IB Ends 2011 season early...

The Crow out front should have told you we're closed...

From their facebook page (and website)

Indiana Beach Amusement Resort has closed for the 2011 season. While this is a few weekends shy of our originally scheduled closing date, we are focusing our efforts on preparation for the 2012 season.

Our IB garage sale will still proceed as planned this Saturday at the IB Convention Center from 9 AM until 3 PM.

Visit The Ballroom Saturday October 1st for our Oktoberfest Party in partnership with the first annual White County Fall Festival.

Stay classy, IB....

--George H

Well, that sucks. I was going to go this weekend or next to close out the season.

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Well that doesn't sound good.

Apparently Indiana Beach can't handle criticism, so when it became clear they had a ton of pissed off people looking to vent on their wall, they deleted the Facebook page.

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no - they probably just moved over to Google Plus :-)

Wow....like I said earlier...Stay classy.

So much for letting their customers know. If it wasn't three hours away, I'd show up next Saturday (when I was planning on going) to make a fuss.

Cartman come to mind right now..."Screw you guys, I'm going home." as they delete their FB page thinking "Well, they can't complain anymore..."

--George H

Their actions, in this instance at least, are highly unprofessional and callous.

This park seems to be turning into the anti-Knoebels -- in the sense that they seem to be manufacturing crises where none exist, crises that threaten the future of the park. The management and staff at Knoebels, conversely, deal with actual crises and rise above them in startling fashion.

My Unwell Boder is going off.

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[url][url]They're still on Twitter.

Think the complaints can get bad enough for them to kill that account too?

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I'm still seeing the Facebook page


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if an official company page is no longer present, then it reverts back to a wikipedia entry like the one above. there are no official announcements / photos / info from the park, no wall to write on, etc. -- "Community Pages are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, anyone associated with the topic."

As redman said... stay classy...

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That page is generated from a Wikipedia entry and not the same.

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^^^ That's just one of those automatic facebook pages crawled from Wikipedia (or something -- not exactly sure how those come about). Their official one, which incidentally is still linked from the FAQ on the website, is/was http://www.facebook.com/IndianaBeachAmusementPark

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Jason, that is the unofficial page...the official page was at http://www.facebook.com/IndianaBeachAmusementPark

Kinda funny that we all posted at pretty much the same time....lol

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--George H

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No, I'm pretty sure it was at facebook.com/OrMaverick.

As said above, that is A Facebook page. Not THE Facebook page. A few upgrades ago, Facebook added those annoying "community pages". Pretty much anything that has a wikipedia article has one of those pages on Facebook. And I personally despise them.

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redman822 said:
The Crow out front should have told you we're closed...

Great National Lampoon's Vacation reference.

I hope they make enough money from the garage sale to be able to open next year. ;)

well knoebels isnt much better with their FB page as i had asked any word on when you will open 1 of the 2 unfinished coasters in your park and the blocked me from their FB page!

Why do I have this feeling that next year we will have another park to add to the "defunct" list.

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Maybe Tom Woosnam can sell Cornball Express on eBay for them.

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