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I don't get to as many parks as I'd like to, and I was just wondering if coaster manufacturers still use the "trick" of double dips on their coasters. You know, like the Jackrabbit at Kennywood. I've always liked the extra bit of air one gets on these elements, and didn't know if they were still being built into coasters.


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The Voyage has a triple down so I believe the answer is yes. I would say that the triple down may have been my favorite part of the ride also. But I got to ride it during Holiwood Nights in 2006 and haven't got back to Holiday World since so your view might differ.

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Zeus (1997) at Mt. Olympus has a nice double-down followed by a double-up. It's at 1:15 in this POV video:

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I dont remember if the phoenix has a double up or double down, but its in the middle of the ride. Anyhow that ride has alot of air as it is anyway, it you like airtime, check that one out.

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Legend at HW has a double-up, and Viper at Sfgam has a double down.

Legend's double up pops u up, and then slams you back down with no remorse... AWESOME!

Viper's double down (I think) offers a great pop of air. *** Edited 3/4/2008 7:46:30 PM UTC by Donny***

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I dont remember if the phoenix has a double up or double down, but its in the middle of the ride.

It has both: a double up, followed by a double down.

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^^^Yes, and both.

"Stupid", LOL, I can't think of any other rides where I got ejector airtime on the second part of a double-UP... :)

edit: Shoulda clicked submit when I typed it in ealier, hehe. ;)
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Grand National at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a double down. (Maybe the only racing double down?)


Hades has a double down.
Hades does have a double down, and it also has a double up coming out of the tunnel the first time.

ST has a double up. I think HH does too, with no air. *** Edited 3/4/2008 9:04:06 PM UTC by RavenTTD***

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LOL, rcdb lists ONE coaster as having what is termed a "double dip". JackRabbit. What a blast that ride is!

Anyhow, here's a puzzler....yes or no on the DD? Boss. Discuss, and cite examples. ;)

^Especially in the last car.

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Wild One has both a double up (into the turnaround) and double down (exiting the turnaround). Neither are really well-executed. Wild One has been reprofiled several times; the double up used to be a single incline into the turnaround, and the turnaround has since been flattened which made the double down appear more defined, but doesn't feel anything like it used to. Both elements were far more intense (read: incredible) previous to the reprofiling. Check out this comparison:



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Comet at Great Escape has a double down (I think). It's actually not my favorite part of the ride, though.

PR has the *killer* double down before the final turn. That thing will make your butt sorer than M:TR.

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Colossus *used* to have one. ):

Maybe the new terrain family coaster in 2009 will have both! ;)

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Viper @ SFGAm has a double down.

Also switching to steel, technically Raging Bull and AC have double down first hills (AC has a real one too)

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I heard even AA has a double down. ya? :)
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The Voyage's turnaround starts with a wicked twisting double-down, perhaps MY favorite part of the ride.

Apollo's Chariot ends with a vicious double-down. What a powerful finish!

And I always get at least some floater air on the first hump of Hoosier Hurricane's double-up.

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Don't forget about the Tornado at Stricker's Grove. Technically it may not be an "official" double down as the hill may be smaller then most but it seems as powerful as the Jack Rabbits double down at Kennywood!

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