Friends in coaster clubs?

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I was at my local Campground over the weekend, and I discovered that a couple of my friends belong to a coaster club. (Not sure which one) They told me they are going to Canada's Wonderland to ride Leviathan in a couple weeks. They are also Cedar Fair season pass holders.

We discussed the various pricing options, and I asked them what their views were on Fastlane. They said that they would not have to worry about that, because their group will be getting exclusive ride time. (Lucky) Neither of them have been to Canada's Wonderland before, so I told them about it, and they are very excited about going.

We also discussed Michigan's Adventure, and how they both loved Shivering Timbers. They said they had also been to a few Timbersfests, and I was surprised when they told me that the last Timbersfests was cancelled, and that they weren't having one this year. (Cedar Fair decision I'm sure.)

It's pretty cool to find someone that shares your interests. Maybe, the next time I see them, we'll form a car pool and go to Great America for X-flight. Or, maybe go to Holiday World. I'll ask them next time I see them.

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I know a couple people who belong to a club. I think it's called CoasterBuzz Club or something.

Cool story, bro.

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Timbersfest was a park run event. Though, I'm not sure what kind of numbers it drew as they were always holding it very close to ACE convention. That probably didn't help. I doubt Cedar Fair would have had anything to do with it. But, if the event wasn't drawing people in, the park may have decided to just cut it.

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I will also ask them if they know about this website. They seem to be pretty up on coaster news. They said that they went to Cedar Point last summer, and rode Top Thrill Dragster for the first time. One loved it, and the other got sick. They also said they didn't bother with Windseeker. They love the coasters but don't like the spinning rides. I would have went on Windseeker, but I don't care for Max Air, the restraint system is horrible. Went on it once, and that was enough for me.

As for Timbersfest. I'm not really that surprised that the park wouldn't want to have it anymore. You can only stretch out a coaster's popularity for so long before it gets tired. If I recall, they usually had the event early in the season, and, usually when the water park was closed. I think if they held it in warmer weather, more people would be willing to attend. But, I haven't been to the event myself, so I'm just guessing.

Also, with so many great new coasters attracting the clubs, it would probably not be the draw it once was. And, since there is nothing else new to get excited about, why would anyone want to go. Same old...same old.

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Knoebels hasn't added a major coaster (not for lack of trying) in over a decade and yet remains one of the most popular events.

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The only clubs I know of are the ones they use on baby seals every time someone buys a fast pass.

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ApolloAndy said:

Knoebels hasn't added a major coaster (not for lack of trying) in over a decade and yet remains one of the most popular events.

Just last year they added a miner coaster...and a "short" one two years earlier.

Kneoebls is well situated for an enthuasiast event, able to draw people from many cities only 3-5 hours drive.

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Knoebels? Are they not the same park that has been building a flying turns coaster for how many years now? I looked at the park on line a few times, and it doesn't look that great to me. I think the main reason coaster fans are so happy with it, has more to do with keeping older coasters alive, and not the park in general. Phoenix and Twister is about all there is.

It reminds me a lot of Michigan's Adventure. A couple of decent wooden coasters, and a lot of carnival style rides. Obviously there is a bit more nostalgia there, and better landscaping. But, I don't see the attraction. I would be more interested in going to Holiday World or Dollywood. Also isn't it a pay as you go park?

I just made an attempt to go to the Knoebel's website, and it never loads. Some box about a carousel tour comes up, and kills the page dead.

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Knoebels would be ten times what Michigan's Adventure is with half the rides. People love it because Phoenix is an amazing ride, the food is outstanding and the parking is free.

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Knoebel's is a special place and I'd much rather spend an afternoon there than most anywhere else, given the chance. Their bumper cars and flyers are BY FAR my two favorite non-coaster attractions anywhere on the planet.

But you're proving my point - enthusiasts, the GP and reporters love Knoebel's in spite of the fact that their current big project has taken 5 years and shows no signs of actually being finished. People don't love, visit, or pay the park to build big coasters (the exact opposite scenario as SFWoA with the exact opposite result....Hmmmmm......).

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Timber-Rider said:

I looked at the park on line a few times, and it doesn't look that great to me. 

Yeah. I looked at the Grand Canyon a couple times on Google maps and it kind of sucks. People must like it so much because they preserve the natural rocks and stuff.

It reminds me a lot of Michigan's Adventure.

There's a surprise.

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Timber-Rider, you just have to visit Knoebel's. It's not going to make sense to you without going. It's like a preserved part of amusement park history. It's really great if you would give it a chance.

Now that I think about it, I didn't like Knoebel's on my first visit because it wasn't what I was expecting. I didn't like the gravel with trees growing out of it, and the temporary look of some of the rides. If you go in expecting a smaller Six Flags or smaller Hersheypark, you might not enjoy it. You might feel ripped off. If you go understanding that you stepped back in time and are experiencing an old fashioned park from your grandparent's era, you might find if fascinating.

The two wood coasters are amazing. The dark ride is one of the all-time best, with some very clever scares. The sky lift has one of the most intense views you'll ever see. Some of the flat rides are unique and very rare.

...Plus, the food is really good and reasonably priced.

Go during PPP (Pheonix Phall Phestival). I guarantee you'll enjoy it, even if it is raining. :)

I was gonna mention the ride-thru haunted house and sky-ride, but Krause beat me.

I dunno if it's still nthere, but they have (had?) a ride I love that's not seen much anymore..a Satellite/Bullet/Whatever. I think Kennywood removed theirs.

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Mike Gallagher said:

... Krause beat me.

I only beat you to it because I stayed up 'till the buttcrack of dawn. lol

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I'll be seeing friends from no less than six different "coaster clubs" tomorrow...

To quote Bart Scott: "Can't wait!"

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Not to mention that Knoebel's has one of the best carousels around. Their bumper cars and flyers are amazing too. They may not have the most unique rides, they just do them better than other parks.

Yes, to the uninitiated, Knoebels may appear to be kind of meh, but it is loaded with charm and is probably the most peaceful amusement park you can go to on the east side of the country. Other people have mentioned the free parking, so yes, that is a perk as well, but the pay as you go option is awesome and a seriously good deal as well. You can go to Knoebels with two adults and two kids and if you're careful, you will spend less than a hundred bucks. Their junior coaster is actually a rough but fun little romp of a ride, both wooden coasters are classics, their flat rides are great no matter the age group, and the FEELING of this park is fantastic. Imagine just walking onto a campground in the middle of the woods and finding an entire amusement park. You can't get much cooler than that. And I also have to give props to their bumper cars (like everyone else), not to mention their kickass tea cups and an in the dark musik express (although it is called something else). The first time I went there, I was dreading it, and now I can't wait until the next time I can go back. Oh, and you can't beat a water ride with the biggest splash ever and with a name like Skloosh.

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