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I have dreams about coasters and parks. I had one the other night, where I was on a roller coaster with a very small lift hill, and everyone in line was saying it was the most awesome coaster ever! I guessed that the lift hill was only about 40 high, but you could not see the rest of the coaster, with a huge line of people for it.Anyways, I get to the top of the lift hill, and the track turns to the right, and before me is this massive stretch of land and coaster track going to the horizon! The track drops straight down, off the edge of a cliff, where you can't even see the bottom, as all you can see below is tiny trees. The drop is so fast, you can feel the speed in your face, and the rest of the ride is so insane, you feel like you are flying! Then of course my lap bar breaks lose, and I have a death grip on the grab bar, and fly like superman, until I can't hold on anymore, and I just fly through the air, watching the ground, and a large lake rapidly approaching, hoping I will hit the ground and die, because I can't swim!! I woke up at that point, doing one of those full body shivers, and my pillow was covered with drool, and my back and arms hurt like hell. In my coster dreams, I almost always fall off the coaster.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Whenever I dream about riding coasters, I'm never wearing any pants. I guess dreams do mirror reality....

Mike Gallagher said:
I have a lot of dreams about coasters and parks. The thing that always strikes me about them, before it quickly fades from memory, is how the parks and rides NEVER appear as I know them to look.

I know, same here. Also, I get to the park, (and I have one fictitious place that turns up over and over,) and I'm stuck to the ground or something- the rides and the fun is just over there and I can see it all but I can't seem to make my way over there. I hate that.

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The rides in my dreams are never accurate and I almost never get past the lift hill. I almost always get on, roll along some very long flat piece of track towards the lift hill, and then wake up.

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I had a dream the other night where I and a few other average joes got selected to be Blue Angels. Those F/A-18s were sick.

However, one crew chief said I should jump up front on the first flight, but I said that I'd prefer to jump in the back if it was all the same to him. We volleyed back and forth about this for a few minutes before he finally looked at a nearby crew chief, shrugged, and let me take a familiarization flight in the backseat first.

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DIC-screw it. I've had a dream about Dora getting decapitated by Alpengeist after reading about the Batman incident. I've also had a dream about going to SFGA and being too scared to ride anything. I guess if you are really into coasters, it's certainly unusual, but I wouldn't call it usual either.

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You had me at "Dora getting decapitated."

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ApolloAndy said:
The rides in my dreams are never accurate and I almost never get past the lift hill. I almost always get on, roll along some very long flat piece of track towards the lift hill, and then wake up.

This pretty much describes my sex dreams.

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Disclaimer - It's all for fun...

Timber-Rider, You are fearing failure and feeling uncertainty in a unpredictable situation.

RCMAC, you feel helpless against setting clear goals or making progress in your life.

Andy, yours is difficult for me to interpret. You may be looking forward to doing great things in your life after you complete a mundane goal.

Balsterboy, your first dream tells me that you are ashamed for never learning to speak Spanish, possibly. lol Your second dream indicates anxiety over an unpredictable situation.

Jeff, see Andy's interpretation. HAHAHA!

It's been years since I've had a park or coaster related dream, but when I did, they almost always included CP surrounded by a dense forest instead of a lake, and usually ended when I decided to jump off whatever ride (sometimes real, sometimes made up) I happened to be on.

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I just woke up from one...it involved a rollback on, of all things, Rolling Thunder. We stoped partway through the turnaround and rode backwards to the station..all the way back at a very slow speed.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


^That's because you had to get the seat you wanted, so they made you march back to the station and start over.

(btw Mike, I'm just joking. I like to get the seat I want too. Kudos!)

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Instead of interpreting dreams now, I am going to tell one of mine...

I am driving to a nearby park to my home, probably a few hours away, that I have never been to before and forgot was so close. It's totally new to me. I have never seen the park map, never been to the park's website, and I kind of don't know exactly where it is. I frequently stop to ask for directions. No Mapquest or GPS. When I finally get to the parking lot, the park looks amazing, and I wonder why I never went before.

My interpretation? The driving represents my life journey. I know my destination, or my ultimate goal in life, which is the park, but don't know how to get there. I am relying on other people to show me how to achieve that goal. The goal is easy to reach, but I don't know exactly how to reach it.

As to what the goal is, I have no idea. Maybe my love life or maybe a higher paying job. Perhaps it's something else entirely. The amusement park usually represents leisure or a specific hobby (possibly not amusement park hobby, but maybe in the case of a park enthusiast.)

Double Rainbow all the way...What does it mean? lol

^It means the park is Great America and you finally took my advice. (smiley)

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Hey lostkause, I often have dreams of being at Cedar Point, and waiting in line for the Raptor in just my underwear, and sun burnt to a crisp, where I have to go to the first aid station and have burn cream applied to me with a paintbrush roller, because the person applying it doesn't want to stand too close! LOL! what's your diagnosis?Also have dreams of being at the park nobody likes me to talk about, and finding a huge new B&M hyper twister with a lift hill so big, you can see it on the highway from many miles away. They added a multi-looper like Shockwave, only no mid course brake, and have tons of cool rides, and huge old trees, and plenty of shade, and you can get an entire meal for $5.00. And, as I approached the gate to get in the admission persons just says welcome back to everyone, and lets everyone in free, and the park is packed with happy people...That falls under wishful thinking I'm sure.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Anyone want the rest of this bran muffin? I'm no longer hungry...

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Now we're interpreting dreams? What has happened to Coasterbuzz?

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Only once did I ever have a "dorky" amount of coaster dreams. It was the first coaster I ever became obsessed over, and the coaster that turned me from a guy who thinks coasters are fun once a year, into a coastertool. Mr Freeze. I was finishing my Senior year in college in St Louis the year that Mr Freeze was supposed to open but never did. I checked the website almost daily and held on to the "just a few more days of testing" mentality. This ride, being unlike any other ride I'd seen, was my first coaster obsession. Therefore I dreamed about it a minimum once a week for the entire summer. Crazy I know, but that was where my love of coasters came from.

The thing about it is, that obsession over Mr Freeze was what led me to coaster sites and got me checking out pics of rides from all over. From there I saw pics of Kumba, S:TE, Texas Giant, etc. All these amazing rides I never knew existed before that I all of a sudden *had* to ride.

Only other subject I've ever dreamed so much about was LOST. (The TV show.)

Other than that, I will occasionally have a coaster dream, but not too often. (It is a hobby after all and something I spend a lot of time with, so it's only natural.) I, Like Jeff, will usually be waiting for some very awesome ride, but almost always wake up as I'm boarding.

I don't attach much meaning to it, I really think *my* dreams are just fragments of things I've encountered in the recent past being recalled by my brain.

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Vote up for LOST!

I dreamed the final episode the morning before it aired. Of course, my version was not what happened.

Way back a hundred years ago, I dreamed about Camden Park's new steel looping coaster every night until it opened, even though I had already rode at Kings Island many times before.

Kause, you talking about Thunderbolt Express?

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