Hershey Contest $100,000 Winner Announced!

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You can find screens and videos here along with the article.

Other than that, I'm keeping my mouth shut.

::watches video::

Wow, that was very, um, yeah, $100,000... ok. Winner. Ok, yea.

...did the judges even look at the other entries?
Did you enter this contest Lord Gonchar? If yes, then I think you were Punk'd.
Wait... was this an article from The Onion? Are you serious?! You gotta be frickin' kidding me! THAT was worth $100,000? That wasn't worth a dollar. I mean, I wasn't expecting brilliance, but good grief that is down right pathetic!

From the article: "It's an outstanding design. I think this young man may one day be a future roller coaster designer," said Andy Jacobs of the Hershey Company.

I don't even know what to do with that quote.

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Yeah, I entered, 'Tuan.

The backlash on the official forums is kinda funny.

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What do you care? You won a pinball machine, you bastard!

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I'm greedy and I have an RCT ego to feed. :)

Just an RCT ego? ;)
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To say that was awful doesn't really give it justice. Ok, when your ride starts 75 feet off the ground, goes around a corner, up a small a lift, down 80 feet, then directly onto another lift, well, that just is stupid. I think they padded this a bit, as it seems they wanted a kid who can use the money for future education, instead of some guy who is still paying that education off. Sorry Gonchar. ;) *** Edited 5/28/2006 4:47:29 AM UTC by The Mole***
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The Mole said:
Sorry Gonchar.

Not, "Sorry Gonchar."

More like, "Sorry to the other 1500 people who entered."

It does reek of a PR opportunity, doesn't it?

GoliathKills said:
Just an RCT ego?

Heh. For the purposes of this contest, yes, just an RCT ego. :)

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My favorite quote:

I wish I knew exactly where that kid lived so I punch him in the face.

Perhaps it's all the Iron City Beer, but I find that immeasurably funny.

Seriously, though, that's a terrible design, even for the 10 year olds category. Oh, well. Everything else about that game sucks, too. That's why I still play RCT2.


The kid has a great imagination, but the judges should have looked for more than just...well...whatever it was that made them think this was the winning design. When I entered the contest, I thought they were looking for something that could be built in a real park or something. This design had little to no theme, unrealistic features (such as the 100 ft high station) and didn't use any of the scenery features RCT 3 offered. Did the station even have an entrance and exit? Original? Sure, it was, but not $100,000 original. My 5 year old cousin designs stuff like that every day. Maybe someone should give him 100 grand.

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That was lame and not worth even 100$ IMO
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Well, keep in mind, Lee Grant, that you were given the demo to work with which gave you a limit on money, and only one coaster design with no scenery to work with, so you can't discredit the winning design with that.

But, with that said... I think the design was extremely pathetic on any level. You'd think they were looking for something that fits in a tight spot with wicked curves, a high level of excitement, low nausea, and a realistic output. Nothing on there seemed realistic at all. I think he should have won the "participant" award like Lisa Simpson wins, but definately not one of the top 1499.

Then again, if that is your top winner... you got to wonder what the other entries were like!

Any of the 4 coasters in the Wild West World park that just posted today on CoasterBuzz Games can beet that lame coaster.
I just posted the coaster that I entered on CoasterBuzz Games .

I still can't beleave that it did not beat that stupid Blue Kangaroo coaster. :(:(:(

P.S. Did you notice that the Blue Kangaroo coaster is actully Purple!!! ;););)

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Guys honestly get a hold of yourself, they obviously rigged the contest so a young kid would win, start acting like the adults you are.

However, I do realize its not really fair that they didnt tell you this, but it is their contest, a kid won it, end of story, move on; its peak coastering time, get out there and ride some rides :).

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^ Yeah. I will just drive for 6 and half hours to get on a coaster. (sarcasm)

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