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If its not broken, don't touch it.

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Nice to see the midcourse brake doesn't seem to slow the train at all. Not because I care how fast the ending is, but because I didn't want to hear the inevitable enthusiast whining about it.

BTW, your left side link links to the right side POV.

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May just be the way the audio was recorded, but it sounds like the track is filled with B&M's sound-dampening material. Maybe the typical B&M roar was going to be too loud for the front gate or ticket booths?

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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I didn't even notice the midcourse (or the almost end course) on my first lap. It surprisingly doesn't interfere with the pace of the ride. Quite honestly, after six inversions, you could almost use a break (brake?) at that point.

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Jeff, I didn't see any kind of review from you. What did you think of GK? Looks like a very nice ride.

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It is. I'll write more about it later... I don't wanna give it all away. :)

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"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

Hey Jeff, I contributed some pictures to coasterbuzz, and I want to make sure I did it right. Are you the person I should be asking that to? I PM'd you, but maybe it was the wrong Jeff I sent it too. lol

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Tyler, isn't there only one Jeff? I don't think you should have posted that though. Just a PM would probably been fine.

Based on the topic, do you think the GP will be excited about this ride? I think it's the stats and how it appears over Cedar Point's entrance really sells it to the crowds.

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If the crowds at Great America last summer were any indication, people are going to be VERY excited about it.

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Wow it's so much huger looking in the povs than it was in the renderings! So is this the best new coaster for 2013? Seems like there's three or four other contenders for that spot, what a great year.

I think Gatekeeper with be most popular but I've heard Outlaw's Run was pretty wicked.

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The weird thing is that the ride looks smaller in person, at least, the part near the gate. The corkscrew to the turn-around is a fairly compact space. You feel it on the ride.

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I forget how narrow the peninsula is there at the main gate. I think what surprised me most during the POV was seeing Blue Streak's turnaround right next to Gatekeeper's.

Holy crap. From the description of the queue I pictured a long, narrow space under the sail cloth shades by the beach, and that would be it. But an on-ride right seat view reveals what looks like acres and acres of waiting space with row after row of metal rails between there and the ride itself. Of course, tv makes everything seem bigger, right? Sheesh.

I'm so grateful for a crack at a few rides during media day...

The actual ride looks so close to the animated renderings, which seem to have gotten better and better over recent years, well, starting with Maverick I suppose. I don't know anything about engineering or that type of modeling, but it always amazes me how they get it so right.

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The amount of queue space has nothing to do with how long the wait is. Queue or not, if people want to wait, they're going to wait. That said, I would describe the space as being about the same, if not a little less, compared to the space of the Millennium Force queue. And the going theory is that this ride will move more people. Initially at least, they think it compares in dispatch interval to Raptor. As of last week, the biggest variable they haven't felt out yet is with regard to people traffic on and off the trains. The space looks wider than what they had at Dollywood, which created traffic jams, so I'm optimistic. Oh, and no loose articles. Keep your crap in a locker or in your car!

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I've actually found that queue space does have an impact (after the first few weeks) on whether people wait or not. If the queue is spilling out into the midway, many more people will look at it and immediately turn away, regardless of the posted wait time.

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The one thing I'm worried about GateKeeper that will totally ruin the ride for me is whether or not it has any of that force-related leg pain I get on Mantis. I've only had this issue with B&M's, and the only 2 I can recall having it are Mantis and Batman (which I rode at Great Adventure). That sensation is just awful for me. Please don't have it, GateKeeper.

Jeff, are you saying that no loose articles is going to be CP's policy for Gatekeeper or are you passing along common sense advice? On a related note, are there bins in the station for loose articles and, if so, are they of the lockable bin or shelf variety?

I'm pretty sure CP doesn't have the bins in the station. They don't have them for MF, TTD, or Maverick. I just place my stuff on top of the lockers.

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