Holiday World to host Golden Ticket Awards

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Jeffrey Seifert said:

That is a common misconception. The surveys were sent to a database of experienced and well-traveled amusement park fans from around the world. Some are subscribers, but many (perhaps most) are not, and not all subscribers get a survey. The AT staff has been refining this list over the years, and I can tell you the people who are surveyed really are well-travelled.

From the sounds of it, the bottom line is that you have to be invited to vote, correct?

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If the Voyage isn't number 1 I don't know what I'll do! :)
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^I'm guessing it won't be, by a long shot.

I'm also guessing the same for Mitch's poll, as well.

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My *guess* is that most GT ballot-holders will have ridden Voyage, and that most of those will have ridden it at HWN, and that, of those, the VAST majority will have Voyage as #1 or somewhere close to the GT rankings, I think *total ridership numbers* tend to skew results a little more than Mitch's poll, and that TENDS to push the newer coasters down *somewhat* in their rankings.

Dick wouldn't know WHAT to make of a smooth intense wooden coaster, Jack would think "I remember when Ghostie ran kinda like this", and Will will smile and watch as the corproate guys have their minds BLOWN... :)

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