Flashback to be refurbished?

I just got back from SFMM today. It was buy a day get a year free so when I went to the season pass office (right next to flashback) asked the worker who was taking my picture about it and she said that she heared her manager talking about them refurbishing it but didnt know anything else.

think this is true or not?

I hope not, they really need to just get rid of the ride. Unless they make it some kind of indoor themed attraction, I doubt it will have many riders and seems like a waste of money. Sell it to some small park that needs it.
It could be a really good ride if they got new cars refurbished it and cut back some of the trees.

When I was in lost and found (my cusion lost her hat) there was a painted picture of it with along line and the trees where all cut back. It looked really fun.

I'm sorry to inform you, but Flashback is a giant POS. There is nothing the park can do to repair, fix or mend a POS. Let it go. It will NEVER be a good ride.

I have always really liked this ride and have never understood all the haters.
it was horrible and painful at great america...

it was the same in ga...

when i rode it at magic mountain, it was great!

i dunno, but i think if they took off the shoulder bars (a la premier) it may be a good ride.

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J7G3 said:
i think if they took off the shoulder bars (a la premier) it may be a good ride.
I happen to agree with you, but only because I think that 90% of the issues with steel coasters are shoulder bars.

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Didn't Magic Mountain issue a press release that said it was going to be removed? Or, did they just say it wasn't going to operate this year?
^ They announced that it may be refurbed and relocated, or it may be dead. It will not reopen in its present location in the park, and I would be shocked if it reopened anywhere.

^^ and ^^^ I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the OTSR's on Flashback are necessary due to tight clearances.

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The layout is fine, but the whole structure would have to be redone with higher clearances, it seems, to allow for lapbars. Or perhaps they could add high sides to the cars and cover them with a roof. ;)

It's a shame Intamin didn't take the design further and come up with a lap-bar model. I think it's a great ride concept.

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^ LoCoFlashBack? ;)
And here I thought we'd seen the end of the Flashback threads. ;)

Seems until people actually see the ride being melted down like the T2, we'll have to keep hearing about it.

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Oh no. That won't be the end. Then there will be the "Whatever happened to Flashback?" threads, as well as the "Why didn't Intamin ever make anymore spacedivers?" threads.

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^What time does Kennywood close? :)

Thread to be refurbished...

I think that I would rather see SFMM use the money it would take to refurbish this and put the money elsewhere.

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^where would they put it the rest of the park seems to already have major improvements. I think it might go where psyclone was and the area where it is now an extention to the loonietoons kids zone place.

Also where the Season pass office is is exactly next to the entrance of the ride and it looks aweful espacialy scense its connected to the season pass office.

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Invest the money in Revolution and Colossus.

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Well revolution's solution is simple. Remove the redundant OTSR's and trim brakes. Colossus is kinda tricky..

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I say! Convert it into a B&M Flyer.
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It sounds simple. but apparently it's not.

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