Great adv. new ride?

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I've been a long time lurker, but I was wondering what people thought of the king da ka looking supports posted on screamscape. Here's a link, but it looks like a new drop tower

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Kingda Ka's tower is so far away from the nearest path, I can't help but wonder how they'll attach the queue line to the park. Also, the drop tower would be facing away from the rest of the park, right? It's going to be one of those rides that will never have a full queue line because it isn't visibly easy to locate. If it were RCT, the peeps would be thinking "I can't find [drop tower]!"

Or maybe not. What do I know.

If Rolling Thunder is removed (highly likely,) there's part of your path.

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Kingda Ka is getting Rocky Mountained

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Invert - called it

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They're supports for the new hotel.

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Vater said:

They're supports for the new campground.

Fixed that for ya.

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Mike Gallagher said:

If Rolling Thunder is removed (highly likely,) there's part of your path.

I guess that would open up a lot of space at the expense of a decent coaster in decent shape. It's not like the park is at a loss for space though.

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I haven't been there in ages, but many years ago, I wouldn't have considered Rotting Lumber to be a decent coaster at all. Did it change?

If the coaster does in fact get removed, I suspect we will see more than just a low-capacity, tallest-in-the-world drop ride connected to the back of Kingda Klosed. How about a package of many flats to transform Six Flags Great Adventure into a kind of "Superpark?" ;)

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You mean like the flat ride pack that they added then cannabalized and split up amongst the chain?

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LostKause said:

I haven't been there in ages, but many years ago, I wouldn't have considered Rotting Lumber to be a decent coaster at all. Did it change?

It's been running well this year. Right now only the left side is running and I always thought it ran better than the right side. If you sit in a non wheel seat, it's not rough at all.

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If you have to pick a specific row just to get a smooth ride, it's still a rough ride.

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LostKause said:

Rotting Lumber....Kingda Klosed

Well at least we know where you stand mr. negative.

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In defense of Travis, Rolling Thunder does epically suck.

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones

Inverted Hotel

Yes Rolling thunder will be removed and Sept. 8th will be the last rides on it to make way for their record breaking drop tower called Zumanjaro which will drop riders 415ft.

Should be pretty cool the way they set this up with the trains of KK coming at you and over you as you ride. Capacity though will be no better than second gen Intamin towers

Add two more defunct woodies to the list. Being a Wood Coaster Junkie, I can honestly say, I won't miss em much. I've ridden more exciting Jr. Wooden Coasters.

Should open a bunch of space. Even though people say SFGADV has a ton of room. They can only build in certain areas due to wetland restrictions.

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There was simply NO way GAdv was going to have drop-tower riders walking alongside the launch track of Ka. With the exciting cable-snapping issue still unresolved, that would have been a horrible mistake. Using the RT path will be infinitely safer - and leave room for future expansion.

Never like losing a wooden coaster....but this is one that I can totally understand.

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Most of us were speculating that the view from the back of Kingda Ka's tower would not be as exciting. I wonder if any of us saw it coming that the ride is going to be built on the front side? I think it is awesome to have it built facing the coasters station, launch, and brakes.

And with a ride time of about 40 seconds, perhaps the capacity will not be so bad. What kind of ride time does Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom have? Three towers with eight riders a piece is decent, I suppose, compared to just two towers like at Magic Mountain.

I'm not sad to see Rotting Lumber go. Period.

Adding a new animal exhibit is great. It seems like Great Adventure wants to become another Bush Gardens Tampa. Should I try to visit this park again in the near future?

RT was probably my first big wood coaster and I had remembered it being a fun ride, but when we went last year, it was kinda meh. Up until that point I had only ridden the little wood coasters at the shore, Jack Rabbit, Flyer.

Cant remember if Rebel Yell or Rolling Thunder was first, but they were definately 1-2.

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