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Saw this on the Cedar Point website this evening. The main banner on the front page is saying that with purchase, you get a free Cedar Point Map. I'm not sure if it shows Maverick on there or not, but I would think that it would, unless they are trying to unload old ones. *** Edited 1/24/2007 5:28:12 AM UTC by ChicagoCoasterCub***

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Ummmm...don't most parks hand out a free map when you enter?
This one mentions free souvenir map, so it must be the big ones.
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Yeah. Lots of other parks do that. I got one from every SF park I visited last year for example.
They are from lsat year
I had to pay $5 for one at SFKK. :(

But I only had to pay $5 parking, soo...

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Moosh: That's the map that usually costs a buck or two. It has some kind of thicker laminate on it, and is suitable for putting on a wall. I used to buy one every year, and have some interesting ones from the 80's. Kind of forgot about it the last few years.

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It is a lot larget too
I got one when I got my Maverick T-shirt. No Maverick on the map. But I like it anyway. I might hang it on my wall, or just keep it with my SFA maps. And I love the shirt. *** Edited 1/24/2007 9:05:03 AM UTC by ilovethewildone***
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I also recieved one with a purchace this year. It is a 2006 map. And they have been advertising it since well before Christmas, because that's when I got mine.

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Purchase price on CP maps last year was $0.92, I believe. They are terrific maps. You get so much more detail than the smaller ones in the brochures. The best thing about collecting them year by year is the record of every tiny change the park made. I have them going back to 1999, and I wish I'd started earlier.

And keep in mind, those 2006 maps will never be printed again. They're officially collectibles.

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Jeff: I didn't pay a penny for any of the large, poster-size souvenir maps I got at any of the SF parks I visited last year. They were handed to me as I walked thru the gate.
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^ That's funny, I *only* got those when I paid for parking...

Gotta visit more parks with Moosh this summer, LOL.... ;)

^I only got them at the parking booths also, but last year was the first time Six Flags gave them out of free. At least the first time in many years.
5's not bad. In RCT 2 and 3 i charged 10 bucks each.

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Trust me... these aren't the same kind of map.

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Here's the map they gave us at SFGAdv. It's about 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. It's on heavier, glossy stock. (as you can see by the way my flash reflected off of the folds)

Just trying to clear up the debate. :)

So are they similar?

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Actually, yes. I never got anything that cool at a Six Flags park.

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They hand them out at the booth when you pay for parking these days.

I think it's supposed to take the sting out of that $15 charge. :)

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They GAVE those to you at the parking booths, where they collect your $15. Those SAME maps were for sale at all the parks for $5 apiece.

Being the ubergeek I am, I tried to buy the entire set of maps at SFEG, but NO ONE working there could find a set to sell (I think the set was like, 40 bucks, but the park was discounting EVERYTHING...another strong indication they knew the SF flags were coming down, LOL). They LOOKED, too, but not even the managers could locate one for me.

edit: Gonch beat me to the first part of my post...he's got fast hands...TYPING! ;)

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