Gay Marriage at Cedar Point: Please help us!

Greetings friends!

Cedar Point is holding a contest ( for couples to be married at the park on 9/13. My fiancé Scott (@KeniScott) would love to be selected, but Tony Clark (@TonyClarkCP) has refused to accept our submission due to Ohio's stance against same-sex marriage.

We both adore CP and our time shared at that magical place. Being married there (even if just a commitment ceremony) would mean the world to us. I love it so much, I even featured many photos of us at the park in a website I created as an anniversary present for Scott: | The Photo Love Story of Scott & Eric.

Please tweet @TonyClarkCP and @CedarPoint to ask for equal rights in their wedding contest.

My Twitter handle is @ericjmorrison. Thank you so very much!

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It's not Tony's fault conservatives in this country have continued to deny marriage and its inherent rights as part of our pursuit of happiness. And the conservative moral and religious arguments are totally bogus. There was a protest a few years ago in New York, I can't remember if in Albany or NYC. A woman journalist had her lover with her, and they asked for a marriage license. They were denied by the clerk. She then grabbed a man in the crowed who she had never met and asked if THEY could get a marriage license. The clerk said yes. HOW MESSED UP IS THAT?!

Just as the struggle for equality for many minority groups has been long and difficult, we have to keep fighting to win people over to the belief that being LGBTQ is not an immoral perversion. Rather than tweet and email Tony, contact your state and federal representatives and senators. I think it would be great if we were at a time where you could get married in a public ceremony at Cedar Point, but I also understand that they could be wary about ignorant conservatives stirring up a controversy and even a small boycott over CP performing gay weddings. And I don't think that makes Tony or others at CF management anti-gay, just afraid of the bad publicity it might bring.

Go find yourself a Private Hall and a Government Official. Leave the Churches to Christians (Who I believe will "Disappear") Soon and the Amusement Parks to Families.

PS. When us Christians Vanish, be afraid, be VERY AFRAID!

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

Would I love to be "legally" married in Ohio? Absolutely. But, I'm realistic and know that is not legal as of this contest. However, a commitment ceremony is certainly possible and should be eligible for this contest. Plus, Cedar Fair should rightfully stand in support of the LGBT community given how many LGBT employees they have.

What does the law have to do with lifetime commitments? We could still participate without it being legally binding, because it would be binding to us. It would be our commitment made to each other for our lives, in a place that is very special to us both, which is more important than what a piece of paper says.

By taking this stance, Cedar Fair is harming their image to a great deal of people as the support for same-sex marriage increases. I sincerely hope they allow Scott and I to take part in a commitment ceremony at the place we both adore so very much.

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I feel your pain etrainimac, but, I don't think anything you try is going to get you and your partner married at Cedar Point for this particular event. You have to keep in mind, that this is a publicity stunt being held by the park, and they will most likely make it into a media event. I'm not a Cedar Fair PR man, but, I think they base their decisions chain wide, and a gay couple getting married at one of their events would be a media circus.

I don't think, you, or the park, wants that kind of publicity. I'm curious though, if this would be something that you could do during Cedar Points gay days. I'm not sure if ceremonies are performed in the park during that time, as I have only been to 1 gay day there, and really don't know much about it. Actually their gay day didn't seem any different than any other day at the park, other then the abundance of thousands of rainbow colored shirts, and a larger number of hot looking men in the park then usual.

Cedar Point is certainly not Anti Gay, as a lot of gay people work there. I know several guys who have worked there. But the Cedar Fair Company might be. And, they have to answer to possible anti gay stock holders. So, I think you are up against a brick wall. Though, you may want to contact the management department of Cedar Point, and see if you can do this marriage outside of the event. If that is what you really want. All they can do is say no.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Oh my.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

If you agree that a commitment ceremony should be counted in the contest, please tweet @TonyClarkCP and @CedarPoint to ask for equal rights in their wedding contest.

I'm not asking for a legal marriage, just to be allowed to at least be considered for the contest with a commitment ceremony. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you for your support!

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Oh my.

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I was going to suggest going to Disney. They have HUGE gay day events. I have also heard that the wet and wild water park down in Orlando has an RSVP party, that is open only to GLBT. Where they have huge dance parties, similar to the white parties in Miami and Palm Springs. Where it is just packed. But, it's not cheap, and you have to buy reserve tickets to be able to get in.

There are many bars and clubs that are involved in the event, who have their own events outside of the water park. Along with a list of hotels where you can buy a "pass" that includes all the events, including lodging. Again. Not cheap.

I would very much like to go on an RSVP cruise. I heard some of the bigger ships have anywhere from 3,000 to 3,500 on board, with parties every night, and big name entertainers. Not only performing, but guests on the ship as well. Some friends of mine went on one, and Rosie O'donnel was doing stand up, also Neil Patrick Harris, and Harvey Firestein were on board. That would be pretty cool to meet them. My partner met Harvey Firestein. Said he was very nice, though a little fem.

