Holiday World to host Golden Ticket Awards

Just recieved this from holiday world:

The 9th Annual Golden Ticket Awards, often called the "Academy Awards of the Amusement Industry," will be presented Sunday, August 27, at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. Representatives from Cedar Point, Dollywood, Kings Island, Legoland, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, and Six Flags will be among the attendees hoping to bring home a Golden Ticket Award following Sunday's ceremony

coasterfreakone 100 voyage laps and still cant get enough
heres the link:

coasterfreakone 100 voyage laps and still cant get enough
Who actually selects the winners for this?

Is the GP involved in any way?

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I'm not sure how you get a ballot, but I know a Regional ACE Rep who got to vote.

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It is the readers of Amusement Today magazine.

Any biased picks by anyone? ;)

I guess if you have the GP doing this it would not be as good. Then again, their opinions do count. Be interesting to see them picking rides and parks and food. :-/

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Lets hope that the "members of cedarpoint" get a chance to ride the voyage.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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This, while not as much a popularity contest as, say MSN's polls, is still a pretty big popularity contest. The only poll I plan according to is Mitch's.

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Aw man! Do you think this will have any effect on crowds that day? We've thrown together a last minute trip to HW on that day.

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a_hoffman50 said:
It is the readers of Amusement Today magazine.

That is a common misconception. The surveys were sent to a database of experienced and well-traveled amusement park fans from around the world. Some are subscribers, but many (perhaps most) are not, and not all subscribers get a survey. The AT staff has been refining this list over the years, and I can tell you the people who are surveyed really are well-travelled.

macho nachos said:
Aw man! Do you think this will have any effect on crowds that day? We've thrown together a last minute trip to HW on that day.

Besides the industry people who are coming, I know of perhaps 20-30 people making special trip just for Golden Ticket ceremony. I don't think that will have any effect on the crowds.


Technically, every voting poll that exists is a biased picks.

Oh, BTW I got a Golden Ticket survey, however, I failed to fill it out, and return it. I've been getting the survey for about 3 years now, and this is the 1st time I failed to respond. Hopefully, this won't take me out of consideration for next years poll.

No, we don't expect attendance to swell due to the awards ceremony.

Joan Rivers, after all, has the Emmys to cover that evening.


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Holiday World

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I thought "Joan Rivers" was the name of the new expansion at Splashin' Safari? :)
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Gator - Will nixed that idea when he discovered it required often and expensive cosmetic makeovers ;)
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Aww, damn! I was looking forward to some sort of cascading river, and I thought that "Joan Rivers" would have been a perfect name! Hopefully they'll put some slides around Bahari River, that area looked pretty sprawling for a standalone lazy river.

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I said the same thing at another forum. Bahari River is so huge, yet empty and uneventful. I felt led to believe that the river itself would be like Hubba Hubba Highway at Water Country USA, (which is a very high-powered lazy river that's current drug me, (at 220lbs.) right down the river), that ride was awesome! BR? Not so much.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I truly believe the purpose of BR was to make a themed overflow area for the waterpark. That place can get very cramped at times, and BR would give the crowds more space to spread out. I don't think the Koch's are quite done with that area yet though. I think it'll get more activities added to it to really liven it up.

If Joan Rivers can't make it, who will be reporting on the fashions worn by the enthusiasts?
With my vast expertise in coaster enthusiast fashions I'll be doing the red carpet commentary. I expect to see plenty of coaster shirts, cargo shorts and every enthusiasts accessory of choice; the fanny pack.

Have Fun

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Well I know we can expect Dick and Jack to be wearing ties. Now if they can just get on the coasters there and see what they're all about!

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We can always dream.

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