Dorney Park 60's footage

This is a cool site----->

with an interesting section about many of the former dark rides at Dorney (look under contents). It even includes a few stills from the Angels movie.

^That's one of my favorite sites, RatherGoodBear.

Coney Island (Cincinnati) then Kings Island had an unusual Cuddle Up where the tables were in a straight line, I think numbering more than five. The cars wove in and out then u-turned at each end to head back. You really got the feeling a collision could happen. At Coney the Whip, Dodgem, and Cuddle Up were all under one roof- all three being long, narrow rides. (The building is still there.) Only the Dodgem and Cuddle Up made it to KI, then they were taken out when the Coney Mall was remodeled and the new round Dodgem was built.

^^One of my fave sites too! This is a great thread and love hearing about the old rides.

I'm pretty sure I remember pre-SFNE Riverside had a cuddle-up still operating in the 80s. It was next to the kiddie area in the south end of the park. I remember watching it operate while in line and being fascinated by turn tables and the fact that they didn't crash.

My late 70s early 80s memories of the flats in the park are hazy. It seemed like there were so many there. The north end of the park before Cyclone was put in had a ton of random flats in it. *** Edited 6/26/2008 7:47:19 PM UTC by Cropsey***

Thankfully, swampfoxer has posted this to youtube.

pretty tight shots, but you can kinda get the idea, especially what the tubs looked like before PTC's daisy remake of them.

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Oh man...SwampFoxer added a ton of new vids. Great stuff!


(Dammit...where is that time machine?!?!?)

Conneaut Lake Park had a Cuddle-up too,it was in the bath house building thats used for the slides now.

If I remember correctly,Kennywood took theirs out shortly after a young child was killed on it(think it was 1979).

That "Strike me pink"-clip you posted with the Cyclone-Racer footage is utterly amazing! It is very funny and brilliantly done. I more than once asked myself "how did they do this?!"
Apart from the noticable "back-projection" they must have really done some bizarre stunt-work on the coaster!
Great stuff!

Dorney Park may no longer have any traditional dark rides, but they do have the Haunt end of Sept./Oct with special attractions and more coming this year. Kind of makes up for the loss of the old dark rides. They have a Bill Tracy skeleton horse from the old Gold Mine walkthrough under the arcade in the old Dorney House I think (closed 1985, house torn down fall 2005) that they set up in the Terror Square by Thunder Creek Mountain. I rode the old dark rides in the early 80's, then the Bucket O' Blood burned Sept. 28, 1983, the Gold Mine closed 1985, Journey was torn down after 1992 following the Cedar Fair takeover, and the Meteorite/former Icberg until 1989 was torn down after 1993 for the Patio Pizza. Some of the haunt attractions they have now are Club Blood (added 2008), Kill/Boo Hill (since 2002), Psycho Circus in the Funzone Arcade (new name for 2009, attraction there since fall 1998-Dr. Frightner's Horror Theater 1998-2003, Doctor of Doom 2004-2008), the Asylum (previously Scream Works 2004-2008) and more. The former chairman Harris Weinstein 1985-1992 lives in Florida now, and Bob Ott who ran the park 1967-1984 passed away Mar 2007 and hs wife Sally Plarr Ott Feb 2007. His son Bob lives in Florida, as well as former park manager Craig Cope who was there during the Ott and Weinstein years. On Dorney Park Online, someone in the forums posted a photo album of the old Dorney in it's heyday with many rare photos. I'm Robert and I'm 35, and live 2 miles west of Dorney with my mom, her man friend since Dec 1993 (my father Robert passed Mar 8, 1986-worked at Beth Steel) and my 31 yr old brother in the same 1880's house that my mom and dad bought in 1973.

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