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Sunday, May 8, 2005 8:46 PM
Just wondering but how many of you go to halloween events at theme parks? I worked Carnival of Carnivorous clowns from outer space in 3d last year at halloween haunt. So if you went then you probably walked by me once or twice. I can already say that this years gonna be a very good year with the new mazes.
Monday, May 9, 2005 12:04 AM
I still find it odd that people out west call them "mazes" (when there's only one path through them) and here in the Midwest we call them haunted houses.

Around here, it's just a neat time to be in the parks when the leaves change color, it's cooler, people wear fall clothes, and the smell of theme park food hangs in the air. It's a good time. Wouldn't be the same in, say, Florida.

Monday, May 9, 2005 1:16 AM
It's the same here....well, except the leaves haven't changed (and mostly won't), it isn't cooler (that's November at the earliest), and people are still wearing shorts....OK, maybe it isn't the same.

That *is* why I make an annual falltime pilgrimage up North...:)

BGT has one walk-thru with four haunted paths, but it still isn't a maze...since you can't get lost...;)
edit: Flik's Fear Fair, or something close to that...(?)

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Monday, May 9, 2005 1:49 AM
We (knotts scary farm) tried an actual maze once, but that kinda failed horribly....guests got mad so they attacked the monsters cause of it. And thats the reason why actual mazes arent a good idea. But this year we're gonna have the Maize Maze, its gonna own your soul.
Tuesday, May 10, 2005 2:08 AM
I have been to two halloween events, one at SFGAm and one at CP. I was never there for the halloween events. SFGAm made you pay an extra fee to go in the Haunted Houses, so that was a no go; it also sucked because every line had 2+ hour waits on a Sunday in early Oct.

CP was incredable, I only waisted time doing one haunted house because coasters were beconing, TTD had a 10 min wait, MF a 5 min wait and everything else was a walk on; by far the best day I have spent at that park.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 11:05 AM
well here at kennywood some people call them mazes. most people just call them haunted houses or haunted attractions. I worked in the kennyville cemetery. It was a lot of fun. I never been to any other amusement parks halloween events. The only bad thing about Phantom Fright Nights is that the lines for the Haunted Attractions are super super long when it's a busy night. And it's not just cooler outside It's freakin COLD!!!! lol. People be wearin their winter clothes when they come out here lol. This year it's gonna be so much fun in the cemetery again.
Tuesday, May 10, 2005 11:25 AM
I was at Haunt last year at Knott's and was absolutely blown away by how good it was. It made Six Flags Great America's mazes look like the kids down the street putting on a haunted house in their basement.

The mazes and shows (especially the Hanging) were so good that I fully intend on returning again this year (I live in Wisconsin, so thats quite an effort :) )

By the way, the 3d clown maze last year was really cool. I hate clowns. They are totally evil. This just confirmed my theory even more. The Alice in Wonderland maze right next to the clown maze was also really well done.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 12:13 PM

Touchdown said:
CP was incredable, I only waisted time doing one haunted house because coasters were beconing...

Aww. Going to a park during Halloween and skipping the haunted houses (mazes?) is like going to the same park in July and skipping the coasters.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 1:26 PM
you guys should really come to Phantom fright Nights at Kennywood if you ever in the area. It's so much fun. And it's super cheap. here's the website for more info www.phantomfrightnights.com *** Edited 5/10/2005 5:27:04 PM UTC by PGH_Steeler***
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 5:11 AM
I love the haunted houses at Lake Compounce and SFNE. It's like a great end to the season, we ride the rides one last time in October :)
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 11:22 AM

rollergator said:

BGT has one walk-thru with four haunted paths, but it still isn't a maze...since you can't get lost...;)
edit: Flik's Fear Fair, or something close to that...(?)

Flik's Fear Fair? Isn't that at DCA? Well, you have to admit, Heimlich's Chew Chew Train is pretty scary!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 12:11 PM
I've only been to CP's Halloween events, but they are sooo much fun.

I never do the haunted houses, but just walking from Millennium Force to Mean Streak is fun enough. The best part is that they fill the entire area with fog so thick that you can barely walk without bumping into people and monsters.

And the crisp fall air feels and smells so good rushing past your face while you're riding.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 12:30 PM
LOL, I think you're right, CFM.....I'll have to dig thru the BGT Howl-O-Scream park map to find out the name of that one haunted attraction...or maze....whatever...;)
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 12:36 PM
I have gone to CP's and PKI's for the last few years or so. Both are EXCELLENT, especially the "Psycho Trail" at PKI.

I know, it's not very original as far as effects but there is nothing quite like walking through the woods in the dark and having some dude come after you with a chainsaw. Now THAT is fun, especially when you get to laugh at your friends who are *actually* scared.


I agree. I LOVE that walk between Mforce and S*** Streak. The monsters usually leave me alone though, because I never act scared and just laugh in their faces.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 1:12 PM
I've been to SFGAdv's (great the first year of Brutal Planet and sucked royally the next few years after that....I missed the last two years), SFNE (which was very good despite long lines) and USF/IOA's HHN (absolutely awesome). The amount of money spent is amazing and crowds feel worse than Saturday in the summer. SFGAdv seemed to be toning things down too much with sparse scare zones, and a hayride that got worse and worse last time I went, but it was insanely crowded.
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 1:22 PM
I head to BGW every Oct because they do an amazing job for there Howl-o-Scream. That park already beautiful with the landscaping and than the fall colors kick in. They have good haunted houses and scare zones.

I was at PKD 2 years go for there event and it was no where near as good as BGW.

SFGADV is very bad. Last year they did a little better job. Had more stuff and more people out. They need to do away with that hay ride. Its so bad!!!

SFNE did a good job when I was up there last year. I was impressed by there job and zones.

Hershey park doesnt do much but thats a beatiful park as well and just the cool air and the leaves and fall colors make it fun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 4:45 PM
well a lot of these places sound fun but kennywood is the only place where you can pick up a hooker lol. yes i said Hooker lol. In Gory park there are a lot of hookers walkin around lol. The theme is suppose to be the "Bad" part of town and theres all kinds of crazy stuff in Gory park like Pimps and Thugs, Hookers and dead people walkin around. lol I was crackin up when i seen my manager dressed like a hooker lol I know she was cold.
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 5:05 PM
Are you sure you didn't just wander down to Homestead?
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 5:31 PM
The only halloween event I've done at a park was Fright fest at WW/EV. It was sooo lame. No one wandering around in make-up/ costumes, that I saw, one very un-scary haunted house, and some "survival" game (Paranoia, or something like that) I had no interest in playing. Here's hoping it gets better in coming years.

There were several haunted corn mazes out in the fields in the Willamette Valley, with one on Sauvie's Island being actually rather good.

I'm looking forward to my first-ever Knott's Scary Farm this year. With everything I've heard about the event, I have very high expectations. And I guess I'll do the Frightdome at Circus Circus, since it's here and all.:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 5:31 PM
Theres a difference between the hookers at Kennywood and the hookers in Homestead. In Kennywood they only cost $18.50, whereas in Homestead they cost a bit more.

Like PGH said(maybe he said "too" much), Kennywood is a great Halloween park. It doesn't get "as" cold as you might think. To be honest I haven't seen anyone in a winter jacket like PGH said, and I was there everyday. It got chilly but not cold enough for anything like that. Still doesn't beat operating Garfield's Nightmare in the snow a couple weeks ago, brrr.

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