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LOL Matt. I always thought Mt. Olympus should rename the flume to Excruciatingly Slow Crawl To Altantis.
Dark Ride: Den of Lost Theives at IB. Can't think of anything else w/o repetition. Unless you count Tomb Raider at KI as a dark ride.

Wood: Voyage, Renegade, Viper - SFGAm, Avalanche, and Screami'n Eagle - SFStL

Steel: Millenium Force, Batman the Ride - ANY, Firehawk - KI, Italian Job (Backlot...), Gemini if you count it as steel otherwise Wild Thing (of course w/o trims).

Water: Not a water person so I can't go by ride names. So I'll go with the typical 3 of a Splash Boat, Log Flume, and a River Rapids.

Thrill: Power Tower (1 up/2 down), Delirium, and a good sized top spin w/o water.

Fair Rides: Scrambler, Viking Swing, Trappeeze/Yo-Yo.

Gentle: Carousel, Rail Road, Giant Ferris Wheel.

Location would have to be around Rapid City, SD. That is a nice open area with seasonal draw from the Black Hills area.

Somehow I have the urge to play RTC-2.

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Thanks for another great season, VF!

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3 Dark Rides: Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, Gobbler Getaway, Mummy's Revenge (I cheated ;))

5 Wooden Coasters: Voyage, El Toro, Thunder Run (3 seasons ago), Screamin Eagle, Kentucky Rumbler

5 Steel Coasters: Maverick, Millie, Mindbender (SFOG), Montu, Georgia Scorcher (need some variety)

3 Carnival Rides: Zipper, Spin Out, Bullet (mini Skymaster)

3 Water Rides: Deluge, Frightful Falls Log Flume (Holiday World), Dollywood's river rapids ride

3 Thrill Rides: Giant HUSS Topspin, Intamin Gen. 1 freefall, S&S Screamin Swing

3 Gentle Rides: Giant Wheel, Eiffel Tower, Skyride

Dark Rides:
WDW Haunted Mansion
KI's Enchanted Voyage
KW's Noah's Ark.

Wooden Coasters:
Beast (pre-trims),
CL Blue Streak
Kentucky Rumbler
Coney Island Cyclone
Leap the Dips

Steel Coasters:
Desperado (complete with casino fly-through)
Millenium Force
KI's (Screamin') Demon

County Fair Rides:

Water Rides:
Journey to Atlantis (Orlando)
KW flume ride
raft ride

Thrill Rides:
Sledgehammer (!)
Giant Frisbee

Gentle Rides:
Knoebel's carousel
Cypress Gardens observatory (can't think of name)
Dollywood train

Hocking Hills, Ohio (one hour SE of Columbus)

Note that some of the rides listed come from parks within 2 - 3 hours of the specified location, so this will involve some espionage to take out the competition... ;)

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No one put Break Dance at Coney.. Best flat ride ever

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

Well sheesh, if you like it so much, put it in your own dang park! ;)

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I'll just steal Moosh's list. But I'd replace Cali Screamin' with the Matterhorn.

Hey, aren't we kinda violating the TOS with this topic in a sly kind of way? ;)

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