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Hey guys. So I plan on doing my first Holiday World trip next weekend. I just have a couple of questions.

What other attractions besides the coasters are a do not miss?

Would it be a problem if I go solo to the park? (All my room-mates are going home for the summer but I'm stuck at school for 2 extra weeks)

What are the best seats for the coasters? I know a lot of people like the seat 3a, does it matter?

Anyone planning on going next weekend Saturday, May 10?

Liberty Launch and Hallow Swings are a must.

I have been by myself and had a great time.

I can not vouch for Voyage's seating, but anywhere on Raven and Legend is great... Personally I think the back seats on these rides are bliss.

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I'm sure Paula could give you alot of tips ;)

I went last summer for the first time, and I happened to go solo as well. It's kind of depressing to not have a riding partner, but you can spark some fun conversations in lines.

As far as rides other than the coasters, I recommend Gobbler Getaway, Hallowswings, Revolution, Liberty Launch, and Eagle's Flight.

And obviously if it is warm, you have to go to Splashin Safari... a fantastic water park.

For food I recommend either Kringle's Cafe or Plymouth Rock Cafe

I'm sure others can give you the best seats on the coasters. I prefer Voyage near the front... but any seat is great. Just remember to secure your loose articles... or else they may be washed overboard. ;)

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Josh M.

As far as attractions other than the coasters...

- Frightful Falls (Log Flume)

- Liberty Launch (Double Shot)

- Revolution (Rainbow)

- Raging Rapids (Whitewater ride)

- Hallowswings (Swings)

- Gobbler Getaway (Dark Ride)

- Turkey Whirl (Tilt-A-Whirl)

Going solo isn't really a huge problem, I've done it at HW, and it's not really a problem seating-wise. The only problem might be if it were a hugely busy day, they might make you fill in spots. Liberty Launch is the only ride I remember w/ a single rider line though.

I can't really help you on the coaster seating much, unless I get coaxed by someone I always prefer the front seat. But I do here from a lot of people about seat 3A, I'll have to try it myself this summer.

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Yeah, Chad's a wimp. He likes the front, but his 7 year old daughter will ride Voyage in the back - no questions asked. :)

Jeff Young
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I have found that the front of the sixth car on Voyage is great as well as the back of the first car. Raven is good anywhere you sit. The best place to eat that is often overlooked is the barbeque place across from the Freedom Train as they have the best cheese fries in the park and the bbq is good. If that stand is not open, get a walking taco (or whatever they are calling it this year) from the Alamo, but do not go during peak eating times. Frightful falls is unique in that it has a trough completely made of concrete except for the hill, which some say make it rough, but I really like it. Raging Rapids has some neat water effects, if it is a warm day.

Do not forget to visit the Santa Claus Museum right across the road next to Holiday Foods as it has a fantastic historical display of both the town and the park and how it began. If Crystal is there, she can share all kinds of great stories about the town and the park.

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Don't miss the trees and the charm. ;)

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I like the back of Raven a lot.

The only attraction I recommend other than the coasters is the water park. The food and rest of the park in my experience was average.

Thank you everyone for the imput! This has been helpful. I'm really pumped to visit this park.
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< sigh >
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Oh 'moosh, life will go on. I promise.
Do Everything! It's all good!

It's funny to see the suggested lists above that practically say the whole park anyway.

The place is immaculate, the soda is get to meet Santa...;p

Just make sure you staple yourself in on the coasters.

Other suggestions: Park across the road in the Legend lot as close to the tunnel as you can. It works the best for me. I think I heard they added a shuttle to that lot now too if you get stuck way in the back. And be prepared to do some hill climbing while inside the park. Start at the gate and work your way down the hill.

Oh, and get some fudge!

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Thanks for another great season, VF!

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-Frightful Falls (really fun log flume)
-Liberty Launch (Small S&S tower that packs a punch)
-Raging Rapids (whitewater rafting ride)
-Eagle's Flight (Flyers)
-Turkey Whirl (new version of the tilt-a-whirl)

Park/coaster advice:

Start the day off by getting to the park as soon as it opens, and dart down to Voyage. Ride in the very front seat first (there will be no line...), then opt for the very back for 2 more rides. By this time, the lines should pick up.

Head to Splashin' Safari as soon as it opens. Do Bakuli first, then Zinga, then Zoombabwe. Finish all the slides by 1:00pm. This is the best time to eat. I suggest Safari Jake's for lunch. This place is home to the best pizza and cheese fries EVER.

Around 1:30-2:00, change clothes and go back up into Holiday World. Raven and Legend should be walk-ons. I'd go to Legend first (it will be closer) and ride in the VERY front seat. The laterals will be insane, and the airtime is far superior to the back.

Next, head to Raven and ride in the very back seat. Don't waste your time in the front seat. It is still fun, but no where near as thrilling...

After a few trips on those coasters, I'd walk back down to Voyage and ride until the park closes (in the back seat).

All in all, Holiday World is a great park, and I hope you have a great time!

Jeff Young said:
Yeah, Chad's a wimp. He likes the front, but his 7 year old daughter will ride Voyage in the back - no questions asked.

Youth has it's advantages, when it comes to an old fart like me! And I did ride Voyage in the back....once. That's all it took.

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Betsy Ross Doll House. You get +10 enthusiast cred points for it because nobody else knows it's there and it's full of charm and non-GP appeal.
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Danthecoasterman, the cheese fries at the barbecue place are much better. You should try them there. They serve them in a cup (=more) with the cheese poured on them(=better). They do not do that at any of the other food places in the park.
The Betsy Ross Doll House is seriously hilarious.


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I have nightmares about that place.
Is there something that I've missed moosh? What's going on..
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You asked a question about planning your day at a park. It is something that mooshie does not like to answer especially when you consider all the time he spent creating a great post about this sort of thing in at the very top of this forum. You should give it a read from the very first post on.

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