Heat and Hydration!

Recently we have all excepted the injuries and deaths from our favorite thrill rides. It has been a horrible year as alot of CB members have said.

How many of us have lined up for a ride and ran the course not feeling one hundred percent?

Myself, Ive went on a few rides this year not being fully prepared. I am putting myself at risk maybe even death. Taking a highly intense ride and getting off feeling anxiety, light headed, sick, worn out or in the state of being exhausted. Exhaustion is the wrong way to enjoy an amusement park and it's attractions.

We all know this, but I think it is more serious then it is talked about which is not often. Are we risking ourselfs to vulnerable effects? Are we setting ourselfs up to become physically damaged?

Thats why you have to constantly drink water. If I go to a park, say CP, I ask for water before and after every ride and drink at every fountain really. Your body goes through water, like well, water... You need to keep up with it.

Drink plenty of fluids (not pop either now...), and even if your not thirsty, drink anyway. Remember, once your thirsty, your ALREADY dehydrated.

One advantage of living in the desert is it becomes easier for you body to deal with the heat. You also learn behaviors that are good like drinking plenty of water. Rarely do I go to parks and find the temperature too high since it's almost always cooler than where I live. There is a downside... the slightest bit of cold becomes too much.

Also many people need to get more sleep. It helps to get lots of sleep before a long or even short day at the park. At least for me it makes a world of difference.

I had dehydration sickness several years ago after spending a day at a fair. It was not fun. And years ago, I was on a camping trip in southern Utah and a girl in our group had to be taken to the hospital because of dehydration.

It's something to think about for sure.



Do any parks put any special procedures in place when they are under heat advisories? I mean, do they put extra water vendors out, or free water stations if there are heat warnings (Such as yesterday, in southeast Ohio at Kings Island?)

I think the price of bottled water doubles. ;)
As far as things not to do in order to stay hydrated, stay away from anything containing caffeine or alcohol. Drink plenty of fluids, but don't always rely on just water. If you've been sweating a lot, you've been losing electrolytes like sodium and potassium, and consequently your blood volume and viscosity will not be at normal levels. These strongly affect your equilibrium. So, if you're starting to feel sick when you're getting off rides and you think it's because of heat, go for the Gatorade instead of water.
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I agree with drinking plenty of Gatorade in addition to water.

I was happy to see that Holiday World added Gatorade this year. I assume it was this year? During Holiwood Nights I ALWAYS had a cup of water or Gatorade. I rarely drink soda when it gets that hot.

Alcohol is the WORST thing to drink in this weather. Nothing will dehydrate you more.

There have been a few times I haven't felt well during a hot day at a park, and when that happens I usually take it easy for a while. I either go back to the motel for a few hours or just find someplace cool and chill out for a while. Also, it's a good idea to wear lighter clothing, and of course sunscreen and sunglasses.

I actually prefer going to parks in the early Spring or during the fall. It's MUCH cooler and easier on your body. I don't do well with extreme heat and crowds. ;)


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Tina you're right, spring and fall is where its at. Usually the crowds aren't so horrible during those times either.

I'm semi dreading a trip to CP tomorrow, to tell you the truth. My friend is all excited because his wife is out of town and he never gets to do a park from open til close when she's around. The weather is going to be ridiculously hot and humind. I'm already drinking more water than usual. Keep your fingers crossed for us, he hasn't got on Dragster yet... ;)

If Gatorade would cut the sugar in half(or more) it would be perfect.

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That's easy, Nachoguy. Half Gatorade, half water. ;)
In all seriousness you need to take this seriously. I passed out once due to dehydration and the heat (yes, the activity was a little more strenuous then just standing in line for a coaster), however my point is I can no longer stand the heat as well as I use to. In fact less then a week ago I almost had another episode and in the past I never would have had a problem. So take this very seriously.

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Drink more Gatorade....helps pay the bills... ;)
I see these families with a bunch of little kids in the heat and they just don't seem to get it. They all have red faces, headaches, the kids are crying, the parents are impatient and start move faster. They're freaking out!

People don't know how dehydrated they are. I just keep telling people how much I love water; and hope they get the hint.

When I was down in Atlanta a few months ago, I couldn't keep up with the amount of fluids I was loosing. Got to be smart and aware if you are going to be at parks during the dog days to come. I wouldn't describe the recent years as global cooling.

Most people in this day and age of bottled water don't realize you can just walk up to most food stands and ask for a cup of ice water and they will give it to you for free.

Keeps you nice and hydrated and sure beats drinking out of the fountains.

All Cedar Fair Parks, Hershey, Most Six Flags Parks (not all), Most stands at Knoebels, Universal Parks all have this policy of giving out free ice water.

And don't forget to eat breakfast!

People show up with an empty stomach and pass out before they're even in the park!

You don't need to eat the Belly Buster, but a bowl of cereal and some fruit will help a lot.


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Holiday World

What free ice water policy? at Cedar Point they charged me 10 cents for a lil cup of ice water! I was pissed! When she gave it to me I was like...Being the park with a bunch of crazy/wacky/insane rollercoasters in the middle of July you think free water wouldn't be an issue!

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My cousin & I went to gadv while it was squarching hot out, beautiful day, but hot. we both bought 32oz bottles of water but 3/4 of it was frozen!. & guess the frige/freezer they were keeping it in was set on cold. anyway it was great, super cold water & even though we would finish the liquid water before the ice melted. Then we just refilled it at stand or water fountains & it was always ice cold. I don't know if they froze the water on purpose or not, but if they did then it was a great idea
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Cups cost money. Were there no drinking fountains in the area?

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Cups cost less than lawsuits...

When Six Flags took over Geauga Lake they knocked out a lot of the drinking fountains to make more money off drinks. The problem was the line for drinks and rare water fountain became forbiddingly long so people started passing out from heat stroke. Not to mention the lack of shade at that park. Once Six Flags changed their policy to not refuse to provide free ice water, a lot of parks followed suit.

Parks don't always like to make free fluids too obvious, it cuts down on sales. Why do you think the water pressure of drinking fountains is so low? I'll usually fill my cup in the easily accessible sink.

When you are dehydrated, you can become disoriented. So for parks to say, “Go find a drinking fountain.” it's a little irresponsible. If you look like you are about to pass out my guess is they won't refuse you water. Hunching is good, heavy breathing, trouble putting words together; they'll be more then happy to provide a free cup of ice water. Ask for the big cup.

Unless you are in a fantastic park like Holiday World, then just help yourself to what ever you want. Cups, water and soda are cheep for parks to provide freely, because satisfied customers are priceless. I'm sure Raven will agree. *** Edited 8/1/2006 7:25:45 PM UTC by rc-madness***

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Six Flags knocking out water fountains at Geauga Lake?

I don't think so. As far as I remember, it as always like that. I guess there used to be a couple more over in the old water park and at The Wave, but they did get rid of that in favor of the kids area.

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