Hershey 2009

On a billboard able to be seen from the skyview ride, it says something cool in 2009, announcement will be July 1, 2008!!

Any ideas?

gary b
Hmmm...well since they had heat in 2008 (Fahrenheit) I'm probably going to go with a new water ride (for cold)...maybe something along the lines of "Journey to Atlantis" - or an indoor coaster themed to ice? An "IceBreakers" themed ride? ;) *** Edited 4/6/2008 2:52:02 AM UTC by BigJim4Life***

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

I just hope it's not the removal of the Canyon River Rapids for a lazy river and/or wavepool
Indeed, that raft ride is one of the best there is.

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Fahrenheit was announced at the end of September. Could this mean a big project? Just thinking it may be something they have to start building while this season is still underway.

Guess we'll find out in about 3 months.

I have been a coaster nut and Hershey Park fan since only about 2005, and so far every year Hershey has had something new and exciting to look forward to. We are only just starting 2008 and I am glad 2009 will be the same excitement!

gary b
An early announcement would probably indicate that something about the park will be changing this summer, like a ride closing down. If the rumors of turning the rapids ride into a lazy river are true, I imagine it might shut down at some point over the summer so destruction and construction can begin.
I so hope they don't take out Canyon River Rapids. That's the BEST river rapids ride I've ever been on. I've been on the ones at Kings Dominion and Six Flags America. Witht he disappointment of the river rapids ride at SFA, I have never been motivated to try the one at Great Adventure.

True, it's a big utilization of water, but CRR is so awesome.

All indicators, past interviews, etc say that Canyon River Rapids is being removed for... something.

IF it is a Lazy River, yet again it's another reason why I think they should have waited a few years and built a PROPER water park outside of the existing park boundaries... such as converting one of the parking areas adjacient to the park into a water park. The only way to expand the water park now is to dismantal some of the existing park. Shame that it has to be the Rapids... a fun ride and one that is always lined up on hot summer days.

Now if they were removing the rapids for some water type of attraction in the "Journey to Atlantis" style... I say start the deconstruction as soon as you can... with some reservations. Looking at how Hershey does things (the short Great Bear, the short (and campy) Reeses Extreme Cup Challenge), would a JTA type of attraction be built to its fullest potential?

In any event... better ride CRR for "one last time" this summer... just in case.

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"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
Regardless of whether or not expansion of the Boardwalk will require the removal of the rapids, I'm still left scratching my head over the decision to build Boardwalk in the first place rather than a dedicated waterpark.

Hershey has a lot of land thanks to their purchase of the golf course and surely that is going to be used for something- why not a waterpark? A new waterpark could have been billed as a separate gate, meaning more money could be made. Since it would have had the Hershey name, it's not like people would have been hesitant to go. I just don't understand why precious expansion space within the park was used for waterslides when it could have been done right outside of the park. Still seems like a knee-jerk reaction to me, and one bad decision swimming in a sea of good ones. But what do I know?

^As I said... YET ANOTHER reason why I question putting the boardwalk there. Even if expansion doesn't eliminate the rapids, I STILL question the location of the Boardwalk.

Now I did hear that there would be a problem with the golf course land (could have been read on here, could have read it elsewhere). Since much of the Golf Course is in a flood plain, the brain trust in the department of enviromental resources have so many restructions on building anything there that the land is pretty much useless for any sort of construction. The high ground of the golf course has been used for additional parking around GIANT Center.

HOWEVER... I still say they should have relocated some of the parking areas currently adjacient to the park for their water park. I have a feeling that a lot more land may open up in a few years once the museum moves. When that happens, I look for the old museum and Hersheypark Arena to be not very long for this world. As much as I would hate to see the old barn go... it is in such bad contition (hardly any maintenance done to it since GC opened) that I look for it go come down in the next 3 or 4 years. IF they would have waited, could have made a proper water park there. But like was stated... I agree that it was a "knee jerk reaction" to get a water park in quickly.

Now like so much Hershey has done (again, the short Great Bear, the short and campy Reeses Extreem Cup Challenge) in the past decade, the all too small Boardwalk (closed how many times because it was to crowded?) seems like it was simply plopped as cheaply as possible (and it still was EXPENSIVE) in existing area to say "Hey, we got a water park too!"

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
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I really like the placement of the boardwalk and the fact that its not a separate gate that I have to go to. I really liked walking through and getting my feet wet on my way to the next thing.

I have a feeling that the midway from Wildcat to Lightning Racer will become water park as everything over there seems really temporary.

^And then you would have Lightning Racer totally isolated from the rest of the park. You would have to pass through the water park to get to it.

The other main rides there that do not seem temporary are Whip and Ferris Wheel. Don't recall about music express... how "permanent" is that structure?

I am not certain that midway will be absorbed... I think that will be all that is left of Midway America. *** Edited 4/7/2008 8:52:22 PM UTC by SLFAKE***

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
I also heard the rumors about the old arena going away. I have also heard the Employee offices and parking are moving. There is also the rumor of the entrance into park moving into the area where the old arena used to be, and new midway being built. Until any of that stuff happens I will just enjoy the park as it is.
Sad as it is to see the old arena go, it may be time due to its deteriorating condition and the land locked park. A few years ago I was a little less accepting to this, but now after 6 season of hockey in GIANT Center, that building is finally starting to feel like "home".

Bad part about moving the entrance... won't that isolate Tudor Square and Rhineland? Now you have to walk through those areas to get to the entrance and the main part of the park, but with a moved entrance will there be any reason to go into that area? Or is that slated for "redevelopment". Would hate to lose the "quaintness" of that area though.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
If the golf course land is so useless as far as expansion goes, I wonder why they bought it in the first place? But couldn't a new waterpark have been built across the street? If it was going to be a separate gate, it wouldn't have had to be close to the park.

I credit Hershey for adding water attractions that don't require separate admission, but I think the location really limits what kind of experience can be offered. There isn't enough land to expand, and if waterpark attractions have to come at the expense of park attractions, I don't see that being a good thing because waterpark attractions generally don't have the capacity of park attractions. Like I said, a knee-jerk reaction. "We need a waterpark. What can we do now?"

I hope the main entrance doesn't get moved because that would mean Tudor Square would be useless, and I love that part of the park. As odd as the park's layout is, it actually works.

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"Midway America" is a bunch of carnival rides and food stands.

^^ RE: bulding across the street: I heard a land swap was involved. Hotel Hershey got the land across the street (for its new road), and Hersheypark got the old golf course. With that "swap", the land across the street is no longer an option for expansion. Again, that is only what I remember hearing... dont' take it as 100%.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
Mostly yes, but it also includes two wood coasters, the Whip, Ferris wheel and Wild Mouse. The latter three can be moved, but not as easily as a carnival ride. Besides, like SLFAKE said, by removing all of Midway America, you leave Lightning Racer in the middle of nowhere.

SLFAKE said:
but now after 6 season of hockey in GIANT Center, that building is finally starting to feel like "home".

I've probably only been to about 10-12 games at the GIANT Center, but it just isn't the same to me. The old Arena smelled like hockey even during non-hockey events. It was the perfect arena for it. Plus, Hershey fans seemed to turn into Philly-style fans with the switch - but that could just be me :)

As for something "cool" for next year, my guess would be the long-rumored removal of the rapids for Boardwalk expansion. Don't know if I'd like it personally, but I think it would be good for the park...both in the ability to market additional waterpark attractions and the ability to leave Midway America unscathed.

- Jeff

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