Do you have a smart phone?

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Do you have a smart phone? Are you considering buying one if you don't? What kind? iPhone, Android or Windows Phone?

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I have an Android. How smart it is is up for debate.

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I have an Iphone 4 with the AT@T network.

Sky's the limit.

Own an Android phone.

As supplemental data points - I will likely be acquiring a Blackberry for work in the next month or two (under duress...), and if my current phone spontaneously exploded, I'd be in the market for another Android-based phone.

Planning something?


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iPhone 4... previously had an iPhone 3G. I like to joke that I'm on the "every other iPhone plan" (so I won't be getting a 4S). And if there's a CBuzz context to the question, I do have the Recent link bookmarked and read posts on my phone. :)

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I have an I phone 4s for work - but for personal use I'm going with an Android. not happy with the Apple Gestapo.

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I will be buying an Android in the near future.

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I'm an Android user, and Kernel/Bootloader flasher. However, I've been looking through the Brookstone catalog for this Christmas, and have been thinking about going iPhone 4S for my next upgrade. There's so many iPhone/iPad specific gadgets out there.

Most likely, I'll be going with the Galaxy S II though.

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You'd like the Focus S. I know... I'm probably never going to sell anyone.

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Android user. I use it for Gmail, POP mail, IM (Trillian client), LogMeIn remote control, Web browsing, home automation control, games, casual picture taking, Netflix, listening to music and car navigation. Oh, almost forgot, I also use it as a phone.

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I have an iPhone 3GS, at first I didn't want a smart phone but 2 years later it's amazing how much I depend on it like looking up a phone number, reading a review of a product in a store before buying it, comparing prices online while in a store and reading forums while in lines a park or during The Dark Knight preshow.

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I have a dumbphone - suits the user just fine. ;)

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I have a dumbphone and an iPod touch that I use on WiFi.

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I am typing this message from my Droid Bionic running Android 2.3.4

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Same as ApolloAndy. Data plans are still a rip off. Why would I pay for internet twice?

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Jeff said:
You'd like the Focus S. I know... I'm probably never going to sell anyone.

I probably would. I really loved my Zune, but I just don't see much for WinMo anymore.

Android here.

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It's not "WinMo." Windows Mobile no longer exists. Windows Phone is different. You should try it. The problem is that no one truly gets it until they light it up with all of their different accounts, and it magically integrates it all together. That's the value prop, to me.

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No smart phone yet. I'm thinking about an iPhone if I ever get motivated enough to actually do it. My daughter has an Android, so I'm not sure why I'm thinking iPhone.

I read the other day in USAtoday that 70% of people haven't yet upgraded to smart phones. I was surprised that the figure was that high. The article was about companies positioning themselves to go after that huge potential market.

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