IAAPA 2001: CCI coming to New Mexico, doing more work at Indiana Beach

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CCI said this morning that they are building an as-of-yet unnamed coaster at Cliff's Amusement Park in New Mexico. The ride will be about 90 feet tall and 2,800 feet long.

They also announced that they're renovating Superstition Mountain at Indiana Beach. The new and improved ride will be largely re-engineered, including new trains.

awesome. New Mexico has a theme park? If any state needs a par(a big one at that) it definatey has to be New Mexico.
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I didn't know there was a theme park in New Mexico.

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That's a new one for me as well.I never heard of any parks out in New Mexico before.
Cliff's Amusement Park is the only amusement park in New Mexico, I think I saw it when I was with my dad in Albequerque(?).  It about the size of Cannobie Lake(your average carnival size) with only one coaster, Galaxy:(.

The coaster is supposed to be one of the first in new CCI's line of family thrill coasters, it will be closely similiar to Silver Comet.  Can't wait for a new CCI! New Mexico, boy are you in for a THRILL:)!!:)!!:)!!!

Awesome!!!! CCI and Indiana Beach....can't go wrong there!!!!!! Yeeeeeehaaaa!!!!!
Wait, so they didn't announce the 350 foot giga-woodie with 13 inversions headed for SFEG? Hmm...maybe it will be GCI :)

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Has anyone been on the Silver Comet?  Just wanted to get an idea of what to expect from this one.
I have said that About Indiana beach now for the past 3 months and still every just laughed. I knew this was coming for quite a while. When I went to Indiana beach I heard about this and talked to a few people about this. I said something about it but everyone said don't feed the trolls and stupid stuff like that. I am just glad to see this getting redone.
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I have been on Silver Comet.  It's an insanely "fun" ride!  I like it as much as the bigger CCI's.

If this coaster is going to be like Silver Comet, than they are in for an exciting, thrilling, fun coaster.  Maybe one day I'll get to ride it!

I'm also very happy to see CCI is still doing okay in this slow time.  Hopefully the Bell's and Waldameer coasters will come through soon.

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I know that Bell's CCI out back has been approved, but I haven't heard about Waldameer... anywhere I can find out more about it?
This renovation of Superstition Mountain will really be something! The trains are equipped with forward and backward seats, but I am not sure if you will face the same way during the whole ride.
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Cool, finally a reason to actually visit New Mexico!  ;)  Another CCI can't be wrong, even if it's in an obscure section of the country!  :)
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I've always wanted to visit New Mexico...;)

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In these uncertain times, CCI might do very well.  Their coasters cost a fraction of the big steel extreme machines, and yet they generate a buzz that's all their own.  On the bang-for-your-buck scale, what park has made a better investment in recent years than IB did with Cornball?

I have no idea of what this reconfigured Superstition Mountain will be like (indoor woodie with a vertical lift?) but I have total faith in CCI and IB to deliver a great attraction.  Can't wait.


Waldameer Park (Erie, PA) has been planning on a CCI wooden coaster for almost a decade.  Now that the funds have been raised to construct it, they are meeting trouble from both a noisy neighbor and the state's Greenway and Environmental Center project.

Much like the original Ravine Flyer, the "Ravine Flyer 2" will cross over a major road onto some Waldameer-owned property where it will turn-around and head back over the road to complete it's course. 

The state has bought out land adjacent to Waldameer's property for the construction of their Greenway Project.  The state wants to buy Waldameer's land across the road from the park in order to increase the amount of parking- however Waldameer needs that land for the coaster (2.5 acres).  That's one part of the struggle. . .

The other part is a neighbor who owns a campground adjacent to the Waldameer property.  He is bringing up old (read: outdated and unenforced) laws from decades ago that prohibit the building of anything on the bluff (Waldameer is situated on a bluff overlooking the city of Erie, Presque Isle, Erie Bay, etc.).  So now there is a legal struggle between Waldameer and this guy.  Fair enough.  The problem is, he uses the close proximity to Waldameer as one of his key advertising points- which leads me to my next point. 

If Waldameer is unable to build a major ride in the near future, they face closing-down.  Waldameer Park focuses on the younger crowd as it's main source of profit, but they realize the need to have something thrilling for the older folks who visit the park.

Ravine Flyer 2, a custom wooden coaster designed by CCI, will utilize a steel structure and stand about 40 feet high, have a 110+ foot drop; reach speeds of up to 50 mph; and be approximately 3500 feet long.

**Note: The state has already begun construction on the Greenway Project. Whether or not Waldameer sells the state the land for parking is unsure at this time. The state will either find an end to the legal battle Waldameer's neighbors (well, one neighbor anyway) are making, or offer to buy some land on the same side of the road as Waldameer. In that case, the coaster will not cross the road- which means more time to redesign it.

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Looks like yet another park will soon find the benefits of installing a CCI woodie... congrats to Cliff's, as well as Indiana Beach for their great decision-making!
What exactly is the Greenway Project? This would be like a Boulderdash in Erie! On one hand, it would rock since Waldameer is an easy drive on my (now at least once a year) trip to Conneaut Lake. On the other hand, it might take away the few people Conneaut does get (they only ask for 50,000 people per year).
Or it might just rock while bringing in people to the area to visit both parks :)

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The Greenway Project is an environmental complex funded by the state of Pennsylvania.  It has already been designed and construction will commence shortly.  It's to be located directly across the road from Waldameer; for those of you who have been there- where the drive-in theater is located.  The theater is to be torn down as is some of the woods between the theater and the Bay, to make way for a sprawling three-story building. 

The state has bought the land needed for the buildings as well as some parking, however they are asking Waldameer to sell what land they own on the East side of the road to make room for a larger lot.  Waldameer needs 2.5 acres for Ravine Flyer 2.

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What if waldameer sold the land (or at least some) and bought out the campground? Could they buy it? Anyone know what the campground is like?

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I pray that I will never see a Six Flags Conneaut Lake

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