Grade school kids confused for gang members at Elitch

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Two children, ages 5 and 9, were told to turn their St. Louis Rams jerseys inside out this week at Six Flags Elitch Gardens. The park said that the number 13 represented gang activity and disrupted the family atmosphere of the park.

Read more from KUSA/Denver.

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Wow... no wonder Six Flags stock is down. This cute little five-year old kid is a gang banger!

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Why did I feel like I was reading The Onion?

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The park plans to "take care of them"? What does that mean?!? If Don Corleone said that, it'd be bad....

He let the contents of the bottle do the thinking; can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding.

Tht's horrible. WHat are the kids gunna do if they are in a gang kick you in the shin and run away. Six Flags is so stupid. I bet they got season passes or lifetime passes.

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Come one people... don't you see it! Just look at that pic of the 5 year old. Looks like something you would see hanging up in the post office! You just know that these kids are problems. It all starts like this... simply wearing football jerseys at an amusement parks, but who knows what is next for these little juvenile delinquents? Eating paste in art class? Refusing to color inside the lines? Not dotting their "i"s the right way? Trying to extort staying up a few extra minutes after their bed times from their parents?

Yes, they, and their families must be "taken care of," as the park said. If not, we will have out right anarchy! If we do not crack down on these little monsters now, who knows, they may actually turn out to be well adjusted adults... or even worse yet... (gasp)... Rams fans!

Kind of hard to take a post as objective if a park or coaster name is part of the "user name"

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Chris, I got the same feeling.
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*shakin head*....That Six Flags should be ashamed of themselves. Now, that is going to the extreme.

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What are you people thinking... the five year old has a glock 9mm on him somewhere, and the nine year olds got a switchblade in his hand, hes just hideing it. *end sarcasm* Im a football fan, and i play it, but im not much of a rams fan so i was wondering... who on the rams wear 13, just a thought. I wonder if i wore my number 14 football jersey (the one for the team the team i play for, not a professional or ncaa team) if pki would say anything cuz as you all should know, #14 is the number of the columbian cartel... or some gang, i dont know my gangs too well.

*Edit* I went back to the news report and saw that number 13 is Kurt Warner. My bad
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Geeze... just thought about this... At least two of the dates of Hersheypark in the Dark this October fall on the same day as Bears games... and on those days you see a higher than average number of hockey jerseys in the park! Better call out the national guard for those dates! Could be gang related... or else an invasion by Canada!.

P.S. This just in... Ed Markey has announced that he is launching a campaign to eliminate the number 13 from our numeric system. "It represents a dangerous trend in amusement parks. Scientific studies show that any numbers displayed on an article of clothing higher than 8 could actually be dangerous to the health of the average person."

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Kurt warner

I don't understand some of you! I think that the park did the right thing - and I commend them for their actions. Instead of imposing cruel double standards based on appearance or age, the park enforces the same rules for all park patrons. If I went to the park wearing that shirt and got told to turn it inside out when I can clearly see other guests wearing it, although I would respect the park and obey the parks request, I would be deeply offended. Way to go Six Flags for not be discriminative!

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Um, there's a BIG difference between an official football jersey that happens to have the number 13 on it, and gang-related clothing. What's at issue here is that the park didn't use even a SHRED of intelligence, instead they're acting like the number 13 is itself illegal.

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It is in their best interest to not allow ANY #13 garments in the park. That way, there it is clear and simple, no judgement required. No matter how stupid this story may seem, it is in their best interest to follow one policy for ALL people.

This just in:

In the interests of wholesome, family fun, Cedar Fair has banned the following items from the parks below:

VF: Any Green Bay Packer paraphenilia or clothing that combine the colors green and yellow

CP: Absolutely anything labeled MICHIGAN, including license plates

"We've been informed these garments deeply offend guests whose teams choke on the road, can't win crucial games or otherwise just don't have what it takes'", explained CEO Richard Kinzel. "Despondent guests spend an average of 1.26 fewer hours in our parks, spend $4.58 less per person and are more likely to speak in a nasal, whiney tone. God, I hate when they do that."

Guests who disagree with the new policies will be promptly "taken care of" after they enter the park and pay their admission.

In other unrelated news, the blue trains aboard the popular 'Gemini' roller coaster were let loose from their transfer track and allowed to smash into the pavement below. Go Buckeyes. Yeah.


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ROFL!!! Great post, 'Playa! That gave me my good laugh for the week...

-- Jesse, a Bears fan and former (Michigan rival) U. of Illinois student who doesn't think much of the aforementioned teams.

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Teenage Ninja- I highly doubt that they got season passes. It is just like any business where Six Flags holds the right to reject service to anybody. And since the children complied nothing more needed to be done. If the children had refused, the most that would have happened is SFEG giving a refund since there are no signs saying you can't where a shirt with #13.

I also commend SF for doing this as there was a fight a few years ago at the park. I am not sure if it was gang related or not, but who wants that at their park. It just looks bad. Not to mention I highly doubt the 5 and 9 year olds even gave a crap about it.

It just sucks that one person took a policy a little too far, the family called the news and low and behold the whole park looks stupid in front of the Denver community and now coaster enthusiast circles.

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I would understand the parks actions if the kids were wearing a Ray Lewis jersey, but come on, Kurt Warner!? ;)

Nice TR!
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