Holiday World Hints?

It looks like Paula is already dropping some hints to the tune of a 2008 Holiday World expansion! (HoliBlog photo) The employee parking lot is seeing some changes, that to me looks like nothing special... but I think I'm going to trust her on this one. Let the speculation begin... having just got back from there, I'm excited as always to see what's next and what we'll all cook up trying to figure it out. Apparently we'll find out next week!

My guess... another flat addition to Thanksgiving. *** Edited 7/21/2007 10:02:01 PM UTC by JoelWhy***

Be sure to pass this construction photo along to someone close to you


I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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I really think they'll get a pirate ship called the Mayflower. I LOVE those things!
If you've seen the area, it's pretty large for just a pirate ship. ;)

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I made my first trip to HW on Thursday and I noticed that area from Voyage. In My Honest Opinion from the way it look and based on the footings of it, this may be nothing more than a small warehouse or a gas station.

Chris Knight

It has to be something somewhat significant in terms of an actual park addition not a warehouse or something like that. Holiday World doesn't usually blow smoke just for the heck of it, that's why we love them.

Now a Valentine's Day addition would be awesome, but I really think Thanksgiving has a little ways to go before they start a new holiday.

I'm not so sure that Holiday World would try to garner some interest in a new warehouse. Can you imagine the press release? "Holiday World announces new warehouse for the 2008 season. Will Koch says, "The warehouse will be used to store trains during the off season. We are very excited for this addition to Holiday World and the entertainment the building will provide our patrons will be immense."

..I'm thinking that's not it.

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thrillerman1 said:Hmmm...cupid?

I turn Japanese at the mere thought of whatever Holiday World is building next.

Lol matt! The area does look fairly large in the holiblog picture.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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It would be quite amazing to see a new themed land this quickly. Maybe a kid-friendly Valentine's Day area with a wildmouse called "Cupid's Arrow" to anchor it?
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^ I could see Holiday World adding a wild mouse to their coaster collection.

But what they need is a chairlift going from 4th of July down to Thanksgiving, walking that hill 10+ times a day is exhausting! (I still do it for the Voyage though :))

Seems a bit early in the year for Will, Pat, Paula and the gang to be making the announcement for the 2008 addition. If I recall, we usually get that news during the last week or two of the season, with the exception of something really big, like Voyage, that has to start going up before September or October. So, my guess is that either Paula is bluffing and this is nothing more than a new building with the '08 news coming in a few months, or something big will start to take shape within the next couple of weeks. However, since HW seems to be on a five year cycle of major additions, my guess is we are not going to get any real news next week. That being said, with Will as proud, and rightfully so, of his new Thanksgiving section, and since it does need a few more attractions, we might all get fooled next week. (That's it! The new April Fool's Day section of the park. Clear the land and put nothing on it.) *** Edited 7/22/2007 8:21:49 PM UTC by Kraven the Raven***

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Oh, you guys are just too easy. :)

1. Who said anything about a news release?

2. Check out the location ... easily seen from the highway; this is no surprise to anyone who's visited.

3. Where are the Elder Statesmen? Jeff? Moosh? Gator? George? You four will surely figure this out. Actually, I thought the original poster on this thread had it figured out as there's a pun in his comment.

Okay, I'm all through taunting. Carry on...


Paula Werne
Holiday World

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After my failure to get last year's clue I'm done playing, lol ;)
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Makes me think season pass holder's entrance now.

JoelWhy said:I'm excited as always to see what's next and what we'll all cook up trying to figure it out.

I'm guessing that was the pun she was referring to.

Hello...RESTAURANT anyone?

*** Edited 7/23/2007 2:28:40 AM UTC by Super Loopy***

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You mean like the one they opened in Thanksgiving this year?
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Or a flat ride next to it!

Paula dear, can we have a Giant Wheel and a Carousel soon?

Yeah, Mamoosh, you're right.

What about the possibility of a hotel on property?

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Call it the Holiday Inn!

Josh M.

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