Fantasy Park

In footbal there is a fantasy team where you put your favorite players through out the years into one. Now I want to play fantasy park and here are the rules on what kind of rides and how many of those rides you can have:

3 Dark Rides

5 wooden coasters

5 steal coasters

3 county fair rides (optional)

3 Water Rides

3 Thrill Rides

3 gentel rides (not a mini coaster but something like a train ride)

Try to be as creative as possable. Also stat where your park is going to be located at and why.

I know this is kind of stupid but it's winter and were traped inside to think about this. So think of these topics and if you had the chance for it to be summer right now what rides would you ride right away.

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Who's trapped inside? If I left my office right now I could be riding Xcelerator in 20 minutes. ;)
Dude, that's just mean why would you even say something like that.

Oh yeah cause it's true.

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What the heck, I'm putting off studying for a bit...LOL!

3 dark rides: I'll take Scooby Doo from SFStL for my interactive, Haunted Hotel from MBP (is that RIP'd?), and Disney's Haunted Mansion.

5 wooden coasters: Voyage, El Toro, Tremors, Rampage, and of course, Coney's Cyclone. If I could take five more, I'd be happy to do so... ;)

5 steelies: S:RoS from SFNE, SFoT's Shockwave for the Anton loopy/airtime combo, Space Mountain from Disneyland, Goliath from SFoG, Big Bad Wolf (for Matt).

3 "county fair" rides: Not exactly sure where you're going with this, but I'll guess and say Eli Scrambler, a giant dry sack slide (like PNE's), and a Mangels' Whip.

3 water rides: I'll take IoA's Bilge Rats for my rapids, and since StCs do so little for me, I'll spend the other two on flumes. Why not go with Splash Mountain and DDR Rpisaw Falls. Although I might be convinced to take Buffalo Bill's flume... ;)

3 thrill rides: KMG Afterburner. (Why are they so hard to find?) Second, an Intamin Gyro-drop. *Someone* would find it unforgiveable if my park didn't have one, LOL. Third, the SFFT Frisbee. It's listed as "moderate thrill" on their website, but for ERT sessions at least, it HAS that extra gear.

Three gentle rides: Hehe, I'll go for the maximum-transport package. Train ride is a must, and a skyride, and some sort of boat ride (thinking Shafer Queen).

Where? Probably Houston...they need a park.

Dark Rides: Buzz Lightyear (Magic Kingdom(I think)), Revenge of the Mummy(I consider it a flat ride), Dinasour (Animal Kingdom)

Wooden Coaster: Kentucky Rumbler, ROAR west, Heard Good Reviews of: El Toro, Voyage, and Thunderhead

Steel:Shiekra, Tatsu, Medusa(west) Greezed Lightning, Shockwave(SFOT), and Goliath(SFOG)

Fair Rides: Scrambler, Tilt-a-Whirl, Paratrooper

Water Rides: Jurassic Park (IOA), Dudley Doo Right Falls, Behemoth Bowl(Blue Bayou, its great getting stuck in there and getting a chance to stay in there for a while)

Thrill Rides: Skyscraper(Scandia), Frisbee, Combo Tower

Gentle Rides: Oil Derrick/Skytower, Ferris Wheel, Train(I loved Cedar Points with the people out in the woods)

I was suprised how hard I had to think for this one

Forgot my where, probably in Orlando, because BGA is a little far away, and I think a park with a little more coasters that what Disney Seaworld, and Universal offers would probably convince me to make the stop on the way down to Tampa. *** Edited 2/20/2008 1:06:30 AM UTC by Audioslaved***

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

3 Dark Rides: The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, Men in Black: Alien Attack, The Haunted Mansion

5 Wooden Coasters: The Beast, Shivering Timbers, The Yankee Cannonball (Canobie Lake, NH,) Lightning Racers (I count this as one,) Viper (my wooden coaster cred, is not so hot)

5 Steel Coasters: Alpengeist, Magnum XL 200, Big Bad Wolf, Kraken, Big Thunder Mountain

3 county fair: Tilt a Whirl, Knobel's Bumper Cars, Kangroo

3 water rides: Splash Mountain (MK,) Master Blaster, One huge transportainment system from NBGS with some rapids, quick drops, waves and relaxing sections, the works.

3 Gentle Rides: One full size steam train complete with multiple stops, Carousel, a boat ride (ala Paddle Wheel Excursions, Jungle Cruise, etc) themed to and Old West Bandit Chase.

As to where, Arizona, they don't have anything like this, probably near Pheonix.

