Hard Rock Park starts "sound check" April 15

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[Ed. note: The following is a press release. -J]

Hard Rock Park is gearing up to rock the beach announcing today that it will go into “Sound Check” on April 15 when the public will be allowed in to sample the Park’s rides, shows and attractions for the first time. During this three-week “rehearsal,” visitors will become a part of rock history as they get to check out the world’s first rock ‘n’ roll theme park has it springs into life.

All of the Park’s rock environs are going to be open for “Sound Check,” which will run daily from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. “This is it! The Park is finally coming to life,” said Steven Goodwin, Hard Rock Park’s CEO. “Visitors will be able to ride Led Zeppelin – The Ride, watch Malibu Beach Party and then have dinner at A Taste of Paradise… and all that’s just in Rock & Roll Heaven!”

Admission for “Sound Check” will be $40 for rockers of all ages* and will include a $10 meal voucher that can be used at any of the restaurant locations in the Park**. “Our restaurants are all unique and are a part of the whole entertainment experience, said Dale Kaetzel, general manager. “We’re encouraging everyone to get a taste of the Park during Sound Check.”

The Park will expand its opening hours for the weekends of April 26-27 and May 3-4 when it will open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Park admission for these weekends will be at the general admission price of $50 for rockers of all ages.

As an added perk, $30 of the “Sound Check” price and $50 of the general admission ticket may be applied to the purchase of an Annual Pass. Annual Passes run for a full 12 months from their first use, include free parking and other benefits and pay for themselves in less than three visits!

Hard Rock Park’s Annual Pass holders will also enjoy an exclusive Annual Pass Member-only concert on May 8 featuring OneRepublic and experience “Sound Check” free of charge,*** and their Annual Passes will still be valid until May 8, 2009. “That’s more than a year!” declared Jon Binkowski, the Park’s chief creative officer. “You can come and check us out on April 15, get a great dinner, put $30 towards an Annual Pass, then come back again every day of ‘Sound Check’ to watch the Park come to life and you still get a full 12 months of Park admission from May 9, 2008. That Rocks!”

All tickets can be purchased online at www.hardrockpark.com and by visiting the Hard Rock Park All Access Entry Plaza where visitors are already getting the opportunity to get a “Sneak Peek” at the Park and take personal VIP Hard Hat tours of Cool Country and Rock & Roll Heaven daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

* Admission for kids ages 3 and younger – no charge
** Meal voucher not valid on beer, wine or liquor or at I Want Candy! Store.
*** Free admission with Annual Pass voucher and a valid ID

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Does anybody find $50 a bit expensive? I don't think they have the rides to be charging that much. I emailed them from their website and askes if there would be a discounted admission for late day arrivals, and the reply back Igot was no.

I just cant see paying $108 with tax for my wife and I for a few hours of riding.

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I don't think its too expensive for a vacation area but it will also depend on the experience.
But have you been to the area? It is one of the last nice AFFORDABLE places left to go. I don't think the type of people MB draws will be interested much in the park. It might draw a one time influx of enthusiasts, but I don't think the park will keep them comming back. There are so many other parks with a much better selection of rides at a better price. And how can you NOT have discount evening gate admission?*** This post was edited by Gary B 3/21/2008 11:46:13 AM ***
"A one time influx of enthusiasts" would only be a couple thousand people. We're looking at a park that probably needs to hit Million+ yearly attendance numbers in short order to justify its debt load.
It's a risky business model, I hope it pans out for them or the much trotted out phrase "You can't build new parks in the oversaturated US market" will be given more steam.
It is too expensive. Cedar Point doesn't even charge that much!
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I don't think $50 is even in the neighborhood of too expensive.
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You wouldn't! Although, I really do not see how $50 is not justified as well. Usually I am all for the cheap stuff, but this price model makes sense.
Fifty dollars. Ridiculous. They won't get many people in that.
I said from the start, The park was banking on the area already being a tourist trap and it's name brand (WORLDWIDE overpriced)

They throw in a few and I do mean FEW attractions which aren't very unique and Voila. 50 bucks a head.

Chuck, saying probably half of that is going towards licensing fees ect and not the cost of the actual park its attractions and cost to run;

I will use my admission into the park to see Kid Rock!
I am going to MB in Sept. After lookong at price and what I think my experience will be, I am NOT going to the park. Family Kingdom and mini golf will be enough. When I am at the beach, I don't want to spend the whole day 10am-10pm at a park with so little to do. I would probably go if the had a evening discount rate like almost every other park.
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As usual, the critics run rampant before the attraction is even open.

I guess it all depends on what you see value in.

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I just find it funny that enthusiasts are usually the first to bitch about the price of the parks.

Seems to me that people who love parks and coasters would be the ones willing to pay whatever it takes to ride the rides and experience the parks.

I really don't get the people behind this hobby sometimes.

Thats ok Gonch, Most of us don't get you :)
Jeff, have you ever been to Myrtle Beach?
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I have not. I'm not much of an east coast beach kind of guy. If you're asking because you think it's some precondition of determining the value of the park, that's irrelevant.
I disagree. It does not fit the area, price wise. If you look at prices of attractions from Family Kingdom, to hotels and the former MB Pavilion, to even the condo's, MB actually is still nice and affordable.

Second, I think the value of the park, say, if it was in Florida, as opposed to MB, would be higher. MB attracts a lot of senior citizens, golfers, and families. I'm not sure any of these groups would justify paying such a high gate admission while on Vacation.

If you had money to burn, and wanted to go on vacation for an amusement park, where would you go? Hard Rock park? Maybe once, just to experience it, but after that, would you return? Would you pay $50 to get in there again and again for what they are offering, or would you say pay that much to go to a park like CP, where you can have much more variety.

I don't mean to ramble. My point is I don't think MB will be able to support this park after the newness wears off. And I think it is overpriced (no matter what area its at) and the only reason the price is so high is due th the "HARD ROCK" name.

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You're talking to someone who plopped down over $400 for a Disney annual pass, and one year had chain-wide passes to all of the chains.

Medieval Times next door is $47 for two hours of entertainment and mediocre food. By your rationale, Myrtle Beach can't support that.

People will pay for upscale stuff, and that's what they're pitching this park as. They've got a strong brand, a solid starting lineup, and frankly it's the only thing in town that will draw me into town. Think about it, we've already had stories about the skyrocketing cost of real estate in the area, all because of this park. Think the hotels are going to stay cheap? Not a chance.

Well, we can go back and forth forever, but I am actually going to listen to what you said earlier about the critics on it before the park even opens.

I still think its too expensive, and I can't believe there won't be any discount admission for guests who only want to come in the evening, but I will try the park first when I am down there in Sept.

Maybe I will be wrong, but I predict no waiting for anything, and I doubt I'll have the urge to return.

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