to shut off and ignore the ride.
At some point he looks as if he is about to barf, then almost passing out on others.
I know exactly how the guy felt... For me, a recent ride on a "Space Roller" did about the same trick.
Never again!

I still think T-Express is a really great coaster, but certainly quite extreme.

airtime for everyone
Kings Dominion needs a clone of this precious baby. You hear me, Kings Dominion and Cedar Fair??!! We need this at Kings Dominion!! You have the space!! It could even be shrouded in the trees exactly like this!! You have the acreage!! It could be Grizzly's Vengeance. I would go to Kings Dominion a hundred times if this were built there. Seriously.

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