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I am heading up to Dollywood on the 4th or 5th of April for spring break and would like to know if there are any special "must-do/see" attractions. Obviously Thunderhead, Mystery Mine, and Tennessee Tornado, but what are some other good rides/attractions they have, and what are they like? The tempurature will probably be in the low 70's if that helps anything.


Mystery Mine won't be open until the weekend after you trip.

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^There is supposed to be a soft opening though.
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I really liked the mountain water slide thing and the train.

The disk-o was also neat.

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Definitely do the Slidewinder if it's open. The flume is over in that same "hidden" area as well. Don't forget about Blazing Fury either, but most important attraction is THE CINNAMON BREAD! Yum! :)

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^Dollyfood is awesome stuff....those kettles are chock full o' great vittles... ;)

Oh, yeah, make sure to take the D-train... :)

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YES! Definitely Slidewinder! lol its so much fun and FYI sit in the back of the sled. The Water Rapids are always fun but normally have a long line. Also, Timber Topper is fun... if you get sprayed. You might have to ride a few times to get lucky enough to get sprayed. The food is excellent too!

About the soft opening. Isn't it April 13th? I know there is also a soft opening only for season passholders but I don't know when that is.

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April 13th is Media Day for Mystery Mine.

The Steam train and the Slidewinder are not to be missed. Smoky Mountain Rampage is a pretty neat little rapids can come off dry or completely soaked - might want to skip it if the temp is cooler.

Try to check out some of the other attractions around the park too, like the exhibits and shows. There's really a lot more to Dollywood than rides - I think its a shame when people fail to see this.

I concur that you must NOT miss the Cinnamon Bread!!!

As for Blazing Fury - it is a very fun coaster, but the first time you ride you MUST ride in the front row! It's a much different experience than virtually anywhere else in the train. (Those who have already ridden.. don't spoil it!)

Tennessee Tornado is another one I would recommend making sure you get on. Technically it's an arrow looper, but it's actually smooth and enjoyable! (I still have trouble believing it was made by arrow. :) )

Thunderhead kinda goes without saying, but if you only have time for one ride, make sure it's a night ride. My first ride was in the daylight, and I thought it was fun but average. Then I went on it again at night. Completely different (and awesome!!) ride for me.

Did I mention the Cinnamon Bread as a not-to-miss? :)

Actually, I really enjoyed all the food there.

Also, another thing to consider - if you're going to be going both days (the 4th and 5th) or even thinking about going back sometime later in the year - go for the Gold Pass. You get free parking (as long as you take your parking ticket in with you when you buy your gold pass, they'll refund the money you paid for the first day), and you also get 20% off on all food and merchandise in the park - which includes the Cinnamon bread!! :)

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Cinnamon Bread? lol I've been a few times and I haven't got the Cinnamon Bread. I will have to check that out this time when I go lol. I normally get the Beef Hot Dogs and Philly Cheese Steaks.... which btw are EXTRA GOOD!!! lol. Are they throught the park or in a few select areas?
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I can't remember the name, but the cinnamon bread is at a bakery off to the left as you walk up the long hill from the county fair area to Tennessee Tornado. Just ask an employee in that area. I'm sure they can tell ya! If you like cinnamon rolls, you will LOVE this stuff!

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If you have any sort of fascination with Dolly herself, and who doesnt?, then you must go to her museum, Chasing Rainbows ;)
  • Dizzy Disk
  • Slidewinder
  • Blazing Fury
  • Tn Tornado
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The teacups are great too for some wild spinnage. And they have an Eli Wheel. Just do everything you can. The only two you might miss if you aren't aware of them are the Slidewinder and the Flume as they are sort of hidden away in the middle of the mountain. Everything else is fairly visible.

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How busy is the park in April? I was thinking about heading over that way towards the end of the month.

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I can't imagine it being bad at all. While there very well could be lots of people there, often many of those people aren't there to ride stuff. Honestly, I would be shocked if you had long waits unless there is some festival/event happening in the area. I've heard there's at least one big event happening in April--a car show or something. I've been advised to avoid the area during that time.

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Blazing Fury and Slidwinder are 'musts' after the others you've mentioned. The Train is also nice.

Any of the food is great.

I really can't think of any negatives to DW. I envy you.... ;)

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April is a great time to go. The weather is perfect!

Yeah, that car show is the weekend of the 22nd if I am not mistaken. The traffic is horrible at that time, but I don't remember Dollywood being crowded at all.

Actually, I don't remember waiting more than 20 minutes for a ride, even when the park was packed!

Besides the obvious, don't forget the Dizzy Disk and the old ferris wheel. Oh, and if you want to credit ho, don't forget the Veggie Tales Sideshow Spin. Also don't forget the Bald Eagle Sanctuary. And of course the train is a MUST-DO!

Actually, there is really nothing you SHOULD'T check out at Dollywood. You just have to take your time and take it all in. As far as the food it's all awesome, and it's everywhere you turn!

If you have time check out Gatlinburg a few miles down the road! Ober Gatlinburg isn't ALL that but the view going up there is amazing!


Ober Gatlinburg is really fun with the right people. I can imagine how lame it would be with the wrong people. The whole Pigeon Forge area is pretty fun too. I would have to say I love that whole area both Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg!
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Yes we are also planning to hang around in Gatlinburg a few days.

But about the MM soft opening, I am not a seasons pass holder but will the soft opening allow me to ride it anyway?

Thanks for all of your suggestions so far, I have heard that the food is great!

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