Holiday World or King's Island?

My friends and I are going to be in Cincinnati on a Thursday in August and want to go to a park on Friday. The catch is, we have to be at Cedar Point Saturday morning by 10:00am. We had planned to drive to Holiday World Friday morning, do the park, then drive to like an hour from Sandusky that night. After doing CP, we'd drive to Akron Saturday night late.

I was just talking to one of my friends who said he wasn't overly impressed with Holiday World. He loved Raven, Legend, the inexpensive food, free parking, free drinks and the atmosphere of the park. But, he also did the water park which my friends and I will not do. I'm just worried we'll run out of things to do after a couple of hours.

So, is Holiday World worth the amazing amount of driving we would have to do in one day to get there and then to Sandusky? Or, are we better off just going to King's Island? Even though I grew up in Akron and went to school in Cincinnati, I've never been to King's Island - neither have any of my friends. So, both parks would be new to us. We planned Holiday World for the woodies, but I'm not sure if they justify all the driving.

What do you guys think?

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If you love woodies, Voyage is all the reason you need to go to HW.

And try the waterpark. You'll probably have a lot more fun than you think, especially if you're with friends. Racing each other on the Jungler Racer slides is a blast.

Or can you possibly go to (shock) both of them? ;)

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Two words for ya,

The Voyage.



Thats a really tough call. I was at Holiday World 2 years ago, before Voyage, and I was at Kings Island last year. It depends on your prefrences really. The addition of the Voyage at Holiday World definatley makes me want to lean more towards it. And their waterpark is pretty good, and im not a huge fan of waterparks. Then again, your probably correct when you say that you will run out of things to do at Holiday World, that is if you dont do the waterpark. 3 awsome rollercoasters, maybe a decent flat or 2, and thats it.

Kings Island on the other hand has the quantity, but not quite so much the quality. I LOVE the Beast, especially at night, and Flight of Fear. Some of their other coasters are pretty good also. They also have some decent flats.

If I had to make a recommendation, I would lean towards Kings Island, but just bareley.

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You have much more variety and quantity at Kings Island (several types of steelies, etc.) at varying qualities (some down right bad, like Vortex and SOBeast).

At Holidayworld you have quality. High quality at that. And free parking, all the pop you can drink, and free sunblock to boot ;)

You also have shorter lines, much shorter; friendlier employees who know what they are doing and a cleaner place.

Honestly, if you love woodies like I do, you could spend all day at Holiday World riding those 3 coasters.
All 3 of them are pretty damn amazing.

I've heard some talk about Voyage and how it got rough since it's opening.
I was there last year for Holliwood Nights, and then I had to go back later in the season to get my Voyage fix.
I was just there this past Saturday 7.14, and I thought that Voyage was running better than the other 2 visits that I made to the park. It seemed less rough to me than last year.

My only complaint... the needed to grease the track SO bad, but even when the track is dry as can be, the thing is still amazing!

Personally, I would rather be at Holiday World over Kings Island any day.

Here's what I think you should do...
Depending on what time you are getting to Cincinnati on Thursday, you could head to Holiday World and most likely ride each of the coasters a few times each within a few hours, then head back to Cincinnati and go to Kings Island on Friday, then just drive to Sandusky Friday night and get a hotel.

Goodluck and have fun!

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Well, I don't think you'd get bored at HW. It's a really fun park. But that sounds like a hilacious amount of driving.

I think HW is totally worthwhile, it's just a matter of how much driving you want to do.

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Also, The Voyage may even be enough to keep you occupied for the whole day. There are 28 different seats to try per train after all. ;) ;)

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^ I'm still in my "young" days and I can't ride it more than 3 times in a row.....

I just did both parks this week and I would suggest KI because it WILL take up your day. HW's coasters are great but it's hard to spend 10-12 hours there without the waterpark.

Barring Flight of Fear, Voyage beats anything Kings Island has, Even all 13 coasters combined IMHO.

It would be a insane amount of driving from HW to CP tho. About 6 hours. It's roughly three from KI.

Chuck, who thinks Legend beats 90 percent of KI's coasters as well but I'll let you make the call, Your only going to be able to do the majors at KI once with a few repeats. HW you can do the whole park with the coasters 4-5 times each as well.

Have fun either way.

Do both
You don't need much time just do the Woodies at Holiday world I did it in a half day when I was there last year

and remember ACE members (if you are) get 1/2 off both these parks

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Only a cre-ho goes to Holiday World "just to do the woodies" ;-)
You might want to call HW before you go. Was there a few weeks ago and both Legend and Voyage did not open until late in the afternoon ... (4 - 5) There was some maintence issues.

Mamoosh said:
Only a cre-ho goes to Holiday World "just to do the woodies" ;-)

.. or people who do not like flats or water parks.


hallttd, you know what my suggestion is!
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That's really a tough call only because of the amount of driving if you choose Holiday World.

I'd still go to HW anyway. Voyage is reason enough to make that trip. And if you do, I would do the water park. I'm usually not a water park fan, but I really had a blast at HoliWood Nights in the water park, and plan to go back again this weekend.

I wouldn't say you'd get bored with HW, but since you'll have a long drive on Friday night, you'll be able to enjoy all they have to offer and get on the road at a decent hour. Just remember you'll lose an hour driving east to Sandusky due to time zone change.

Why does everyone need advice where to go?
None of us like or would even consider the water park - no matter how awesome it is. That's just not what we do during park trips. We prefer to stay dry. But, I appreciate all the tips none the less.

I guess I'll have to ask my friends what they think. We already all agreed on Holiday World when we planned this trip months ago, but it wasn't until my friend recently said we'd be disappointed that I reconsidered. Since I planned it, I don't want everyone all pissed off when we're driving seven hours to CP after a lackluster day.

Has anyone on here been to Holiday World for a "non coaster event"? What about someone who's been to Canada's Wonderland and King's Island? Two of my friends are Canadian and their home park is Wonderland.

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I was at Holiday World about 10 days ago, on a Saturday with no event, as I have MANY times before. It was a great day as it always is. Night rides at events are better, but a typical day at HW is still more enjoyable for me than most other parks.

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I don't know if I'd bring up the waterparks in a PKI or HW decision. They both have Proslide Tornadoes, which I'm kinda indifferent about. They both have mat racers, which I can't get enough of. PKI has a FlowRider, HW doesn't. I'm sure either or both of HW's wave pools are more fun than the lukewarm splash-in-the-bathtub action of PKI's. If that's your thing, you'll find something good to do at either one of them.

But here are some more questions...

How important are loopers to you? PKI has them, HW doesn't.

Are woodies with PTC trains the do-all and end-all to you? Then that tips the scales in HW's favor.

Are any kids going on the trip? PKI has the second-best kiddie area anywhere, if you ask me (IOA's Seuss Landing takes my top spot)

How important is a NEW park to you and your friends? See, this is why you won't find me running to CP every summer. I grew up in Michigan and live 20 minutes from VF. While obviously there's no comparing my home park to a 17-coaster megamodel, why would I travel 700 miles for a park that--in many ways--feels like the same ol' same ol? Might your Can-ehhhh-dian friends wind up feeling the same about PKI?

Just a few things to think about.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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