How many parks still have sky rides?

Just a question as to how many park still have sky rides? Kings Island had one but got rid of it back in the 80's- why the demise of such a relaxing form of people moving?
Waldameer, IB, Adventurland Iowa, Camden, Lesourdsville (SBNO) BGW, BGT.

A few I can think of.

Kings Islands got tangled up in a windstorm and had people stranded for about 6-8hrs till bucket cranes could be brought in.

Great Adventure still has one.
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SFoG, Knoebels, Lake Compounce.
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The Buckets at CP still scare me.

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Would monorail rides like Geauga Lake's count, or are we talking just plain cable-driven sky rides? By the way, BGW's is just amazing to me, while it's relaxing, you get quite a few good photo ops.

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BGW's skyride is great - triangle-shaped instead of just back and forth, so you can really use it to get around the park... and EXCELLENT views of Alpengiest.

It's not a park, but the Ohio State Fair has a permanent skyride that crosses a major road.

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SFNE and Hershey too.
I like skyrides but I have problem with ones such as Camden and Lesourdsville Lake since they don't actually take you anywhere. Transportation rides should be used for transportation! (and I always thought it would be cool to have an antique car ride used as transportation).

Knoebels is a round trip as well but that one is slightly different because it is a scenic (and rather unnerving) trip up the side of the mountain.

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Add Lake Winnie to the non-transportation type sky-ride. Fun little trip out over the lake, though.

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Dover lake Park has a ski lift.
Last i heard they were closed this year.

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Waldameer's skyride is an example of a "go nowhere" ride. Still, it's nice to float over the midway...

Wild Wheels in Wildwood has a great one that gives great views of the beach, ocean and of course Great White!

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I wonder which park had the tallest? The one at Magic Mountain seemed ridiculously tall...probably 130' on top of the mountain. Yikes.

I never did get a chance to ride the other skyride they had.

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Joyland and Wonderland in Texas have the chairlift style, as does Morey's Piers. If I remember correctly, all of those are round trips.

Does the Great Escape still have theirs?

Great Escape has one also.
Add Canobie Lake to the Non transport skyrides.

Also the WI state fair has one.

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Hershey's is funny/silly...I mean, round-trip skyrides are cool and all, but come ON.

Oh, and TRANSPORTATION in and around the park, that's plain awesome. Parks have given up on trams and one-way skyrides and monorails and chairlifts in a fashion I find kinda unsettling, esp. with people living longer and older folks wanting to spend more time (and MONEY) at parks...

millrace said it best, IMO: Transportation rides should be used for transportation! (and I always thought it would be cool to have an antique car ride used as transportation).

Oh, and Knoebels, while certainly scary enough for ME, has nothing at all on LC's...yikes!

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Although I loved operating the Whizzer and Demon at Great America, for some reason my favorite ride to work at was Delta Flight.

We used to write up bad poems about how ugly the women operators were from the Eagle's Flight station and stick them on the cabins for delivery.

It was also fun to bust spitters. A ride or shop would call security and they'd tell us to hold a certain cabin number until security arrived. One time I simply threw the switch and parked a cabin full of brats in the barn. After security pulled them out and lined them up he said (huge guy too), "OK, we're going to play a little game called give me a good reason not to arrest you."

He ended up letting them go, but I'll bet they never spit again. ;)

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Two years ago at Waldameer I was with my daughter on the Sky Ride right behind two 10-11 year old boys. Shortly after the ride took off one of them spit into the kiddie boat ride. Nobody noticed. Just before the turnaround, you go right over the Scrambler. The same boy spit right into the ride area, I saw the operator lean out, get the number, and get on the Walkie-Talkie. I watched several security people tracking these kids all the way back and the kids never noticed. I then watched them disembark, and the ride-op took BOTH their wristbands. Only one kid did it, both got busted. It was only like 3 in the afternoon, try telling Mom and Dad that you got your wristbands taken away that early in the day (Waldameer opens at 1PM), I bet they spent the rest of the day at a picnic table.

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How about Kennywood's from the upper lot to the entrance? Do you still get a free ride before you ever pay to get into the park?

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