Fahrenheit construction video 4 is up & so is most of the loop

Here is some nice aerial shots from the weekend of Hershey and Fahrenheit.


Great aerial shots (thanks) - I agree this is one sexy coaster that I can't wait to ride. Surprised to see how compact the footprint is too.

My $.02 - this is another classic Intamin ride that does bear some resemblance to Maverick and a host of other rides by the same manufacturer. Just because a park like SFGA has a similar ride doesn't make KK better than TTD. In my opinion, the OTSR ruin KK and make TTD a superior ride.

Back to Fahrenheit, I think the loop is very unique to the ride and certainly could be a signature element for many rides to come. This is a great addition to Hershey.



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rablat5 said:
Also, remember that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery :)

Not when you imitate yourself. Its Intamin's product, not Cedar Point's.

It's like Maverick without the dumb parts that hurt!

(My opinion only. YMMV)


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

Maverick doesn't hurt at all and there sure as hell arn't any "dumb" parts. Don't like horshoe rolls, overtimehills, overbanked tunrs, s curves, a tunnel, a launch, a 95 degree drop? What more could you ask for??? *** Edited 4/1/2008 9:27:57 PM UTC by Parker17***
^ A Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel loop? :)
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RatherGoodBear said:
I don't consider Hershey a snack food company-- they're a candy company. LOL. I was thinking more along the lines of all the chip and pretzel factories in the region. Herr's, Utz, Martin's, Good's, Snyder's, Sturgis (Julius and Tom), Bickel's, King's, and I'm just scratching the surface.

How about the best of both worlds?

The Snyder's of Hanover Hershey's Chocolate Covered Pretzel loop. :)

Enrobed in decadent chocolate. Let's see CP put that in a ride.
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Parker17 said:
A lot of places seem to like to steel CP's ride ideas.

It's a good thing CP never steels from other parks. I mean if Fahrenheit is a copy of Maverick, I guess CCMR is a copy of SFOT's Mine Train, Corkscrew is a copy of any other Corkscrew from the 70's, Avalanche Run is a copy of the SF bobsleds that opened the year before, Iron Dragon was a copy of the earlier suspendeds, Mean Streak was a copy of Texas Giant, Raptor was a copy of B:TR, Wicked Twister was a copy of S:UE which was 80 miles down the road, and I'm sure there are plenty more I'm leaving out.

Seeing a pattern yet? :) *** Edited 4/2/2008 11:40:53 AM UTC by matt.***

Lord Gonchar said:

Nothing better than my kids wondering if they're a Twizzler or a Jolly Rancher as they stand in line to ride The Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge or wait in line to get their picture taken with a guy dressed as a Kit Kat bar.

Since Stormrunner kinda looks like a twisted Twizzler, they could easily change the name to promote the candy.

Parker17 said:
Maverick doesn't hurt at all and there sure as hell arn't any "dumb" parts. Don't like horshoe rolls, overtimehills, overbanked tunrs, s curves, a tunnel, a launch, a 95 degree drop?

See, I could ask if you don't like spellcheck or the letter 'E' right now, but I'm a nice guy so I won't.

The groundhugging curve after the first drop isn't the most comfortable transition in the world--and I could say the same for most of the rest of the curves. Damned near everything after the launch makes me scream WhyWhyWhyWhy??? like Nancy Kerrigan after a knee job and that's before the deep philosophical question of why the launch to begin with. I spent most of my rides drumming my fingers--more like clutching the restraints to spare my shoulders--for the really good hill followed by the good inversion and another good hill near the end, if I recall correctly.

In my humble opinion, they could have added a couple more of the good parts, kept a healthy $8-10 million in their pocket and had a much better ride on their hands.

But hey. That's just me.

Fahrenheit's layout incorporates larger, more graceful transitions after the drop and saved the curves for the end of the ride. Looks like less of a boxing match from my desk and bag o' Fritos.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

Fahrenheit looks as though it's going to take everything Maverick is- or was supposed to be- and turn it into a package that works with most parks that don't have that kind of land or money to work with.
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My only worry is that the experience is going to be pretty brief. Of course, sheer length doesn't directly correspond to how satisfying the actual experience is. I'm guessing it's going to be pretty intense and disorienting.
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Yeah, its a little odd to me that they went with another ride so similar to Storm Runner which is also very short and disorienting. I think its going to be great, but also a waste of land they probably could have used to expand the boardwalk.

Storm Runner is pretty brief, so as long as Fahrenheit is a little longer (as it looks to be), I'll be happy with it. Short is fine for launched coasters but Fahrenheit looks to be more of a traditional coaster.
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Of course, sheer length doesn't directly correspond to how satisfying the actual experience is.

It doesn't? ;)

I'm planning to head up to HP in June to give it a ride. From the videos, it looks like the most intense part for me will be the lift/first drop, as I've never ridden a vertical lift coaster before.

Mamoosh said:
Of course, sheer length doesn't directly correspond to how satisfying the actual experience is.

It doesn't?

Like we didn't see THAT train entering the brake run. :)

Anyway, I think SR takes about 40 seconds, and F-heit is supposed to be around 85. A lot of that will be the lift, for sure, but then the lift hill takes a good bit of the on-ride time on any non-launched coaster.

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Mamoosh said:
It doesn't? ;)

I wasn't speaking from first hand experience.

If you're offering to change that we could always go to private messages...;)

Parker17 said:
The speed, the drop, the loops, the turns, the trains-all resembling Maverick in one way. I know CP comes out with great ideas, but it's annoying how other parks take their great ideas. Why can't Maverick be one of a kind? Why can't TTD be one of a kind? Are you just saying you like it because you like all Intamin rides??

Wait a minute, you're assuming that all of Maverick was Cedar Point's idea, and that simply can't be the case. Maverick is one of a kind at this time. The lift is launched, Fahrenheit's does not. Maverick features a midcourse launch, Fahrenheit does not.

If you're looking at the size of the trains, of course they have to be the same length. Anything longer, and the people in the back of the train would be hurt or killed going over the first drop.

Top Thrill Dragster, while being similar to KK, is one of a kind. The pre-launch with the light-tree is different, the restraint system is different, the location in the park is different, and while I didn't have a chance to ride TTD twice, many people say they even launch differently.

Listen, it's very likely that when you go to a IAPPA show and see Intamin or visit headquarters that they have multiple plans or ideas that have variants from other similar ideas. That's intelligent. Some plans may never see the light of day, and others will.

The park or corporation picks out the idea based on the footprint and budget. It's that simple.

And when have I ever said that I liked Fahrenheit? I've never been on it! Intamin Fan was a screen name I picked out a long time ago based on Volcano the Blast Coaster. Coincidentally though, I have liked a lot of their rides including their drop towers and some flats.

I'm still not getting the "Other parks steal (notice proper spelling kids) their ideas." It's simply not true. Almost every idea at CP is a variant on some pre-existing idea with few exceptions like Magnum or Millennium Force.

And even those are just taller versions of Gemini and (Superman) Ride of Steel (Darien Lake since it was first) respectively.

Sadly, if there was one coaster at CP I could honestly say I couldn't ride anything else like it anywhere else (besides Maverick) it would be Disaster Transport since it's in the dark and has special effects. Otherwise, I've been on La Vibora at SFOT and they share the same rolling stock and I'm sure a similar type course.

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