Holiday World signs contract with...

Thursday, November 14, 2002 4:41 AM

ST chick said:
"BEYOND stoked for my first HW trip. Will the STChick be caught saying "Shivering What?!" once again? Only time will tell!"

I'm placing my bet now :)

James Draeger
-Captain Sarcasm

Thursday, November 14, 2002 6:34 AM

Raven Maven said:

Bill-- You're not going to start singing some old Billy Joel song, are you? I don't think I could stand that!

Two things.....first, Paula knows me by NAME....that ROCKS....:).....don't *think* Dick Kinzel knows me by name...;)

Second, trust me on this one, you do NOT want to hear me of South Park, just think of Ned singing Kum-ba-ya....

Thursday, November 14, 2002 10:28 AM

rollergator said: of South Park, just think of Ned singing Kum-ba-ya...."

.....mmmmm, Bueno!!! ;)

"I swear -- by my life and my love of it -- that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine"
Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957


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