Geauga Lake auction dates 6/17 & 6/18

Read it and weep-

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This sucks. I really wanted to go, but it's during ACE's Coaster Con and I'll be in Georgia.

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What a coincidence. lets see how many ACErs show up to disrupt the action.
I dunno... if it comes down to making a statement or riding coasters, I'm pretty sure I know what the majority of ACErs will do...
I meant that Cedar Fair is having the auction when any 'anti-park' closing folks would be protesting. Not sure how it would play out to the tune of multi-tv crews on site and people getting their 2-cents in on what is right and wrong.

Agent Johnson said:What a coincidence. lets see how many ACErs show up to disrupt the action.

Thats total B.S and you know it. I've attended a couple and bought things, Most ACER's or coaster buffs are there for memorabilia and preservation and are generally better mannered than most of the other attendees.

. Auctions are just that and its not always about rides. It's not only open for other parks, buisnesses but to everyone (Unless otherwise specified)

When I went to the CCI auction, You could get good makita drills and tools that cost 300 bucks or more for ten bucks.

I encourage parks and amusement companies to go and bid, A crate of ten thousand track pins for wood coasters at the CCI auction went for 75 bucks. It was worth five times that much in scrap value to which one park told me. WE WERE SO BUSY SETTING UP that we couldn't make it but now were sorry we didn't.

A lifthill motor that probably cost 20 grand went for 2grand, brand spankin new.

Yeah, It may take two days but if there are things you need. Saving thousands of dollars is well worth it.

Also some things are destined not to be resold or have no valued used to any park. Whats wrong with someone buying in the name of preservation.

Sometimes AJ you sure know how to press the right buttons.

As far as the auction, I think there may be some rides in reserve as several were not replaced after the SFO expansion. (Flying Scooters,Rotor ect.)

Chuck, who says Norton lots some things but also sell a lot individually. If theres no interest then they'll combine lots. *** Edited 3/14/2008 2:09:22 PM UTC by Charles Nungester***

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Geez, with just the stuff Norton has auctioned off in the past few years, we could've set up three or four parks.

...and considering the abundance of John Miller rides available, we could almost build our own Kennywood. Sad... :(

I wonder what's left for sale?
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ACE people, while a little over the top, have generally been very respectable in front of the media and played the game well with regards to not undercutting their own efforts.

And to suggest someone in Sandusky is scheduling auctions around ACE conference schedules is hilarious. When did you join the X-Files believers, AJ?

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Is there somewhere you can find out what they are auctioning off ?
It's hard to believe that we were at GL almost to the day of the auction dates last year. I know it's hard to look at this way, but four parks have benefitted from the shutdown and three of those parks will probably see a lot more clicks at the turnstiles this year.

CoasterDaddy said:Is there somewhere you can find out what they are auctioning off ?

Norton ususally post a PDF of the stuff at least 30 days prior. Truth is, They don't know yet, They've just been hired to hold the auction and have no info yet on the lots they are selling.


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Jeff said:
And to suggest someone in Sandusky is scheduling auctions around ACE conference schedules is hilarious. When did you join the X-Files believers, AJ?

Nice...Make it uncool to see beyond what's told to you. Make it funny. Make it silly to believe that a giant corporation can't come up with a plan.

Weather it's true or not, it doesn't hurt to look at it and try to understand it.

What's hilarious is that people fall for misdirection and slight-of-hand every time.

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The beauty of conspiracy is that if you don't believe it then you're in on it. :)

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Looking at the norton website, I found this carousel:

Being sold as one parcel ONLY....OMG, I need a bib. With some fantastical luck, we might actually end up with a third brass-ring carousel here in the States...

That carousel operated for about 75 years at Hansen's Park in Harvey's Lake, PA near my hometown. It eventually ended up at Old Town in Kissimmee for a few years before moving to the marketplace where the auction will be held.

There was a recent piece in my local paper (from what my father was reading to me) of a group of locals trying to find someone to buy the carousel and move it back home and find a place to operate it in PA. I wish them luck.

- Jeff

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I'm just amazed that there is an auction agency that seems to specialize in attractions.
They've been doing this as long as I can remember.
What's up with bashing ACE?? I mean - how many coaster geeks/sites, etc., if ACE weren't one of the groups to get the ball rolling years ago...

I mean, all of us, as people (and ESPECIALLY *speak of the devil* as corporations), do things that may be wrong in the eyes of others.

If I'm gonna bash anyone it's gonna be Cedar Fair for crappy decisions and for the increasing homogenization/dumbing/erasing history transformations that they are doing to their parks.

If a bunch of ACE members (and Coasterbuzz, etc. members) show up and throw a stink - good for them for standing up and voicing their opinions. SURE, of there are better ways of getting your point across.

Being a loudmouth (to me) is better than being an Americanized lemming and just going with the whole 'well its life, it's reality' crap.

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I atteneded the Wyandot Lake aution in November of 2006, and I said to one of the guys "I hope I never have to see you auctioning Geauga Lake"

Sounds like I had bad feelings then about my poor park.

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