Fast Lane allows line jump at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

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In a move that will likely spark controversy among enthusiasts, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure will now offer "Fast Lane" passes for $10, which will allow guests to enter a much shorter line on any five of the park's bigger attractions.

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Urggg. Between SFWoA's train stacking and people cutting in line, people are going to be veryfrustrated.

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Road Runner Express?! Is that really a ride in need of a Fast Lane?
At least they used X-Flight and S:UE because of the low capacity.


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Looks like this may become a standard at the Six Flags parks. First it was SFGAM now it's spread to SFWOA. I wonder who will be next.

Now I know why they only run one train! This is so people pay extra money to reduce the unnecessary lines that result from their one train operation.

And I thought Nichole was stupid!

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If this becomes standard at all Six Flags parks, then SFMM will most likely be next. I for one, however, will never pay that much money for a shorter line. This is just a wrong and greedy, money-grabbing move made by Six Flags.

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RWB needs it? the ride op was asleep when we went on it!

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They have a ride "reservation system" at SFNE. The middle car on S:ROS is blocked on the loading side, and guests with ride reservations come up the exit ramp and get first dibs on these seats. If no one uses them, they let them fill from the gates on either side. I didn't think there was a charge for this, though. I think it was more of an assigned time thing.

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How much bs is this crap. I mean come on it is one thing to want to reduce line but this crap. All they have to do is add a few more trains on each coaster. They have enough coasters to accompany a large amount of guest if they just add more trains on. also they are charging close to one third of the average park ticket prices. This is called greed. I was thinking about talking my parents to take me to swoa when we went to cedar point this year but with all of the bs i have heard about the park and now this I might have to cancel that trip.

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At least half, if not most, Six Flags parks are already using some sort of Fast Lane system. The only one's I've heard of that aren't free are Georgia's electronic system and now this.
I just don't like this idea at all. I, frankly, don't even like the idea of preferred parking at some parks. I feel like everyone should just pay the same price and be treated the exact same way once they enter the park.

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How is it a greedy, money-grabbing move? Fast Lane at Six Flags Astroworld is free along witht he Lo-Queue at SFOG. I'm surprized that they decided to charge at SFWOA. Maybe since SFInc is still "testing" this system, they decided to see what would happen if they charged a price.

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Altom Towers do a ticket, you pay triple the normal entrance fee, and get to go on all the rides via the exit- only once per ride though.
This is complete bull S***. what about the people that arent gonna pay. how do u think they feel? This is just gonna cause more confusion andannoy more people.
Business is about to pick could get REALLY, REALLY ugly for SFWOA...I do not agree with this idea at all! However, this is America and $$$ talks... But, I do not think it is fair to spend $30.00 on a ticket to get into the park and then spend more money just to get to the front of the line.

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guess that's why they are NOT the best amusement park in the world ;)
This is the first one that I've heard of that isn't free. SFNE and SFGAdv. have the system, but it's free. I used it quite a bit at SFGAdv. and thought it worked well. I would never pay for it though.
There are very technical reasons why we only do 1 trian on X-Flight. Like Vekoma has come out w/ completely redesigned parts for trains so they can recline on the lift and raise in the station. Which will start testing soon. It already raiseing in the station everytime now. This will severly reduce our loading times. Just hold on and we'll have 3 train op up soon. I think you ppl beleive we like running 1 train and hearing it day in and day out from ppl. Yeah I love being chewed out everyday.

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It's up to you. If you don't want this kind of crap to become the norm at parks across the country, don't support it. In fact, if you have another park as an option (such as CP and KI in Ohio) who treat all their patrons equally, GO THERE INSTEAD! Also, just don't complain on the internet chat board, call them up and complain to guest relations. Thats the best way to get your message across.
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Super7 is exactly right!

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