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Why would CedarFair want to move X-Flight to PKI if they wanted to just give Geauga lake back another flyer from a different park? It just doesn't add up.

FSS isnt a flying coaster it's a single rail coaster that swings side to side and drenched in water. X-Flight on the other hand is a flying coaster.



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Yeah. I got it confuzed with Borg because someone said "take the Borg with you". Sorry. Pki had something simular to FSS only it was Scooby's Ghoster Coaster. Haha. Can't believe I did that. Oh-well.. *** Edited 8/15/2007 1:28:52 AM UTC by superflybri03***

If you go to the homepage for Carowinds, it still says "North and South Carolina's Themed Amusement Park" on the heading. At least in IE it does, anyway. And if you look up the thrill rides, it mentions how Thunder Road takes riders backward or forward through two states.

I don't think I was ever there pre-Paramount days! I remember my friends making a big deal about how if you stood in the middle of the brick pathway marking the state line, you were supposed to be in a "no-man's land".

I hope I get to ride FSS before they get rid of it, if they do.


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CatPurrson said:There's a brick pathway near the entrance gates where you can be in both states at the same time, and they mention that Thunder Road goes through both N. and S. Carolina.

Speaking of, one thing that pissed me off early on about Paramount was what they did to the state line running through the park.

Originally the line was gold plated and had a tile for every county in North and South Carolina. When Paramount bought Carowinds they immediately ripped up all the county tiles and replaced them with tiles for their movies. I always thought that was a really tacky move on their part, showing such disregard for not only the park's past but the region as a whole.

Near the end of the Paramount period it was actually more appropriate to call the park "Parawinds" because so much of the namesake "Caro" (as in Carolina) had been removed.

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Catpurrson are we neighbors? I live about 6 miles from Carowinds, just north of Lake Wylie.

We may be close to it soon-- tomorrow I'm moving to Rock Hill.

I bought a season pass for Carowinds back in December, before I even knew for sure that I'd be moving. I have yet to get it processed... LOL.

Maybe I'll see ya at the park!

Dukeis-- OUCH! That was a tacky thing for Paramount to do. Like I said, I hadn't been there before they took over-- I think my first time to the park was in 1990 or 1991, somewhere around there. Maybe a smart PR move on the part of Cedar Fair would be to either replace those tiles or to do something else similar to make note of all of the counties.

Is Borg really that bad? Seems like a lot of people really dislike it. FSS sure sounded like fun. Of course, that's the park's job: to make everything there sound like fun!


Cats, books, and roller coasters-- three of the best G-rated, calorie-free pleasures in life!

Personally I don't like the corkscrews on the Borg. I loved X Flight/Firehawk with the inline turns. Borg also takes so long to load/unload that the wait is too long. Its placement in the park destroyed a very nice island and sternwheeler boat ride. Lastly with the exception of the Borg sphere, Paramount thought that they could simply play the DVD extras from Star Trek First Contact on tvs in line and that would pass for Star Trek theming. The Star Trek frachise deserved better treatment.

Cat Rock Hill is about 10 miles away down I 77. I'm down Hwy 49. welcome to the area

Yes! More North Carolinians! My posts aren't far-fetched. And Lucky you two for living down the street from Carowinds. I actually Might go to Scarowinds when I visit NC again for the Fair in October.

As for FSS, it ALWAYS has long lines. I've ridden it once, but because it is in NC, and NC is no tropical paradise, it isn't exempt from the Southeastern heat. NC is always in drought, and we do anything to cool off. Why most from Raleigh make at least a trip a month to Emerald Point, Wet N Wild park.

The capacity of Borg isn't at all bad. It may seem it takes long than X-Flight, because it only has one loading platform, but because they ruin 2 trains, it keeps the line moving. X-flight, only ran 2 trains, if there was a need for it.

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I too would not be upset if Borg disappeared. The very first ride I took on it was my first flyer ride, and I thought it was fantastic. Every subsequent ride I've been bored by it, because it doesn't really do anything, and because it's not the most comfortable of rides. Capacity is pretty bad, I can't see how the ride moves more than 500-600 people an hour, if that. And John, you are correct, it destroyed what was a really cool island area, although it hadn't been used since Paramount took over, it could have been used for much better than it was.

However, despite it's suckiness, it remains one of the more popular rides in the park, at least amongst the common park-goers. From recent visits, it seems like this appeal is starting to wear off a bit, as I generally hear more positives about Top Gun again than I do about Borg, but nonetheless, it still holds a significant line when I've been there (although this could be because of the capacity?)

In short, remove Borg, install original design B&M hyper. Or just install original design B&M hyper, that'll work too.

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Question re: this type of ride. Wet-N-Wild had a Caripro Aquaflyer, and I was under the impression that Hard Rock was rejuvenating the ride as Slippery When Wet. Now I see on RCDB that SWW is listed as a Premier ride...did Premier *build* the ride for Hard Rock, or did they perform a (major?) transformation of the ride and are being credited for their work on the Caripro ride?

With decent capacity/reliability, this could turn out to be a much better attraction than it supposedly was in its former life...

The announcement has been made. The last day for Flying Super Saturator is Sept 3. No word yet on where it might be going.
I only rode it dry (on a cold late April weekend) and even then thought it was nice little ride. Be interesting to see where it lands...

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