Funeral services for teen killed at SFOG and a problem.

Don't read into the title to much. I feel for the family and friends of this young man as he gets put to rest and here is the article for that.

SFOG accident.

I have a problem with the final paragraph of this 3 paragraph part in the article.

Although fencing and signs around the park meet state standards, the state Labor Department is now requiring Six Flags to increase the number and size of warning signs.

The message on these signs should include the words "extreme danger" and must be erected within 10 days of the ride's reopening.

The park must also enhance its fencing within 120 days. Whether that means higher fences or a different type of barrier will be left up to the park, said Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond.

So the park must enhance its fencing, but the park can decide what they see fit as to enhancing it? If a government entity enforces something on you, wouldn't you want them to tell how it should be done if they are forcing it on you? This seems so Mickey Mouse. *** Edited 7/4/2008 6:41:10 AM UTC by Chitown***

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

This is just politicians trying to get re-elected. If the kid didn't care about the RESTRICTED AREA signs, or the first 6' fence or about the DANGER ZONE! signs and the SECOND 6' FENCE, I don't think he would have cared what the sign said.

Gun-posts are the only way.

If It Ain't Broke, It Must Be Fixed

What the Ghost said, Something bad happened because of the dudes own critical mistake so SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!

No it doesn't! They just want to be seen as doing something Which in turn is going to cost the park much more than just the bad publicity it got from this incident that was no fault of their own.

I loved how at first it was described as small chain fence that he jumped over. Make someone a victim if you want it to be news worthy.

Chuck, who quite honestly feels no sympathy for the person killed. His family and friends and even SFOG yes.
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Mind field and moat before you get to fence 1. Fire Put before fence 2.

Changing the word on the sign is just a pointless useless thing. Why not just make the sign say, if you jump this fence your a complete and udder moron. Then if you jump the second fence it should say. You my friend are a idiot and deserve to be run over by a rollercoaster.


Well, then we would have people sueing when their loved ones get burned, blown up, and have their inteliagance insulted.

Still think velociraptors and a moat full of piranahs would be better...

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^Well there go the flame throwers on X2, they are going to go to protecting people from jumping over the fence.

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I feel sorry for the family. This young man made an incredibly poor decision, but he paid the ultimate price. There's no need to add to the suffering.

Yet I can't help but think that the state's increased requirement for this ride to re-open somehow tends to make people to think the previous measures were insufficient. Likely to lead people to place more of the burden for responsibility on the park, isn't it? At some parks, a 3' high wooden fence with a sign that says "employees only" suffices as a deterrent.

Look at this picture, and look at this fence. Wow. I can't believe it that they have that cheap of a fence for an amusement park.

Sure, the guy shouldn't have went in that area, but just think about how many people might jump into that area even late at night. They should have a barbed wire fence. This is an amusement park, and I don't trust people.

I was just looking at my pictures from Over Texas, and they need a barbed wire fence too. There fence looks higher than Over Georgia, but still. I just don't trust people from not going over the fences.

Is it Over Georgia's fault for this happening? Absolutely not, but I think they should have barbed wire fences to protect themselves from people climbing into the park. I think new fences is a good thing, and they should have had them already.

Get Ready. Get Set. Spinout! Six Flags America: The Park that is Full of Disappointments

Spinout said:
Look at this picture, and look at this fence. Wow. I can't believe it that they have that cheap of a fence for an amusement park.

Actually, that's a pretty good fence to have. It's not a chain link fence that can easily be scaled. You have a good 4-5 feet between the bottom rung and the top rung, so you can't find firm footing to scale over. You also have the exposed points at the top to deter those able to get over. It's also more aesthetically appealing than barbwire.

The only thing suspect I see in that fence picture is the positioning of the trash can, as it can be used to hurdle over the fence.

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It's an amusement park, not a prison. It doesn't matter how the fence is enhanced, if someone is dead set on getting over it, they will. There are plenty of other fences in other parks that are designed to keep people out of restricted areas that are just as easy or even easier to jump.

What about flume rides? You can pretty much walk into a danger zone from the queue and drown, but people don't. Why, because they think about consequences of their actions.

The fence is not the reason he was killed.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

Plain and simple...the state/government realizes "Look..SFOG followed the book word by word"

It looks as if they are "suggesting" improvement, but if the park has met state/federal rules, the government can't come in and say "change this now". Of course, if they amended the law; the park would then have to, but that scenario would look a little fishy to me.

It's what I stated in another post..."If there's a will, there's a way" for some people. Add some signs, change some fencing and I bet someone *may* try to climb it again, whether it be to find a quick way into the park or to retrieve a lost article.

There was also an article saying that they had to post security outside the perimeter while the changes take place...but wouldn't you need that for all the coasters then? Who knows if someone will climb over another fence.

For instance, I don't know how the line functions for S:UF at SFOG, but I know at SFGAm, I used to see people hope the queue to throw a ball around to pass the time (not so much this season with the loose article policy); but they are unaware that they are in a ride restricted area.

im surprised the dept didnt make them put it in brail
My question is WHY OH WHY would they do a viewing for the funeral? Ew! Who would want to see that? Horrible.

I like the moat of pirahnas and the velociraptors as well. ;)

I'm telling you, SF couldn't do barbed wire or razor wire because some moron would climb over that, get tetanus, end up with some kind of secondary infection, have a limb cut off, and then sue Six Flags for THAT. Really the only thing they CAN do is put higher fences and warning signs up. It might not make a difference, but what else can be done?

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Now will they be able to sub out the word "extreme" and make it "Xtreme danger"? Perhaps they should add fog, flame throwers, and music between the fences and the second fence should be "Xtreme Danger 2 - Danger to the second power". Sorry if I'm making light of this too much, but I just don't understand how the state really believes that a sign saying extreme danger instead of just danger is going to solve anything.

The fact of the matter is, with all things, if a person wants to do something, they will. In this case they did. I think it sucks for SFOG because now all the press is saying that the ride is closed for a longer period of time pending the state investigation, making it seem as if there is park error. Then when the state is telling them they have to make changes, it again points to park error. In reality there was no park error but what is the general public seeing?

Had this person not gotten in the way of the train, he would have ended up in jail facing felony charges...

You guys remember those robot sentries from Robocop? Those might work...

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^LOL.the ED-209 would work so long as there aren't any steps.

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


True. If i recall, they tried using those hunks of junk as hall monitors on a episode of Family Guy.

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I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

Here comes the razorwire.
It has been said so many times already, nothing was going to stop him from jumping two fences. When the changes are made make the new sign simple. Jumping this fence will result in your death. Extreme danger means death.

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