Fahrenheit construction video 4 is up & so is most of the loop

matt. said:

If you're offering to change that we could always go to private messages...

And deny us all the conversation? ;)

Here is a video of the ride testing.


^^On the con side, it looks a little bit slower than I was anticipating....but on the pro side, the drop looks a lot better than what I thought it would be!!

It looks pretty cool, but whether or not I'll get a chance to check it out is another story.

It's only an hour-1/2 from my house, but I just got a bill for $3,500 worth of wisdom teeth surgery. Isn't health and dental insurance great!

Then yesterday, I finally found out that the new position they created at work back in September is going to someone else. At least they're giving me two-months severance pay at the end of June.

A sixty-year-old lady I work with today was at one of our services (yes, I work for a church), and she told me she had seen the new coaster. We didn't have time to talk, but she gave me the jaw-drop look.

By the way, I found out that the $3,500 bill might get knocked down, hopefully by a lot. The lady tells me that they send out their bill before they submit the bill to insurance. Here's hoping that there's a season for me after all.

I was at the park yesterday (hopefully I'll get around to a TR before too long), and I have to say the coaster looks really impressive. For the photo bugs, there are going to be plenty of angles and vantage points for some great pics.

The track is very close to the walkway in many places and the station looks really impressive. It's oriented at an angle directly across from Howler (where the 3D theatre used to be). Nice view from the walkway that leads from Storm Runner behind CRR-- where the geysers are located. BTW, plenty of survey markings along that walkway too.

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