Dollywood installing Huss Topple Tower

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Dollywood has announced the installation of a Huss Topple Tower called Timber Tower. The $6.5 million ride will be the first of its kind in North America. The ride opens next year.

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I've been waiting two years for a Topple Tower to come to the U.S. This ride looks incredible. Kudos to Dollywood. I hope one comes to Ohio soon.
I'm shocked that the ride costs $6.5 million.
$6.5 million.......why you could buy a roller coaster with that!
I hope it dosn't get riders wet.

Here is some video of the ride in action. It looks like you might get wet. Other than that it looks like a lot of fun.

While it looks to be a unique ride, it is supposed to be the tamest of the Huss rides of this size according to the president of Huss. I think it will fit the family atmosphere perfectly.I love unique rides so I am sure I will like it. Those expecting a intense thrill may be dissapointed though.

There is only one way to find out. Head to Dollywood next year and give it a ride.


The 6,5 millions also cover the new restaurant and kids play area, not just the new ride.

I'm sorry to say... but reviews of the existing ones in Europe are not stellar! Ride program is two short they say.

I think these look like a blast! Dollywood has certainly made some excellent attraction decisions over the past few years.

Maybe we'll see one of these (taller, I'm sure <g> ) show up at CP within the next few years. Hmmmm...wonder if one would fit in Demon Drop's footprint?

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Hopefully Dollywood doesn't run the same program as the one overseas with the bird on top. After watching a video of that ride, it looks like it just spins you at an unpleasently fast speed and only tilts twice! Maybe with a better program this ride will be good.
A press release said it spins at 9 revolutions per minute. I'm wondering if this is fast or slow? Does anyone know how it compares to other rotating rides of similar diameter (like a carousel or a disko perhaps? I think it would be a great family ride if it does not rotate so fast that it is dizzying for many people.
How bout showing up at GL. CP has Maxair, if CF wants to get CP goers to GL, I say add it at GL as it would be something different for the park to offer.
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A press release said it spins at 9 revolutions per minute. I'm wondering if this is fast or slow?

In comparison, Delirium does 8rpm.

But, Gonch, Delirium is swinging pretty fast. Have you seen how slow a Topple Goes?

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're getting it. Should be a nice prelude to 2007.

I'm actually sad about the following statement from the Huss site: "Once the passengers reach maximum operating height, the entire tower topples to the ground delivering major thrills without high G-forces". C'mon -- give me my Gs :)

But the ride does look interesting. Do I think I would like it more than MaxAir or Delirium? I will give the ride a try, but I'm guessing MA and D will will win for my G fix alone.
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Since this is in the Thunderhead area it will certainly reduce the Thunderhead line a little. That's a plus.
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Just answering the question, Tekno. :)

8-9 RMP is not that fast... I'm pretty sure some Tivoli rides (orbiter and techno power) have gondola spinning speeds of around 20-25 rpm maybe a little higher even. Now THAT is fast.
So what if it doesn't go fast? Personally, that's a good thing. Not every flat ride needs to be a spin and puke. Less speed will mean more anticipation/suspense.
Does look pretty tame in comparison to a giant frisbee, but a good fit for Dollywood! Very rideable. Does look slow though.
For the market that Dollywood serves this will be perfectly sufficent to quench our much more laid back thrill factor. Besides if you want to loose your breath from a wild ride, go ride Thunderhead!

I think that this is a great addition to the whole Thunderhead Gap area. Right now that area of the park is very lacking in....well....anything! All you've got is Thunderhead, a bathroom, a coke cart, and a couple of games. Having other things in the area will give people more of a reason to stick around.

Right now if you go to that area any time after 12pm you can pretty much get walk on rides. Especially an hour or two before the park closes. The only people who are left riding are Thunderhead junkies.

I know that none of us are fond of lines but at a park like Dollywood, if a ride doesn't maintain a line they'll yank it out of the park to replace it with something that will line 'em up. IMHO, that's the reason why they took out the log flume. So that Daredevil Falls would actually fulfill it's purpose. That ride finally has a line, even if it isn't much of one.

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