IE6 users... no seriously... please upgrade

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While I can't identify anything that outright breaks in Internet Exploder 6, I'm going to say again that it won't be supported when the new CoasterBuzz rolls out. And that's gonna be pretty soon.

Please consider...

Or at the very least...
(And by the way IE8, even in beta, is quite good.)

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Your last announcement prompted me to download Firefox for the first time so I could familiarize myself with it--I've been on IE6 forever, except at home where I use IE7. The ridiculous thing is, I work for THE leading video telecommunications company which continually pushes the envelope advancing our technology...except for our IT department, which still has us all running IE6 and Office 2003!
I'm not trying to sound like an ass here, but why wouldn't anyone upgrade to a new version of IE? I let Windows automatically update all my computers (work, home & laptop), which is free and easy as can be. I guess I'm asking, is there some advantage to not upgrading?
I guess i will not be able to check from work anymore when that happens.We use IE6 with custom plugins.

I use firefox at home but i can't download to the work computer without getting in trouble.

I'm a Firefox user, and have been for about four years now, but my experience with IE7 is that while it has more features than IE6, its load times are much longer (not to mention the Firefox/IE7 comparison...). The download and installation process takes a lot of time too, when done manually.

Firefox absolutely destroys IE (any version) in speed/reliability/stability. It's definitely worth your 2 minutes to download it.
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One reason not to upgrade is because typically each new version of any application is even more bloated than the previous one and thus requires more processing power from your computer. So you might get to a point where the newest version can't run well if at all on your computer.

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Turn the phishing filter off on IE7. Will help with the speed.


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FireFox 3 just came out and it is wonderful!

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Corporate IT departments are slow to do anything, and it's a pain in the ass. At my last gig, our Web servers were still running Windows Server 2000, and we were begging for 2008 because of some of the new features. This site's biggest traffic is weekdays from about 10 to 5, so obviously it's an awesome time waster for people at work. :) Fortunately, only 18% are using IE6.

It's not that the new site won't work in IE6. I've tested it and nothing breaks that I can see. But there may be some visual issues in terms of formatting here and there.

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I completely agree with Lost ^^. I've been using Firefox for years now. I recently upgraded to the newest version (V3), and I'm glad that i did.
Heck, I haven't used IE in more than a few years. I go with either Opera or one of the 5 other browsers I have.
I haven't used IE since I finally got rid of AOHell in 2004, and even then I'd been minimizing AOL and using Firefox for a while.

Now I use Camino and Safari, occasionally use FF, but Camino is the same engine with IMO a better interface, so I rarely depart from it.

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Let me backup Jeff's time-waster comment. I know I do most of my perusing of CoasterBuzz when I'm at work, and that's using IE6. Perhaps I'm a bulk of that 18% :) Also, let me echo Jeff's corporate IT comment. We're just now rolling out XP Pro to developers at work and just now moving our production apps from Windows Server 2K. Not because of new features, but because Redmond is stopping support in a year or so.

I just switched use at home from IE7 to FF3. Granted, it's just a web browser, but it feels a lot quicker and lighter on the system. Gotta say I'm using it, as well as Thunderbird, going forward.

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And I thought it was funny that they were using Win2k when I was there back in 2004! Yikes!

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On my work computer, which I use almost exclusively, we are stuck on IE6 since our lame-a** programmers cannot code their way out of a wet paper bag. IE7 randomly crashes the custom Oracle applications they if you want Orcale to run reliably you need to stay on IE6.

--George H

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If it's Oracle, I suspect they're trying to run little Java things in the browser, because that's what a lot of line-of-business apps do. That's so 1997. :)

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Yep - you're right, they create java based craptastic stuff that relies on jInitiator ;)

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You could start to use Google Chrome as well if you are using Windows.

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When your computer is locked down by the IT overlords, you can only use what they say. [insert ominous laugh]

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