*Edit-How could I forget the thrill rides?!? my three: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios,) Giant Frisbee, Scrambler in a dome with fog machines and disco lights *** Edited 2/20/2008 3:07:48 AM UTC by Touchdown***

2022 Trips: WDW, Sea World San Diego & Orlando, CP, KI, BGW, Bay Beach, Canobie Lake, Universal Orlando

These picks don't necessarily mean I think they're the best, or my own favorites. I just think they make a good mix.

dark rides: Haunted Mansion (Knoebels), SpiderMan, Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland)

wooden coasters: Thunderhead, Boulder Dash, Phoenix, Kennywood Racer, Great American Scream Machine

steel coasters: Nitro, Nemesis, Mindbender (SFOG), Zambezi Zinger, Tig'rr (or any Jet-Star)

county fair rides: Rock-o-Plane, Twister, Flying Scooters

water rides: Popeye & Bluto, Dudley, Valhalla

thrill rides: Intamin Drop Tower (same model as KD), Huss Pendulum (Delirum/MaXair model), a really sick mega-sized super-fast teacup ride with about 40 cups (you didn't say the rides had to exist)

gentle rides: cable sky ride, sternwheeler boat ride, ferris wheel

I have no idea where to put it. Whoever comes up with the money can build it wherever they want.

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3 Dark Rides: Haunted House (Knoebels); Custom Sally Interactive; IB's Frankenstein's Castle (yeah, it's a walk-thru)

5 wooden coasters: Voyage, Tremors, Phoenix, Boulderdash, Sky Princess.

5 steal coasters: I'd steal Superman away from SFNE, California Screamin from DCA, Big Bad Wolf from BGW, Spinning Dragons from WoF, and Quicksilver Express from Gilroy Gardens.

3 county fair rides: Zipper, Sky Wheel, Rock-o-Plane.

3 Water Rides: Splash Mountain, Grizzly River Rapids, Pirates of the Caribbean.

3 Thrill Rides: Top Spin, Knoebels Flying Scooters (if you've ridden you know why I call this a thrill ride), and S&S Space Shot.

3 gentel rides: I'm gonna bend the rules a bit and choose three gentle rides: Carousel, Lusse Bumper Cars, Whip.

Location: Lake side, with deep ravine.

*** Edited 2/20/2008 5:27:39 AM UTC by Mamoosh***

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3 Dark Rides
WDW's Haunted Mansion, Spider-Man, Buzz Lightyear

5 wooden coasters
The Voyage, The Grand National, Boulder Dash, Knoebel's Flying Turns, Ravine Flyer II

5 steal coasters
Revolution (circa '85 with the trees), SROS (as if I have to say which one), Big Bad Wolf, WDW's Space Mountain, Zambezi Zinger

3 county fair rides
yo-yo, double ferris wheel, zipper

3 Water Rides
Dollywood's Mountain Slidewinder, WDW's Splash Mountain, SDC's Lost River of the Ozarks

3 Thrill Rides
Knoebel's flyers (Word Moosh!), KI's Drop Zone, Skyscraper (with straps, no OTSRs)

3 gentel rides
Adventureland's Skyride, Little AmerrikA's Train, Knoebel's Carousel

My park would be a seaside pier with dense foliage on hilly terrain...something like Springfield. ;) Choosing which ride to hop on first would be one of the most difficult decision of my life! lol *** Edited 2/20/2008 4:03:30 AM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

3 D

rollergator said:

3 thrill rides: KMG Afterburner. (Why are they so hard to find?)

They are hard to find at amusement parks because they are only a 24 seater. Amusement parks think that that's not enough people per ride. Some amusement parks have the bigger model with 32 seats from Chance Morgan which is called the Revolution 32 (Dorney Park, Hersheypark, and Knott's Berry Farm all have them). The bigger model doesn't spin as fast as the 24 seater though. To me, the Revolution 32 is more like the KMG Freak Out than the KMG Afterburner based on spin.

I believe that the KMG Afterburner overheats. It's at the carnival, and they sometimes have to plug in a fuse (I think), and take the old one out (I'm guessing.) They go to the power box, and do something with it. Anyway, the KMG Afterburner can be found at a number of carnivals, and Celebration City. Because it powers out or something like that, they give people short rides, and than give them a second ride after the first ride.

In other words, they give you a 50 second ride, and than they give you another 50 second ride after the first cycle has ended. They don't stop the ride, but it slows down, and starts speeding up again. Another carnival gave me like a 50 second, and than they just shut it off.

Why would that ride overheat (Afterburner)? If you saw it work, you would understand. It's a powerful ride, and maybe it being a carnival ride is part of the problem. They can't give it enough juice because the generator will go out on them whereas at an amusement park, they could just get a bigger power supply.

