Geauga Lake wood coasters listed for sale

I was pointed towards the Martin & Vleminckx website where I noticed that Villain, Wolf Bobs and Big Dipper have all been listed for sale. Not sure what to make of this, just posting for those interested.
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Some pretty damning evidence that we're not going to see these rides at any CF park. Plus Villain and RWB would be sold without trains.

This does not look good at all. :(

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I wonder why the style of that page is so markedly different from the site they've maintained for years. Not only does the logo seem a bit more--oh, let's say, professional--it seems a bit less generous with the exclamation points.

Of course, the phone numbers listed for the company execs can readily be lifted from their own information page. But you might find them just a bit on the busy side...I have no idea why.



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Maybe Knoebels can save another SBNO coaster (or 3)?

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I figured that at least the Villain would be moved.
Would the real M & V please stand up?

Ya'll are probably too young to remember that. Anyway, me thinks the real M & V ain't gonna be too happy with the impostors.

I never even considered the differences between the sites. Interesting observation. I guess it could be a hoax, but maybe M&V is selling these rides separate from its normal operation? Could there be a reason for a different site and a different approach altogether?
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The website is a fake. All DNS WhoIs information is just pulled from the actual MV website. The WhoIs does not match the true and real MV WhoIs, which it would if real.

Even the registrants contact, billing, etc. e-mail address is pointed to an invalid e-mail account.

Also, registrant date for the domain is November 5, 2007. How convenient.

Case closed. Fake website.

Why would anyone believe also that it would be left to Martin & Vleminckx to sell the rides? They are construction consultants, not resellers.

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Beats me.

But when I look at the site you linked to, I can only hear multicolored triangular flags flapping in the Saturday morning breeze as somebody in a multi-checked sport coat runs up to overshake my hand.

"Coasters-Coasters-COASTERS!!! Bring in a coaster car, a coaster wheel, hell even a bolt from a bent and we'll give you three thousand dollars off a slightly used coaster!"

I just can't imagine a company with such an obviously well-cultivated and recently maintained web presence shoveling up such a visual pratfall.

Just my overly noisy two cents.

(who congratulates Shaun for deflating all my one-liners:))

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NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Except that the dude behind the fake website also owns this website - which has been around since 2000.

The plot thickens. :)

Like I said, I didn't even question the validity of the site when it was pointed out to me. It's been years since I've dropped by the actual M&V website and wouldn't remember what it looked like unless it was brought to my attention (which is was). Now that it's been proven a fake, I'm trying to figure out why someone would do something like that. What could possibly be accomplished?

...however... I wouldn't put it past M&V to act as a broker for a wood coaster sale. Didn't they already do that once or twice before, maybe with the Thunder Eagle coaster? Or am I confusing the facts?

Just the fact that the fake website is linking to should give you a red flag. Big businesses would not do that.

I like this line:
"Big Dipper is all wood coaster with original nostalgic trains and ready for dismantling."

What company selling a product would put "nostalgic trains"?

It might be worth pointing out that the logo used on the "fake" website can also be found on the "official" website.

Scroll down to "Family Wood Coaster."

I'm not claiming that proves anything either way.

All it proves is that they spent a few minutes lifting images from the web site they were trying to spoof.

Occam's Razor would suggest that there is no reason for M&V to register a completely new domain name just to start acting as a broker. They have a perfectly good web page already.

I never noticed that page before. Interesting how many of the coasters are TGG designs. I didn't realize M&V was a broker for the company?
TGG doesn't build, they design. M&V erects for a great many people.

Besides, compare the amount of detail on that page to the quick-and-dirty RCDB links on the page in question. Does that scream 'glaring inconsistency' to anyone? But then again, why dither with details when you can just ring the company principals on their cell phones?



NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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What in the wide world of sports is the motivation to create a fake website appearing to sell the wooden coasters from GL?

What a nerd.

That's what I'm saying. I'm trying to look at it from a number of different angles but it's not making any sense. I guess someone with way too much free time?
Scratch my last post...

I just got word that FairPlay (listed on the official M&V website and linked to by Gonch a few posts up) were contacted and are indeed handling the sale of the Geauga Lake wood coasters. Chuck Bingham of M&V confirmed it as well. The website is not a hoax.

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