Holiday World announces 2004 additions

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Holiday World today announced $3.2 million in improvements to their water park, Splashin' Safari. The project includes Jungle Racer, ten slides that allow riders on mats to race to the finish line. It also include Jungle Jets, a "sprayground" of 160 different water jets. The area will include a new restaurant, restrooms and deck. Also, based on guest feedback, the park is adding a conveyor system to lift Zinga rafts, smoking will be restricted to designated areas in both parks, a nursing area for mothers in the first aid station, more lockers and family restrooms in the new facility.

Read more from Holiday World.

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Wow, talk about a capacity boost. That 10 lane racer is nuts.

Here's to hoping that if we all behave next year (And stop trying to come up with lame arguments about why we should break rules on rides) we can have ERT on this in a few years. Of course, with 10 lanes it'll probably have a short line most of the time anyway.

Jungle jets sounds cool, too... looking forward to seeing more concept art on it.

Touchè, teacher, touchè.

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This is really going to be a great addition. Now more sweeping up Cigarette butts either!

From the way it looks in the layout, is this the last attraction the park can put on that end of the waterpark before they can expand elsewhere? I know the Campground is just beyond the trees.

"She chased me around the church and grabbed me by the organ"

Actually, we're got some 90 acres to the north. Will's father took good care of our future. :)

By the way...before the announcement, we had fun with the theme by blasting the following on our sound system: Bungle in the Jungle, Welcome to the Jungle, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Run Through the Jungle, Jungle Love...

...and, of course, everyone's favorite: Jungle Boogie!

Paula Werne
Holiday World PR

Why am I not suprised about the music fun, Paula?

--George H

Mmmmmm. 95 acres.
That could fit at least two or three out-and-back woodies. ;)

What is the eleven letter word that all smart people spell incorrectly

Sounds like an awesome addition. I can't describe how pleased I am to see Holiday World making solid additions year after year. Good call on Jungle Love! ;)

Joe Cernelli
My CampusFish Blog

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Man, a GnR song on the Holiday World Speaker System.... Never thought I'd hear that!

Paula, since you have been on periodically today, have you and the gang ever thought about holding a family-freindly Mildly scary Halloween event? Or do you already and I don't know about it?

"She chased me around the church and grabbed me by the organ"

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Congratulations to Holiday World on what sounds like should be a great winning addition to the waterpark.

Zero G Thrills - Moved and Improved

What Dawn, you didn't like lugging that large raft up those stairs? I had a blast carrying both rafts for our group that morning, that sure was fun... ;)

As for the additions to the waterpark, sounds like a winner for the locals. I'm sure they'll be stoked about the new slides and improvements. Me? I won't be back to Holiday World anytime soon, but I appreciate everything that's being added.


Don't put anyone on a pedestal, because then people will point and laugh at them.

More proof that Holiday World listens to its guest... very cool additions. I'll be sure to finally hit the park for the 1st time this year....
Not only does Holiday World have the worlds best Woodie, and Water slid, it looks like they are anxious to have the best Waterpark also.
YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Restricting smoking. OMG thank you holiday world, hopefully the trend will catch on! When you are a non smoker and people smoke around you it is freaking obnoxious.
Actually SDC Inc. Parks have had that for several years now. I'm glad that other parks are catching on.

Beware theSPINNING DRAGON only at WOF in 2004

"Welcome to the jungle're gonna dieeeeeeeeeee"

Gotta love GN'R

Have Fun!

Personally my favorite HW sound system song is RUN DMC's "Christmas time th Hollis" which IMHO is the best Christmas song ever!

Paul Drabek

Yup, looks like worthy additions. I'm unlikely to be back in Holiday World any time in the next few years, but I'm sure there'll be even more fun stuff by the time I do make it there again.


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Yes, you do gotta love G'NR. Now if only they could set aside their differences...

I'm honestly happy for HW. With each expansion, they're just getting bigger and better, all the while maintaining their small park feel . That in itself is impressive. :)

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

Thank goodness for the lift on Zinga.

But I still think some body slides are needed.

If I was part of a coaster, I would be an upstop pad on an Arrow Mine Train.

Being a smoker, I applaud them on the decision of designated areas for smokers. All parks should adopt this.

It aggravates me when someone lights up near children. I make a point to keep my distance from my daughter when the nicotine urge hits.

Their waterpark is already impressive and these new additions will continue that.

Now if only HW would have a Halloween event and stay open until the end of October. :)

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

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