My opinion:
KMG Afterburner> KMG Freak Out=Chance Morgan Revolution 32 which is much >>>> Fabbri Space Jam (It hurt!)

State Fairs that had the KMG Afterburner (I would save this.) I get ride lists of the state fairs. Sometimes, it's called like X-Treme, or G-Force, but it's still the same ride. Just to make sure, I would email these state fairs in advance because they should be able to tell you if they have that ride.

Florida State Fair
Michigan State Fair
California State Fair
Ohio State Fair
Indiana State Fair (I think they had it.)
Kentucky State Fair
Minnesota State Fair
North Carolina State Fair (I'm not positive?)
Texas State Fair

Dixie Classic Fair (Not State Fair though)


Dark Rides: Snow White Scary Adventure, Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters, and Dinosaur

3 wooden coasters: I don't get why a park would have that many wooden coasters?? I rather have 3 wooden coasters, and put 2 more county fair rides. My 3 wooden coasters would be Screamin' Eagle, Georgia Cyclone, and the Great American Scream Machine (SFOG).

5 steel coasters: Deja Vu, La Vibora, Batman the Ride, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Mr. Freeze

5 county fair rides: Zipper, Spin Out (Tivoli), Orbiter (Tilt Arms), Power Surge, Wipeout

3 Water Rides: Penguin's Blizzard River (SFKK), Jurassic Park River Adventure, a Watercoaster

3 Thrill Rides: Yo-Yo that tilts, KMG Fireball, Flying Bobs

3 gentle rides: Huss Troika (It's not under the thrilling category.), Sun Wheel (Sneak that one in there. It's half gentle.), and Zamperla 8 balloons are in the "gentle" category.

Try to be as creative as possable. Also stat where your park is going to be located at and why.: My park will be located in Florida because there aren't any parks except Cypress Gardens that have a lot of roller coasters, but rather they are all just themed, and have less coasters, and thrilling rides. When I thought of this awhile ago, I thought I would have 3 separate parks, and put them next to each other.

That's how Disney, and Universal gets all those people. I think I would do the same thing. It seems the more stuff, the more attendance you could get. If I was really in for just the money, and attendance, I would want to make unique attractions that Disney doesn't has, but similar to there style. However, for me, my favorite parks are not Disney, or Universal. They are the Six Flags, and Cedar Fair parks.

Who's not to say that Six Flags parks, and Cedar Fair parks don't get a lot of people. What, does Six Flags get 22 million a year, or something like that? They are getting people to there parks, but they are spending millions, and millions each year, and they have a number of parks where Disney has 6 in one area, and are getting 14 or a higher number (I forgot) for there highest.

If there was only Six Flags (That would mean that there is no Cedar Fair, Indiana Beach, Kennywood, Knoebel's and parks just like that, I imagine that Six Flags would be doing Disney attendance. Why, because Six Flags has just become unique. It's not like that, and Six Flags, Cedar Fair, and all these other parks have competition all over the place.) Disney does really good partly because it's so darn unique, and how many kids parks are there in the world??

I always thought that Six Flags isn't doing the smartest thing. It's not the teenage park, nor has it ever been. It's a family park. Maybe, Magic Mountain is closer to a teen park, but there are many rides for kids too. You can't say that SFMM is totally a teen park. They have flats for kids, Goldrusher, Ninja, maybe Collossus, Goliath Jr, and maybe there is another roller coaster I'm missing.

Disney was a kid park first off and foremost, and now they are looking for teens. They reached all the kids they could. Six Flags is just all over the board with the rides they put in. They want the toddler's, tweens, and teens in one park. They don't focus on the teen group specifically even though the general public might think they do. *** Edited 2/20/2008 5:55:40 AM UTC by Spinout*** *** Edited 2/20/2008 6:05:31 AM UTC by Spinout***

3 Dark Rides: Knoebels Haunted Mansion, IOA’s Spiderman, and a Custom Sally Interactive

5 wooden coasters: El Toro, Voyage, Lightning Racer, Phoenix and Clementon Lake Parks now defunct Jack Rabbit.

5 steel coasters: Superman Ride of Steel, Alphengeist, Dorney’s Laser, Medusa (east), Tatsu

3 county fair rides (optional): Power Surge, Scat II, Tea Cups

3 Water Rides: Dudley Do Right, Popeye and Blutos Bilge Rat Barges, Escape from Pompeii

3 Thrill Rides: Knoebels’ Flyers, Huss Giant Frisbee, S&S Combo Tower.

3 gentle rides (I’m taking 4): A full size train that circuits the whole park and stops to let people off every so often, Ferris Wheel, Carousel with the brass ring, Lusse Skooters.

