Ghost Town not for sale, owner wants to erect giant cross

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The owner of Ghost Town in the Sky in Maggie Valley is moving forward with more improvements to the mountaintop theme park. Owner Alaska Presley wants to take part of the old steel roller coaster and create a huge cross to place on top of what she calls Resurrection Mountain.

Read more from WLOS/Asheville.

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Does she want to use taxpayer money to do it?

Wait a second, wasn't that roller coaster called "The Red Devil"? So, she wants to make a giant cross out of the Red Devil?

What an odd situation.

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Alaska is a woman.

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Alaska Presley needs to stop. they could have a decent little family park there, the area gets traffic, but she won't invest in what would bring in people, like opening the rides. From what I've heard, there are flats that were fairly new just sitting there.

The woman is in her 90s I believe.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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At her age, how much closer to God can she really get?

(*ducks behind lightning-proof shield)

Not to mention she's on top of a mountain and has high hair. All that just has to help.

Those giant crosses in the south are something. It's a little weird to be traveling down the interstate and see one looming in the distance. My favorite one is on 75 just above Knoxville and is right next to the Super Adult Emporium. I wasn't sure where to stop first so I just kept driving.

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Did they ever rebuild BBJ?

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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He looks kind of portly there. Seriously, I can't place it, but he's definitely looking "soft" there. Probably what they were going for, rather than a harsh/scary looking one that was there before.

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Rebuilt is sort of used loosely here. BBJ is gone. 'Hug me' Jesus/'Five Dollar Footlong' Jesus is the replacement.

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The thing that makes Five Dollar Footlong Jesus less impressive than Big Butter Jesus is the scale.

Both statues are roughly the same size, but BBJ was depicted from the waist up. FDFJ is that same height for his whole body giving the impression that he's much less imposing.


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So having the tallest cross is a big deal now? Are there really people competing for this title? My belief in Jesus is better than your belief in Jesus?


Jesus is too big to ride Top Thrill Dragster.

Actually, Kause it is " My belief in Jesus is bigger than your belief in Jesus. ;)

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Yeah, but who is the most conservativey? Isn't that what counts these days?

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Besides, nobody except cross enthusiasts travels to see the biggest cross. The GP just goes to their local cross, completely unaware of the larger crosses in other parts of the country. They should have just gotten B&M to build a compact cross and not worried about all the record breaking and -est marketing.

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I was hoping Intamin would build it, so that it could turn into the world's largest God's Eye after it required a web of tension cables to remain standing.

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Andy wins.

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--Fran Lebowitz

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Jesus was a dark-skinned middle-Eastern socially-progressive socialist.

Not sure who the "Dirty South" is worshipping, because Ayn Rand looks nothing like Jesus.

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