Hersheypark closing Wildcat, last rides July 31

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From the official Hersheypark Facebook page:

Last to ride alert! 🚨 Wildcat will close Sunday, July 31 so be sure to visit this month for one final ride. Any suggestions on what we could do with 3,100 feet of wooden track?

Stay tuned for details later this year.

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When I was there last month, they were closing the line at 9:45, which feels fully reasonable to me.

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We were just there last week, and 9:45 was the cutoff for getting in line as well.

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Man, I must be losing my mind. I could’ve sworn when we were there Memorial Day weekend the ride op said over the PA that they were suspending operations at 9:15. I was confused enough to ask the one at the front of the queue and he confirmed it.

I don’t know. I agree 9:45 is much more reasonable. Still wish they didn’t shut it down at all, like the old days. Cue the old man yelling at the clouds.

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I should clarify: my experience was that they stopped running the ride at 9:15. So yes, you could still get in line, but it would’ve been at a complete standstill for up to 90 minutes. Me being a complete idiot is definitely possible, but that’s how I remember it.

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I think it's more likely that your experience was accurate, and they refined how they operate since Memorial Day.

As of last week, last trains would stop at 9:45, and you could still get in line up until then.

Best case scenario, you got in line and snagged a dark train around 9:40 just before they shut the ride down before the fireworks. If not, you're stuck in line until they restart the ride around 10:30.

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My son and I stopped by and took a few laps on the Wildcat yesterday. It was running great on its final day.

What was the overall take on things for those that were there yesterday? Was there a long line all day?

As long as the new ride is not called "Son of Wildcat" we all should be OK. :-)

Daughter of Wildcat, then.

^ Cougar?

^^^^ We got in early and we're right up at Wildcat when it opened. We were able to ride three times without a long wait. We went to ride the Wild Mouse and Lightning Racer, and by the time we got back it was about a 30 minute wait.

I am hoping Hersheypark is aiming for records with Iron Cat! I agree about the stupid unoriginal names like IronCat!

Wildcat might have been a good ride back in it's day when it was new. But today, it is a bone shaking, back breaking, head ache of a ride. I rode it one final time last week, and it was just as bad of a ride as I expected it to be. Thank God for the padded seats. An RMC replacement would be awesome.

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