If you were able to run your home park, and you had complete control, what would you add or change?

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Mine is Cedar Point, so here is my list, still factoring in historical significance of some rides and still being realistic:


  1. Cedar Creek Mine Ride (replace with GCI similar in style to Wooden Warrior)
  2. Skyhawk (although I have heard through the rumor mill that its gone for the 2016 season, and I wasn't able to see it from afar when I recently visited Sandusky)
  3. Shoot The Rapids (replace with family yet heavily themed Gerstlauer Eurofighter similar to Mystery Mine or FireChaser Express)
  4. Dinosaurs Alive (replace with B&M Flyer similar to Tatsu and Starry Sky Ripper)


  1. Mean Streak (RMC Iron Horsed into Evil Streak)


  1. Triotech Dark Ride (similar to Guardian)
  2. Various thrill and family rides, such as a Air Race.


  1. Trains on the following rides: Corkscrew, Gemini, Magnum XL-200, Wilderness Run, and Raptor.
  2. Stations of the following rides: CorkScrew, Gemini, Raptor, Wicked Twister.
  3. Various building across the park, such as the many outdated, fading, or aging buildings on the main Midway.
  4. Paint the following rides that have, as of 2016, not being confirmed for a new paint job: Blue Streak, Corkscrew, Gemini, Wilderness Run, Magnum XL-200, Millennium Force, Wicked Twister, Maverick.

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Ooh. I can't wait 'til Timber Rider chimes in.

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Cedar Fair won't even give MiA anything in this guy's imagination :-)

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If Skyhawk leaves, I think I'll cry.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

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I'd remove the one stupid useless inversion from Cheetah Hunt, add several airtime hills...and lose the OTSRs.

Other than that, I'd RMC Gwazi, improve ride operations, and call it a day...

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

And where would you come up with the $$$ to do all of these things? The remove items are probably running $60 mil or so.

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Increasing the abysmal operations efficiency at a SW park means guests have more time to eat even more of their really delicious food, especially at BGT (best food between the two, IMO).

One thing I would do with BGT in addition to what Gator did is add another large flat. Say...a Giant Frisbee (I want one down here so bad).

Original BlueStreak64


Remove: Nothing! If I have to remove something, Skull Island. Only because I'm aware of the old Haunted House fire and it irrationally creeps me out.

Add: Flats. Lots and lots of flats. Family flats, high thrill flats. Maybe a dark ride, though I don't trust 6F to do a good dark ride.

Also, a somewhat less aggressive woody would be a nice addition. El Toro is a bit much for some people... like my wife.

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Great Adventure already tried adding lots and lots of flats. It was a disaster. They couldn't find enough staff to run the new rides, many of the rides had mechanical problems, and many of them were closed more than they were open. Half the rides that they added were removed after they realized what a mistake they had made.

The PA parks I live near are fine. I guess I have dreamed of what I would do to Lakemont Park. I'm not so sure there is any hope of it being any better than it already is. DelGrosso's is doing this year what I have always wanted them to do, which is add a wave pool and lazy river. I guess they could use a few more modern slides, but I'm not complaining. It's already a fine little park, for its size.

Back home in WV, I've always dreamed of making Camden Park a larger theme park, but I'm not sure the adjacent land on the other side of the little river behind the park is available, or usable. I'm sure there are enough people in the city of Huntington and surrounding areas to support a larger park in that area though. I'd love to see a big park come to that area.

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When I first joined this site 10 years ago, I was pretty young still, and definitely naive to how this place worked. I thought some of the topics I started were valid, useful and clever. But after reading this headline, and the other non-sense headline down the list I totally get it. Ay yi yi!! This topic is like asking me to play farmville for roller coasters, but I don't get anything to play on, and it seems like a lot of work too. Im tired lol!!!

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Fully aware of the War On Lines. I don't think the fundamental idea was flawed, merely the execution. Surely if we're doing a goofy hypothetical I can have proper staffing.

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If I Dorney was my home park, I'd add Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Skyhawk, Shoot the Rapids, and a few more dinosaurs.

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Sirloindude... Well played!

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My home park, Six Flags Great America, is actually a pretty balanced park as it is. I have been surprised to find how much of a family friendly park it is after taking my grandson there the past two seasons. The addition of the 4D dark ride this season is a perfect add, IMHO, adding the one thing that the park never really had.

If I have one complaint about the park, it is the huge lines for most of the season. With the Dells being the only major competition in the area for amusement dollars, the park can get pretty crowded. I would start looking at which rides are lowest capacity and look towards removing those rides for higher capacity rides. One place to start would probably be Batman: The Dark Knight as it has horrendous capacity. I'd say the Little Dipper, too, but that ride has so much nostalgic value that it belongs in the park.

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I'd ban enthusiasts from my park. Just because.

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For Great Adventure I'd add a wooden racing coaster and an Intamin giga coaster. The park has almost everything else.


For Dorney I would remove Stinger. It has been nothing but trouble since the ride opened including being closed for all of 2014 except for a few hours on opening day.

I would add an interactive dark ride, the long rumored GCI and the new B&M family inverted coaster. The park could use another tame coaster and one with a lower height requirement. Right now the only coasters for someone under 48" tall are Woodstock's Express and Wild Mouse.

I would also add a Master Blaster type slide for WWK. As nice as the water park is, there are really no modern slide types except the drop box slides that were added 2 years ago.

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It's certainly true that Stinger has had a number of issues; I never got to ride it until last year b/c it was always closed and had to wait until my 2nd visit to Dorney last year b/c on the 1st, of course it was closed! Even so I would be unhappy to see it go, as it's the only Vekoma coaster I ever rode that I actually liked, with the exception of Batwing and Nighthawk.


To the OP-
When one looks at the webcam images of CP, Skyhawk is still visible with all it's pieces parts seemingly in place. Not to say there's not time for removal, but exactly what rumor mill are you paying attention to?

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It was stated by others as well in YouTube videos that it wasn't there as usual, which would make sense, since I often saw the ride get next to no riders when I was there throughout the season, and there was the accident in 2014 as well.

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