Hershey Park COMET train for SALE!!!

I couldn't believe this! Someone I work with actually sent this to me. My wife would kill me, but I am so tempted. Check out what is for sale on ebay!


I really hope this doesn't violate any rules, and if it does I apologize. I in no way know the seller, like I said a friend shared this with me, and I thought everybody here would get a kick out of it!

gary b
I'm pretty sure that thing weighs a little more than 2,000 lbs. I know one of the trains (or maybe it was just the lead car?) got donated to the NRCM so it obviously wasn't this one.

It'd be mine if I could convince my wife to let me put it in the garage.

2000lbs is exteremly heavy. I'd have to store it in my shed until I found a place to put it. HMMM


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Maybe they should sell the current trains. The way they bend and flex going up the lift makes me extremely uncomfortable.

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The train on Stricker's Tornado does that. I've always wondered about it. I haven't noticed it on other PTCs
I have often wonder about that as well? I'm sure there is a reason for it. Any Idea's?

gary b
I think it's the lift chain itself that is crooked and I don't ever remember the comet trains looking like that. Man, is that one ugly color scheme.

I see the reserve hasn't been met yet. I would love to know what that is! I'm thinking $1000 might just scratch the surface.

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I've ridden in several PTC's that do that. I'd imagin it's a combination of needing work on the train and on the track.

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Jeff said:
Maybe they should sell the current trains. The way they bend and flex going up the lift makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Most wood coasters do that goofy! Especially the older ones, as they settle over the years, it's easy to see how (especially lifts) get crooked. Plus the Comet is a 3 bencher...

It's better to flex (even during the ride); you absorb less of the shock.

The Blue Streak at CP's trains were 6 tons each, unloaded. So that's about 1,500lbs for each car. But this is before they were ruined with all that extra stuff (new heavier lap bars/lap bar mechanisms - I think extra 2 or 300 lbs per seat, etc.)

The new PTC cars are about 1,900 lbs each (the 2 benchers) as it is listed on the stainless steel plate on the back right corner of each car...

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No, most wooden coasters trains do not flex like that. Not even close. When you can feel the seat shift under you, that's not cool.

It does have that crooked lift, I know, but I think that's immaterial to the way the trains flex.

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I've felt the PTC "lift shift" on many wood coasters too. In fact I never found it anything out of the ordinary, lol.
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For lift-shift: Kennywood Racer, anyone?


I was just going to mention that one...!

Comet doesn't have articulating trains, so far as I know (neither does Racer) so any track banking that exceeds the slop between the upstop and the underside of the track is going to cause the car body to twist. The issue is the difference in roll angle between the front and rear axle. An articulating axle increases the allowable angle to around six degrees. If the axle doesn't articulate and the roll rate is high enough, the car is going to flex.

Luckily, some PTC trains are built to flex a little. Ever notice that the seat backs and front and rear panels are not bolted to the frame; instead there is a hole through the board and the bolts are used to pinch the panel into place, giving it some wiggle room around the bolt sleeves to flex a bit.

Of course, when it gets really wild is on the junior trains or on certain experimental trains (such as the ones on Wild Beast at Canada's Wonderland)...the cars have the articulating rear axle, but the rear seat bench is attached to the axle instead of the frame. So when the axle swings, so does the seat!

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Phoenix has the "shift" as well.

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The KW Racer's right lift hill shifts worse than any other coaster I've ridden.

The Comet's lift is visibly crooked. Although the shift is a strange feeling, I never really thought it was out of the ordinary.

As for the train for sale, I'm already trying to convince my parents that the train would make a great couch for our living room.

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I never felt the Comet or Phoenix trains flex. Twister has been rocking going up the lift lately, but I don't know if that's the train or the track. It doesn't bother me on a wooden coaster like it does on, say, Steel Force -- I thought steel coasters were supposed to be more tightly attached to the track.

If you want to ride a flexible train, you have to ride the Lakemont Skyliner. It bends through the turns quite a bit.

Take up a collection people. My Birthday is 37 days away!
If you want that car inside your living room, you better set aside some bucks for structural upgrades to your house's floor system. :)
I've been watching this too... it would look great next to my tiger car! And yes these weigh in the neighborhood of 1500 lbs. Movable with a forklift, but I prefer to just take a section of track to pull it up with a winch and mount it onto for the ride home :)

^^ I was looking into pricing for that too. ;)

2000 pounds. You'd need some serious equipment to move that around.

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