I would place this park in Arizona most likely with the Sally ride themed to the Old West you would be a set of deputies cleaning up the town of a gang of bad guys.

Edited due to copy paste and reformat didn't work *** Edited 2/20/2008 1:51:40 PM UTC by dragonoffrost***

Watch the tram car please....

Mamoosh said:

3 gentel rides: I'm gonna bend the rules a bit and choose three gentle rides: Carousel, Lusse Bumper Cars, Whip.

That's bending the rules quite a bit. Perhaps after having to deal with California traffic all the time your perception has changed. I think most normal people would not consider an ERT session on the Lusse Bumper Cars at Knoebels as gentle. :)

*** Edited 2/20/2008 5:23:43 PM UTC by Jeffrey Seifert***

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LOL...true :)
Fun idea!

3 Dark Rides

To be different:

Phantom Manor (DLP), Pharaoh's Fury (Lotte World), Pirates of the Caribbean (DL)

5 wooden coasters

Phoenix, Comet (Great Escape), T Express, Loup Garou (Walibi Belgium, great underrated ride!), Cornball Express

5 steel coasters:

Big Thunder Mountain (Tokyo Disneyland, hello big straight drop!), Space Mountain (DL), Eagle Fortress (Everland, the best Arrow coaster in my view), Phaethon (Kyongju world), Nitro

3 county fair rides (optional)

Scrambler, Lusse Bumper Cars, Flying Scooters

3 Water Rides

Large Hopskin Flume like Splash Mountain, Hopskin rapids, spinning raft ride like at SFNE

3 Thrill Rides

Intamin Gyro Drop, Zamperla Discovery ran on a crazy program (Kyungju World in South Korea had theirs on a 7-8 minutes cycle!) and if my park is in Asia, a Tagada...

3 gentle rides (not a mini coaster but something like a train ride)

Train ride around the park, observation tower (like at SFMM), Mack round boat ride

You know, we used to play Roller Coaster Tycoon to answer our "Fantasy Park" questions and needs.

If only we could revitalize that game.

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3 Dark Rides

Pirates of the Caribbean
Spiderman at IOA
Men In Black at Universal

5 wooden coasters

Voyage - have yet to ride it, but it looks that good :)
Dania Beach Hurricane
Coney Island Cyclone

5 steel coasters:

Viper (SFMM) Yeah, I like it. What are you going to do about it? ;)
Montezuma's Revenge

3 county fair rides (optional)

One word - Zipper. Single most scariest ride I have ever been on. I love em.
Two also rans - Flying Scooters and a scrambler

3 Water Rides

Splash Mountain
Grizzly Run or whatever its called at DCA
Dudley Dorights

3 Thrill Rides

Intamin Gyro Drop
Top Spin

3 gentle rides

Soarin over California
Carousel with a brass ring (or Cedar Downs)
Train ride from Little A'Merrick'A

Certain victory.

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I need to trade in one of my dark rides: While I do love Spidey, I've become too used to it, and it's lost some ZIP for me. So, I'll trade one of my dark rides (not sure which one, LOL) for Curse of DarKastle. That thing ROCKED... :)

P.S. If I can't have my park, I'll take the one Bob posted, or even Matt's...they all look great!

*** Edited 2/20/2008 9:12:13 PM UTC by rollergator***

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^ I only rode Spidey a couple of times, so I haven't had a chance to get jaded on it yet :) Dark rides was really tough for me having visited Disney so much in the past couple years. I mean, there are so many rides that JUST missed the cut, like Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Dinosaur, and even an old classic like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (biggest crime ever by Disney was removing that from the Magic Kingdom).

Certain victory.

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3 Dark Rides - Mine of Lost Souls (Canobie), Superstar Limo (DCA), Stitch's Great Escape (MK)

5 wooden coasters - Grizzly (PGA), Predator (Darien Lake), Mean Streak (CP), Rattler (SFFT), Rolling Thunder (SFGAdv)

5 steal coasters - Goudrix (Parc Asterix), a Zamperla Volare, Ptaranodon Flyers (IOA), Looping Star (Beech Bend), Flight of Fear, with over the shoulder restraints (KI/KD)

3 Water Rides - 3 Dive to Atlantis clones (Mt. Olympus)

Soon to be built in downtown Detroit. Park opens at dusk.

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^ You could call it Pain Park. You could sell whips at the front gate for self-flagellation as you walk through the park.

If you want to make the park TRULY painful, substitute any two of the wooden coasters with Psyclone and Son of Beast (pre-loop-removal)

Certain victory.

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