Disney posts Galactic Star Cruiser pricing, and it's unsurprisingly expensive

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From The Verge:

Today, the company announced a lot more information about the practical aspects of the Galactic Starcruiser experience, including a first look at pricing — and like the fictional Westworld theme park, it looks like Disney’s real world immersive Star Wars hotel will be limited to the extremely wealthy, with a two-night stay starting at $4,809 for two adults.

For the official details, visit the official Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser site.

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This confirms it. Disney hates poor people.

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And all the Disney fanboys will complain, then the Disney fanboys will go "just so they can post on their blog," and the hotel will sell out for years. I posted this on a dedicated Disney forum, but it seems like the fanboys have not grasped the basic intractable reality that Disney cannot be simultaneously affordable and uncrowded.

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And I'm sitting here like, "TAKE MY MONEY!!!11!!!"

They're clearly adopting what they know from actual cruises, down to the first or second dining. There simply isn't anything else like this, period. And because of that, it's going to be expensive.

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Looks cool. I'll wait for the reviews. I have a feeling this will require some time to tune the bugs out.

I'm not a big enough fan of Star Wars, or anything for that matter, to spend $4800 for a two night stay. More power to Disney if they can sell this place out but I'm clearly not the target audience.

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Here's the thing... I've done stuff before that is "luxurious" in the way that you can pay for exclusivety and amazing service. Those kinds of things make you feel VIP, sure, but they're not vastly different experiences. I think this is. It's not a concierge kissing your ass, it's people committed to creating the illusion of a different reality. Nothing like that really exists

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It certainly looks cool. Maybe some day.

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Jeff said:

It's not a concierge kissing your ass, it's people committed to creating the illusion of a different reality. Nothing like that really exists

Bingo. People already pay these prices for a hotel room every day and its just a hotel room, a really nice one, but still just a room. These prices aren't shocking at all considering there are hotel rooms in Vegas that go for $10,000 a night and those don't come with Chewbacca.


I don't know... Even if I was the biggest Star Wars fan, not sure I could pay $5,000 for a hotel/experience for two nights. Price aside, I have a feeling the cheese factor would be a bit much for me. It will be interesting to see the real unbiased reviews of this beyond the media and fan boy crowds at first.

For me, just so much better things to do with that money, but I know we are all different in that regard and there won't be a shortage of folks lining up for this at all. One could on a two week long trip to Europe with their spouse and still save money.

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I’ll certainly be jealous when the reviews start coming in but I don’t think I can stomach that price and I am not sure that I could embrace the role play side of it to get the most out of it.

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SteveWoA said:

Even if I was the biggest Star Wars fan, not sure I could pay $5,000 for a hotel/experience for two nights.

These will be the same fans who drop similar prices for a Star Wars Day at Sea cruise.


A fool and his money are soon parted

Jeff said:

...it's people committed to creating the illusion of a different reality. Nothing like that really exists

I'd say plenty of that exists nowadays. Just not in the context being talked about here. :) Not meaning to merge two different topics but I just couldn't resist making this comment. Carry on.

A fool and his money are soon parted

I say that about iphone users. But in reality different people find value in different things.

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Any individual's value proposition is a combination of how much money they have and how interested they are in the thing.

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I have several friends for whom the cost wouldn't be an issue. Can only think of a handful of friends who are big enough Star Wars fans for this to be of interest. Overlap I think it just one person who is in both camps.

Personally, I like Star Wars but not a big fan. And the hotel to me sounds like a nightmare vacation. Like the Avengers much more but absolutely no interest in this type of experience for that either. In parlance of here, I'd ride Rip Rocket all day before I stayed at this hotel (even if you comped me for the cost). Same of a cruise.

But confident Disney got this right and market is there for this to be very successful.

To put it bluntly, most of us aren’t the target demo for this product. I’m sure there are sufficient numbers out there that are. Hell, one of the biggest nights of the year at the Hollywood bowl is the Star wars event. Every year. If, as is believed, the level of immersion is consistent between the hard product (the building and the fixtures) and the soft product (the interactions with employees/actors who are always on), then this will be a huge success.

To me the big question is how well they can provide that “individual LARPer dream", across 200+ guests who all start from zero every two days. The ramp up for every new guest to “get in the groove” could be the weak link in the chain. And how do you balance the “I paid $5k so I shouldn’t have to wait for my Jedi training” with the obvious capacity constraints inherent with a one on one product.

Star Wars isn’t my jam, but I’m sure the demand for a Harry Potter style resort would be even greater

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“I paid $5k so I shouldn’t have to wait to my Jedi training”

In my opinion that is where the disconnect will happen, and the immersion will be ruined. Not by cast members who have to be "on" and get people in to this every 2 days, but with entitled space-Karens who will complain about the space-food or the space-toilet paper or where their kid has to sit on the space-bus or whatever.


Finally the Star Wars universe has a character worse than Jar Jar Binks . Space Karen

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