Ever get sick on a ride?

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I have never been sick on a ride, but I have seen several vomit spills. The worst one that I have witnessed was on the rotor at six flags new jersey. You can only imagine how that ended up.

Here is an sickness cought on tape...


Has anyone on here ever been sick on a ride?

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

When I was at CP this past June I puked after my ride on Power Tower. I'm never riding that again! I'm really only a roller coaster person. Not into thrill rides or spinny rides.


I nearly got sick the last time I rode Led Zeppelin: The Ride.

Then the doors finally opened, we boarded the train, and by the time I got the shoulder bar down, I was OK.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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^Nice, Dave...Food Detectives on right now....ginger vs. motion sickness. Results to follow.

I quit riding when I start to feel sick. I always smell the stuff the put on the ground when someone throws up at Great Adventure so it happens a lot there. Last Friday I was starting to feel a little sick after riding Superman Ultimate Flight 5 times in a row so I took a few minutes to rest even though the station was empty enough for more re-rides. Same with Nitro in the Spring where I had 6 rides in a row and was starting to feel kind of sick to my stomach and had to stop riding. 5 minutes later I was fine but went to a different ride.

Nope. The one time I came close (believe I mentioned it before), I was running a fever with pneumonia at Wild Adventures, and had just finished the last of a half-dozen 6 to 8 minute rides on Tilt-aWhirl. Even then, I still held my chunks.

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I don't think I ever got sick on a ride or after a ride. I have no motion sickness. I do get backaches and headaches on some rides, though. :)


I was involved in a commercial shoot at Geauga Lake back in the day. I said "yes" when asked because I thought we would be riding the likes of the Big Dipper or Raging Wolf Bolbs over and over again. Turns out we spent most of the time on the spinners.

First up? The Witches Wheel. We most have rode that thing for at least 15 minutes, non stop, until they finally cut. By the time they got us stopped half of the riders were heading for the fences. I held it together...barely.

We then went over to the merry-go-round and after a minute or two of that I jumped off and was done for the day. No mas!

My favorite story as a ride op was when this little teenie bopper gal got on the Spider. She was the only rider and I could tell pretty quickly she wasn't going to last. So, I asked her if she wanted me to stop it and she said, "no". Moments later she reached down and pulled up a paper lunch bag which she promply threw up in.

After I stopped the ride she threw the bag in the garbage and asked me if she could go again. Talk about being prepared.

I've had great results with the ginger. I can't stand spinning rides but if I ginger up I can ride just about anything.

I was part of the commercial shoot for Patriot and after lap 9 I was done. Early in the season is a bad time for that. It takes me a little while to get my motion tolerance up.

I haven't gotten sick on a ride in decades.

My GF on the other hand...

We ride X-flight and she has no problems at all. Superman, knightflight and Serial Thriller, no problems. she gets on the Carousel and she hurls bigtime. Freaked out the ride op and everything.

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This is the only ride that has ever made me lose my lunch...

Josh M.

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Not me, but my mother filled her purse as we rode the octopus at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Good times. ;)

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I've been sick *after* a few rides but it's always been when I've been either really hungry or tired or dehydrated or already feeling not 100%. Otherwise I don't have many problems with motion sickness but if I'm not feeling well beforehand it is likely I will feel worse after a ride, for sure.

However, 60 seconds of reading anything in the car and I'm out of commission for an hour.

In December of 1996 I got DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to getting sick during an outing to Busch Gardens in Florida. I made the mistake of stopping at a nearby Cracker Barrel Restaurant and having one of their "Country Boy" Breakfasts before descending upon the Park. Arriving there I made a BEELINE for the then newly completed MONTU. Since there was no line, I was able to take FOUR RIDES IN A ROW on this Coaster. BAD MISTAKE! It took FOUR HOURS for that Breakfast to "Make up its Mind" on which direction to take. All I had to do was WATCH a ride and I'd get queasy! :( Word to the wise, when riding MONTU (Or any other B&M Inverted Looper) Make sure you do so ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! :)

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Sick, no, but as I get older I find that Arrow coasters and high speed spin and pukes give me a headache. In my youth during my first year at CP the young ladies running the Monster locked me in a tub for about an hour. No effect other than a great buzz. Today I would be good for one ride.

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As a kid, my brothers decided to torture me on WDW's teacups. Haven't actually *gotten sick* from any ride since then, but a couple have gotten me close. Notably, The Dungeon at Miracle Strip (indoor tilt) and BB's Scat2. Spinning coasters have more than enough directional motion to keep "the queasies" at bay. :)

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I haven't ever lost it, but I did (stupidly) try to watch the edge of the screen at Soarin' in Epcot of all places. The fact that I was moving, and half the image was moving, but the edge of the screen wasn't, almost sent me over.

Since then, each time I ride it, I get queasy. And, this is a ride that doesn't make anyone ill.

Worse, that same feeling has hit me a couple other times. I'm hoping it will just pass, but I'm a little afraid I'm getting old---I'm starting to need bifocals, too. I'm going to try ginger on my next trip, to see if that helps.

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At Busch Gardens this summer, my 13 year old cousin was proud of how sick he was after the rides. Many times he'd come out of the bathroom with a huge smile and say, "I feel better! What are we gonna ride next?"

Some motion sim rides make me sick, especially the ones inside a box.


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When I was a kid, I remember people recommended drinking ginger ale to combat an upset stomach or nausea. I doubt if the artificially flavored versions of today work as well.

I never did personally... but my wife did. Wasn't even a coaster.

We were at Busch Gardens Tampa (now Africa), and the ride was, I think, called "Sand Storm". It was kind of like a scrambler but it lifted off the ground at an angle. Anyway, my wife has a problem with spinny rides. Also, the attendant had to come around and unlock each car individually.

When the ride stopped, my wife said that she didn't feel so good. The attendant meanwhile was going around unlocking the cars, and since we were basically fartherest from the operators panel it looked like we were going to be last. As we waited, my wife said "I'm going to be sick." I saw that she had a funny color (or rather no color) in her face so I called to the attendant... "Excuse me... but I think my wife is about to be sick." The attendant took one look at mywife and left the car that she was at and hurried directly to our car... "We've got a hurler!" she said over her shoulder to another attendant. As the one attendant unlocked our car door and my wife jumped out (rather stumbled out, beign so woozy and all) the other attendant held the exit gate of the ride open for her as she ran past him and into the nearest bathroom. With the exception of Stanley Falls Flume and the Tanika (sp) Tidal Wave (shoot the chutes), that was the end of her riding at BGT.

The next day, she was okay for a few rides on Journey to Atlantis at Sea World... but she only made two rides on Kraken before she had to call it quits. I rode that one a total of six times before it was time to leave... the last ride coming right after lunch... for me, 3 pieces of fried chicken, a large order of fries, a large Coke, and a slice of cheese cake... (and I wonder why I have trouble fitting into some of the tighter restraints). My wife says just the thought of eating like that and then getting imediately on a coaster makes her sick.

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