Flashback to be refurbished?

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Seems until people actually see the ride being melted down like the T2, we'll have to keep hearing about (Flashback).

Don't hold your breath...it hasn't stopped people from asking about the infamous Drachen Fire

Guys, the answer is obvious, it's going to Michigan's Adventure... ;)
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^nor Wind Jammer, Moosh. ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

I have not been on this ride but I bowl with a guy who grew up in this park and loved Flashback. He also liked Psyclone.
I rode it in Georgia long before I became involved in paying more attention (enthusiast?) to what I was riding. I remember riding it more than once and not having a problem, but I don't really remember much about it. If I'd have known that it was THAT unique and that it would be one of ...THOSE... coasters that would not die here I'd have paid more attention!!


Hmm, I rode Drachen Fire too, both incarnations, and never had a problem with it. Of course, I'm now 200 pounds so maybe it would be a bit different...

You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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