Insanity ride opens atop Stratosphere

Posted Friday, March 11, 2005 8:53 AM | Contributed by supermandl

The Stratosphere's Insanity has opened atop the tower, high above the Las Vegas strip. A local TV station has posted video.

Read more, see video from KVBC/Las Vegas.

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Friday, March 11, 2005 8:57 AM
Jeff's avatar WARNING: Of all the people they could have interviewed, they put Paul Ruben on there. I guess since most everyone in the mainstream amusement industry considers him an attention whoring fraud (still waiting for anyone to say they've seen the alleged magazine he writes), he had to resort to someone in Vegas that doesn't know any better.

Anyway, that's pretty, uh, insane. I have to be honest that I'm not sure if I'd be able to get on that ride.

Friday, March 11, 2005 9:18 AM
Paul Ruben knows all about bananas going up and down...
Friday, March 11, 2005 9:25 AM
*LOL* redman, I was just about to say something about what is up with Paul Ruben and bananas? As for the ride, that does looks insane...and fun;)
Friday, March 11, 2005 9:25 AM
Ah, just when I thought we had seen the back of Paul Ruben... fortunately I couldn't hear what he had to say, as the video wouldn't play on Mac; I had to run Virtual PC, and for some reason sound is horribly broken under that setup for me right now. POV looks cool though :)
Friday, March 11, 2005 9:46 AM
For some reason I thought this was just a wave swinger. I guess that looks kind of fun. . .
Friday, March 11, 2005 10:18 AM
Fun's avatar I can just see it now...

"Coaster Enthusiast charged in banana-related death below the Stratosphere Tower"

Friday, March 11, 2005 10:19 AM
eightdotthree's avatar I thought it was too Word, I think I could handle that, seems a bit more in control than I though it would be.
Friday, March 11, 2005 10:23 AM
I can't believe:

a) Paul Ruben actually said that


b) I actually laughed out loud at it

Now whenever I see that man or hear about him, all I'm gonna picture is him hastily deep throating bananas before getting on rides - Looks like I need to go find somehing to do outside and get away from my computer! ;)

Friday, March 11, 2005 10:33 AM
lol Badnitrus, very bad mental images ~_~. The ride is a little on the extreme side for me, I have enough problems getting on drop towers *for some reason my fear of heights never really applied to coasters...*. I also like that they said "you can ride insanity starting at 9 pm clock tonight." Don't they have editors for that kind of crap?
Friday, March 11, 2005 10:34 AM
That is, without a doubt, the most bizarre thing I've ever heard from someone regarding an amusement ride.

Badnitrus: I now have series of unsettling images running through my head. Thanks for ruining lunch! :)


Friday, March 11, 2005 12:00 PM
HeyIsntThatRob?'s avatar Oh my!

I'm glad I'm not the resident expert on bananas going up and down, but that's just wrong on so many levels.

Our very own KristinMarie and cedarit was out there for the opening of Insanity. I'm sure they will have lots to say when they get back from their Las Vegas and California swing trip.

~Rob Willi

Friday, March 11, 2005 12:21 PM
stoogemanmoe's avatar I would ride that in a heartbeat!*** This post was edited by stoogemanmoe 3/11/2005 12:25:15 PM ***
Friday, March 11, 2005 12:42 PM
Looks like a great ride, although I think that replacing Big Shot with a Star Flyer would have been even better ;)
Friday, March 11, 2005 12:51 PM
I am not the look on Paul's face and based on who he was talking to, I would say this was the worst pick-up line that I have ever heard....


Friday, March 11, 2005 1:03 PM
roflmao... that awkward pause is classic. you must watch the video. ruben is such an idiot. hahahahahah.

-- alan "i have a recommondation..." jacyszyn

Friday, March 11, 2005 1:09 PM
LMAO. I think SVLFever hit it dead on the nail.

I know +Danny is in Vegas right now. I'll report his thoughts after he get a spin on it himself...

Friday, March 11, 2005 1:18 PM
matt.'s avatar I watched it once and chuckled a bit.

And then I kept chuckling. And then I thought about it again and laughed. And then I watched it for a second time and cracked up.

Thanks for making my day, Mr. Ruben.

Friday, March 11, 2005 3:09 PM
Can someone transcribe Ruben's words for those of us who aren't allowed to have video players at work?!?
Friday, March 11, 2005 3:32 PM
I guess it's not a good idea to walk down the sidewalks within a few hundred feet of this?

This thing does look terrifying, but I think the StarFlyer also would be about as much so.


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