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^ I never said anything that was really relevant to that. I did read that before I posted this. I was just wondering simply what not to miss and about going solo. Those types of questions are not on moosh's post! But, anyways it doesn't matter.
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Actually they are in there, under the common sense part. And the part about how we do not know what rides you like and so forth...
^Actually, some parks have hidden gems. So, I am just making sure I don't miss anything. Heck, I've been to cedar point a couple of different times and never knew they had a museum. But, whatever, no matter what I say, I'm wrong!
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^Nah, its just Moosh, he'll get over it... ;)
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But, whatever, no matter what I say, I'm wrong!

You're not wrong, and I'm not angry. I just think you're worried for no reason (not to mention overplanning your day).

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But, whatever, no matter what I say, I'm wrong!
How did you get that impression? I certainly did not try to say that you were wrong, just trying to explain Moosh's . No one is angry. If they are, they need to step away from the computer.

Bottom line, Holiday World is a great park and in May there are hardly lines, so you can enjoy the park just by meandering around after getting a few rides on the coasters. The park itself is a hidden gem. (As are many of the other attractions at Santa Claus. Yes, there are other attractions in Santa Claus and the surrounding area!)

Besides the woodies and Gobblers getaway there was no other rides at the park that impressed me. The other rides can be found at alot of other parks. The S&S tower was really small. I was impressed with the food and prices but i was there for 2 days and 1 would have been plenty for me.
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The S&S tower is a standard-size Double Shot.
^ I guess im spoiled to riding Scream at SFNE that is 20 stories tall as opposed to 8 stories.
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SFNE's Scream is a Combo Tower, not a Double Shot, so of course it's going to be taller. A Double Shot offers a totally different ride program and experience than a Combo Tower (and a Turbo Drop Tower, and a Space Shot Tower).

Having ridden all four types of S&S towers its my opinion that the Double Shot offers a more intense program despite its shorter length.

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^^Comments like that drive me crazy! Have you ever ridden Liberty Launch?

People automatically assume "bigger is better", when in reality, the giant S&S combo towers are NOWHERE near as thrilling as the the 80 foot versions?

When was the last time anyone got a boost of airtime (NOT weightlessness) on Power Tower, S:TOP(S&S), or Scream?

Scream runs 2 towers in combo mode where it launches you up and then blasts you down. The 3rd tower is just the drop tower that they had first when it was called Hellevator. My whole point is that it isnt anything spectacular and i can ride it at Playland in Rye NY. As i said the woodies are the only rides that are a must.
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Mamoosh said:Having ridden all four types of S&S towers its my opinion that the Double Shot offers a more intense program despite its shorter length.

Most definitely...but even the 80' towers vary QUITE a bit. Thus far, Keansburg and IB have given me the greatest "lift" at the top of the tower. Shot rides of greater height seem to use up almost all of their momentum climbing, so the "pop at the top" feels negligible or non-existent.

HW has the intense wooden coasters, so I guess they don't feel the need to *crank up* their S&S ride. Wild Adventures' tower used to offer a pretty extreme ride - but they tamed it considerably after Cheetah was up and running.

I haven't been there, but no likes the Spider/Octopus? What the heck?

For towers, go on the Super Shot, or the Fabbri version, and you will see the more intense drop tower ride compared to the S&S and Ride Trade tower. Intamin designs coasters, and Ride Trade are the flats. *** Edited 5/8/2008 2:18:07 PM UTC by Spinout***

Get Ready. Get Set. Spinout! Six Flags America: The Park that is Full of Disappointments
I like the smaller towers for that something extra. I would rate my top 3 towers as 1. Marineland 2. Indiana Beach 3. Holiday World...I would love to ride a 200' + tower that had that great 2nd shot of the smaller ones...

Intimidator 305 the tallest most hated coaster nobody has ever ridden...

HW's Spider/Octopus is okay, just your standard fair. Like most, sometimes you get a great ride, other times not. However, my reason for not being fond of it is that it often has the longest wait time in the park. Part of this it the nature of the way it has to be loaded/unloaded, but quite often, it is understaffed, sometimes with only one ride op. which really slows the loading process down. When I have my choice of a spider/octopus or one of the three greatest costers on the plant and they have the same wait time, I'm taking a coaster. *** Edited 5/16/2008 12:38:34 PM UTC by Kraven the Raven***

Life is an amusment park -and I can't get off of the damn spinning teacups!
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^Agreed. I've never seen more than one staff member operating the ride!

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