Dorney Park 60's footage

I uploaded some 60's footage from the movie"Where angels go trouble follows"on Youtube.

Heres the link..

Some good coaster footage on it.

Also some vintage rides that are long gone. *** Edited 6/24/2008 3:48:04 AM UTC by X Ride Op***

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Great footage...thanks for posting! Gotta love that Joan Crawford, too! ;)
Wow - Thunderhawk looked so different back then - wish it were as long now as it was back then!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Amazing, I really wish I could have visited the park when it was like that and tried Journey To the Center of the Earth, Pirates Cove, the rockets etc. Thunderhawk looks great without a seat divider or headrest in sight (not to mention it's unlikely there were seatbelts or any stupid trims).

I also still can't believe they had a road running right through the middle of the park.

Glad you guys like it :)

The dark haired girl on the Scrambler riding with the Nun is a young Susan St.James.

She looked pretty good back then too. ;)

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Doesn't look very charming and tree infested there either.

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Ha ha. Good observation.

Amazing how good composition and a steady camera can make footage of a scrambler look cool.

The best thing is the extremely rare shot of the Chanticleer, the carousel with the roosters and spinning tubs. It was built in the 1880's in England and on the way to the states the boat sank, and the ride spent a good deal of time under water. It was finally salvaged, made it's way to Coney Island then finally Dorney where it ran until the 60's. It was destroyed, sadly, by fire while in storage at the park.

I found a link right on the Dorney website. No pictures, apparently.

The roosters weren't suspended from poles as usually found on carousels, but were attached to the floor. Rollers or a wavy track below supplied the motion.

Dorney was great back then-Journey to the Center of the Earth was a vintage mill chute, with the cascade type of drop. Idora's was similar. The circle rocket ships ran along side. The Coaster (now Thunderhawk) was no longer or shorter than it is now. The station was quite different, though, sharing space with the Dodgem ride under the same roof. The Dodgem was long and narrow, similar to the one at Knoebels. The coaster would leave the station and do a dive/turn under the floor, directly below the Dodgem then emerge on the other side to go up the lift. That tunnel effect is evident in the clip.

I haven't been to the "new" CF Dorney, but I can say that back then it really was very, very charming there.

I remember in the movie, the stop is made while the girls are on a cross country trip, and while they are clearly at Dorney, it was represented on their map as a stop somewhere in the midwest.

"It's the same at both ends, sister"

Joan Crawford? Moosh, don't you mean Rosalind Russell? Sister George, the cool nun, was played by Stella Stevens. I had to laugh at the kids switching cars on the Pirates Cove-- especially that young hooligan in his plaid sportscoat!

I remember Journey well. That probably was my favorite ride from the old days. Shame now that Dorney doesn't have any dark rides, or Alfundo!

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UGH, yes...I meant Rosalind Russel. My bad :)
^ 10 whacks with a metal coat hanger. :)
I'd have my card taken away if I made a mistake like that!
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I'm on my knees begging for forgiveness ;)
RCMAC thanks for your post about the carousel.

I figured that must have a English carousel because of the direction it was turning(clockwise as opposed to counterclockwise)

Does anyone remember, along with the bumper cars and the Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Flying Dutchman and that kickass in the dark teacup ride? I think it was originally called Titanic or Iceberg? Then they changed it to an asteroid based ride, and then after that, they changed it into a pizza place (sigh).

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

That Tea-Cup ride was the last full size PTC Cuddle-Up in operation (to my knowledge). While not as fast as the one at Rocky Springs , Lancaster Pa., the fact that air-conditioning and being in the building with music and lighting effects made for an unique ride.

Does anyone remember the stuffed polar bear? Dorney Park employees stated it was fake but it was very similar to the real one (in looks and size) they once had at Zoorama.

The ride was called the Iceberg but a partial ship hull, sticking out in the building's interior, with the Titanic written on it, may be what caused you to remember that name.

Big fan of Cuddle Ups, here. It was, miraculously, the only ride that survived a major fire in that area of the park-everything around it was destroyed. I think it was after that it was enclosed. I rode it (over and over)as the Iceberg.

Either Dorney's Cuddle Up or Kennywood's was the last one to operate. I'll have to look into it to see which went first.

Zamperla has engineered similar rides, but the smaller two-table versions. A rep from the company told me they could make 5 table versions, but so far I've seen none on display anywhere. I wish they would come back.

The Flying Dutchman was a rare and unique extended version of a Galaxi coaster. I think the one that ran in Branson's Celebration City for a while was a similar layout.

From the Movie

Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (1968)

I watched it many times as a kid

^^ I believe that Kennywood's went first. I remember it up by the Ferris Wheel, Loop-O-Plane and Roll-O-Plane rides. It had an orange tent style cover and high bars on the backside of cups. I believe that someone had fallen out and that was the reason for the bars.

I LOVED Cuddle-Up Rides and the ones (that I can remember) that I rode are below:

Olympic Park NJ, Asbury Park NJ (later replaced by a Crazy Dazy), Willow Grove, Pa. Hershey Park, Pa. Dorney Park, Pa. Kennywood Park, Pa. (the newer one), Rocky Springs, Pa., and Geauga Lake, Oh.

Rocky Springs was the fastest/best and Willow Grove was the slowest/worst.

There may have been some others but that is all I can remember at this time.

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Bushkill supposedly has one in storage.

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