Not sure if you can get married on a gay cruise. But, don't see why not.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

Regulus said:
Go find yourself a Private Hall and a Government Official. Leave the Churches to Christians (Who I believe will "Disappear") Soon and the Amusement Parks to Families.

PS. When us Christians Vanish, be afraid, be VERY AFRAID!

I wish you would disappear.

No one here is asking to visit your church let alone get married there. Marriage equality is a civil right, not a religious one. You're entitled to your belief, but as a gay person who considers himself a Christian I find your intolerance appalling.

And as for leaving amusement parks to families, I can't think of a more ridiculous statement. Be sure to include childless couples when you determine what's best for everyone at the park. This is not the first time you've attempted to insert your bigotry into the discussion, and I can't speak for everyone here, but I personally am not having it. I'm not letting you slide this time without calling you out. Shame on you.

etrainimac, I feel for you. I always joke and say the biggest obstacle to gay marriage is getting someone to ask you, but when I read a story like yours I'm reminded of the obstacles we still face. And I'm disheartened when responders here try to tell you what you should and should not want.

The sad fact for you is that Ohio remains a non right to marry state and I'm afraid all the notes and tweets to Mr. Clark won't prevent them from hiding behind it. They just don't want the hassle. But I'm glad to try for you, and good luck, sirs.

If this should work out in your favor, let me know. I'll dance at your wedding.

Regulus, with all due respect, I am very afraid...of Christians who espouse the sentiments you just posted.

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I'm always slightly amused at how much democrats hate republicans for hating gay people. It's like an endless circle of hate!

But Cedar Point is not the state of Ohio, and whether or not gays can get legally married there should not be an issue for the park. I find it to be a stupid excuse on the part of park management and have tweeted both accounts as you requested.


I do feel the need to comment in general... in 2004, I was present at the Cedar Fair, LP meeting at the Sandusky State Theatre unit holder meeting. A unit holder questioned Richard Kinzel on Fathers Day, and what he was going to do to return it to families. After trying to figure out what the unit holder was talking about, Richard stood firm and said that Cedar Fair welcomed all, without question.

Note: I have chosen not to use Kinzel's chosen nickname so as to avoid this turning into a joke post, it was a serious moment in a serious meeting and he did stand up.

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I think it would be wonderful if Cedar Point showed their support of gay marriage by finally allowing Mean Streak and Blue Streak to officially wed. Those poor guys have been forced to suppress their love for one another all of these years. Which is even more tragic because nobody else loves them.

Then after the honeymoon, tear them down.

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This is a tough one for me personally, both as a gay man and as someone with many friends who work at Cedar Fair. Internally I know the level of support there is for LGBT employees so I don't view this as wanton discrimination on the part of Cedar Point to not allow a gay or lesbian couple to participate, I think they are simply following Ohio law as it currently stands. Having said that, I personally never would have created a PR event right now that involved "marriage" when we all know the culture of our country is rapidly changing on this issue and inevitably the denial of marriage rights to same-sex couples would come up. One of the earliest definitions of public relations is "a management function, which tabulates public attitudes, defines the policies, procedures, and interests of an organization... followed by executing a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance." On this level, public attitudes have rapidly changed even though laws have not kept up and it clearly is hard for Cedar Point to earn the understanding and acceptance of the LGBT community when we are denied access to a PR special event.

For me, the bigger issue is where does corporate Cedar Fair stand in 2013 as a public company on equality issues for LGBT employees? Have they yet enacted many of progressive policies of other forward-thinking companies such as those outlined in the HRC Corporate Equality Rating Index:

If not, my next question would be what is Cedar Fair waiting for? The company is a billion plus dollar entertainment company earning record profits. Let's be honest with ourselves and acknowledge the significant amount of LGBT employees, both full and part-time, who have made significant contributions to the company over many decades yet never received the benefits or opportunities of their heterosexual peers. The time is now for this issue to be acknowledged as well as addressed. I am fully confident in the leadership of the company to make this happen...if only it were brought to their full attention.

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sws said:

I think it would be wonderful if Cedar Point showed their support of gay marriage by finally allowing Mean Streak and Blue Streak to officially wed. Those poor guys have been forced to suppress their love for one another all of these years.

Uh....they're father and son....

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Well then, that's just plain wrong on every level....

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CP has done a good job all these years not having to take sides on gay issues. Simply saying they welcome all. And not making Fathers' Day an "official" gay day, but we all know what it is.

So now I find it interesting that they are holding this event and therefore forcing the park to make a stand on the issue. Surely they saw this coming. They can't stay neutral any longer.

Oh, and TimberRider, puh-leeze, where is your head? I'm going to to out on a limb here and suggest that Scott and Eric are not so interested in Disney, their gay days, their packed dance parties, RSVP cruises, Rosie O'Donnell, unusual amounts of hot men, or Harvey Fierstein even though he may be fem. Their focus, clearly, is on Cedar Point and their desire to have a commitment ceremony at that place they love.

BTW, I plan to have my ashes scattered at the park, which they probably also frown upon. The good news is I won't be around for anyone to tell me no.

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