Favorite Night Coasters?

Which coasters do you guys think really changes at night?

For me....I have to say my top five....( That Iv'e done at night)...

1. The Beast

2. Apollo's Chariot

3. Phantom's Revenge

4. Top Thrill Dragster

5. Millennium Force

KWs Thunderbolt is one of my favorites after dark. The ride has two sections with the helix having the running lights along the track and being well illuminated and the ravine being completely in the dark. The passage from the dark part of the ride to the lighted part and back again is really special. *** Edited 7/23/2006 8:42:04 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

This is easy.


That's all that needs to be said!

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I agree with the Thunderbolt. I worked at the park on the Thunderbolt for 5 years. I had ridden it many time in the dark with out the running lights or the back spotlight. It truly is a special ride. I also can say the Beast is a one of kind ride also in the dark.
Still Millennium Force...pitch freakin' black excellent ride!

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Voyage is cool in the night, but I once rode Deja Vu at MM when the station was all that was lit up - fun.
My favorites would have to be Millennium Force, Thunderhead, Voyage, and Mamba.

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SFGam Batman. Been a night time fave of mine since I was fifteen.

Millenium Force. Just don't open your mouth...bugs.

Magnum. Same logic there ;)

Watch out for flying maps!

1.2.3. HoliWoodies

4. Zambezi Zinger (RIP)

5. Beast

6. Big Bad Wolf

7. Millennium Force (during the NON-BUGGY season)

8. PowderKeg

9. ThuNderaTion

10. Patriot (runs like a bat out hell at night)

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Obviously Voyage, Raven, and Legend are my favorites. Hoosier Hurricane and Cornball Express are fun on a cool night when a fog rolls in and covers the lower portion of the track.

Swoosh, how did you get a night ride at SDC? I've never seen them stay open after dark.

My vote would be Pnoenix and Twister at Knoebels. They both really seem to fly at night. Plus, on Twister you can smell the campfires from the campground at nite as you're waiting in line. It's really cool. *** Edited 7/24/2006 3:45:11 AM UTC by PhoenixFan1027*** *** Edited 7/24/2006 3:45:46 AM UTC by PhoenixFan1027***
Adding the two BGE Arrows to the mix, BBW especially because that thing is an entirely different coaster at night.

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Antuan, I totally agree. Nothing beats nitro in the dark. But Steel Force in the dark is pretty cool also but nothing compared to Nitro.

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Frantic Ferret said:

Swoosh, how did you get a night ride at SDC? I've never seen them stay open after dark.

Come during An Old Time Christmas festival and you will get to ride their coasters in the dark.

The Villain is awesome at night. GL.
CLP's BlueStreak another gem.
I thought Iron Dragon was much better at night.

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1)The Voyage 2)Thunderhead
3)TTD 4)Magnum
5)DD Ice 6)Phantom's Revenge

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Voyage, Raven, Legend.......WOW!
Millennium Force, nothing comes even close to it!

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